Will's new old home: Part 3

Will's new old home: Part 3

Earlier that day....

“Hi, I’m Rachel Phillips, I’m calling for Rev. Greene?”

“Hold please” The woman answering the phone said calmly.

After a minute of waiting, the female operator picked the phone back up, “Rev. Greene will speak to you now.”

“Thank you” Rachel said. After about half a minute, Rachel heard and old man cough then began to speak into the phone.

“Hello, this is Rev. Greene, from the website”

“Hello, Rev. Greene. I’m interested in your organization and I have a few questions that you may wish to answer.”

“Well why don’t you read the website, most questions yall may have will be on-”

“I want to know what you know about Brook Nicole Greene, she’s from Brownsville and you two must be related” Rachel blurted out, hoping her straight forwardness would prevent the reverend form hanging up on her.

“Did you say, Brook?”

“Yes, sir”

“Ha! Why that’s wonderful. Yes, me and Brook are related, she happens to be my granddaughter. However! She betrayed me for that little shit, you know, Will-”

“Listen, reverend. I don’t give a shit about Will,” Saying those words made Rachel cringe, “But all I want is to ‘get rid’ of Brook.”

The reverend laughed, “Well then, Ms. Phillips, I believe we can arrange a partnership. We’re are yall located?”

“San Diego”

“Good, my secretary will provide you with a meeting place. And if yall want that girl to die, then I assure you, yall have picked the right man to call.”

“Thank you, sir” rachel said as she hung up the phone.

“Well, well, well. I am more than happy bout this one!”

“Yes, sir.” Hayden responded blankly to her boss.

“This girl, Rachel I believe, she is so full of hate and contempt towards Brook. HA! I can’t wait to finally take care of that back stabbin’ little bitch!”

“Yes, sir, we all are.”


“Yeah, Blane?”

“You okay, you and Pierce look kinda, uh, scared?”

“No, don’t worry, we’re fine, Blane.” Pierce answered.

“Okay, whatever” Blane said, he slapped Will on the shoulder before walking to his locker as Pierce and Will remained in Ms. Lewis’s classroom.

After about five minutes Amy Lewis and Rachel both entered the room. Smiling, Ms. Lewis sat at the desk while Rachel stood behind her. Both smiled wicked smiles and looked greedily at the two boys.

“Welcome back boys”, Ms. Lewis said, “Pierce, why don’t you stay. How’s the chastity device working?”

“What?” Will said, in an alarmed voice, “And why is she here?”

“Cause, Will, I still love you, and I know you love me too-”

“You are so crazy! We broke up in-”

“No, Will!” Rachel yelled, “That girl Brook merely took you from me, but don’t worry, I’m back, and you will be mine again”

“Children, children” Ms. Lewis said, “Let’s keep the conversation civil. Now, Pierce how’s your new piece of clothing fitting?”

“That’s another thing”, Will spoke up, “What did you do to Pierce!”

Ms. Lewis laughed and stood form the desk. She walked over to Pierce and motioned for him to stand. She next unbuckled his belt and pulled his kakis and boxers down, revealing the device.

“What the fuck!” Will yelled, starring at the thing now encasing the young teen’s genitals.

“Oh relax, Will. You shouldn’t be so scared. The only one who should be is Pierce, after-all, now he can’t masturbate twice a day!”

“Ms. Lewis!” Pierce pleaded, feeling embarrassed as his teacher spilt his secret to his best friend, “You said you wouldn’t tell!”

“Oh, Pierce, you know that Will can’t tell anyone. You know, I bet he masturbates just as much as you do, he is fourteen too”

“Yeah, how often do you masturbate, Will?” Rachel asked.

Will was now sporting a full on erection which could be seen through his kaki uniform pants. He was now blushing, he knew he had to answer, but the question was so humiliating, especially in front of Rachel. He knew she was getting some sick sexual thrill from this, “I-uh-I guess, I do masturbate like-uh, two times a day too”

“See, Pierce, you have no reason to be so embarrassed, Will does it the same amount as you. And look, Rachel! Will appears to have an erection!”

“Wha...” Will was now completely humiliated, as Pierce raised and turned his head to stare at Will, “I-I didn’t mean to! It just happened!”

“I’m sure, Will. You were probably just a little nervous.” Amy said, “Now, Will today is your session. So stand up, and take off everything, and I mean everything.”

“Wait! Now hold on just a minute! I don’t think I-”

“Will, like I said yesterday, you’re in a corner. I can have your life turned in the complete opposite direction if you don’t do everything I say.”

“Damn” Will muttered to himself. He stood and reluctantly pulled his uniform shirt off. After he threw it on the ground, he pulled of his white undershirt, and pulled his shoes and socks off. Next he pulled off his belt.

“Good so far, Will” Rachel said. She was glued to his body, “Wait! Will, flex your abs for me” Rachel said suddenly, placing her hand on his stomach. Will flexed and revealed his six pack. Rachel moaned as she felt his bare stomach.

“Oh god..” Will muttered, his face bright red from humiliation, “Don’t touch me you, bitch”

“Will! Be nice to Rachel! Now take off those damn pants!”

Will sighed, Rachel’s touch had made him uneasy, and he quickly and reluctantly pulled his pants and boxers off, revealing his six inch cock pointing out over his oval balls. His pubes were plentiful, much more that Pierce, and made a happy trail up to his belly button. They then fanned out from above his cock and appeared on the sides of his thighs around his genitals.

“You have lots of hair, Will” Amy said, watching lustfully.

“Uh..I..” he humiliation had returned, and Will slowly began to leak pre-cum.

Pierce looked away, holding up one hand to block out the sight of Will’s genitals.

“Oh come now, Pierce.” Amy went one, “All boys are a little curious about each other’s genitals. Now come over here and look at them.”

“Ms. Lewis, please, I don’t want to-”


Pierce walked over to the scene in front of him, he had put his pants and boxers back on, as he looked reluctantly at his best friend’s cock. Amy saw his uneasiness, and grabbed his hair on the back of his head.

“Now, Pierce. I was thinking the other day, I need something else for blackmail. So that’s why I needed to do this!” Amy continued, “Rachel, could you please get the camera out of my purse?”

“Yeah, no problem”

“Good, now be prepared to take a picture, Rachel”


Amy pulled Pierce by the hair down to the level of Will’s cock, making the boy wince and yell in pain. She laughed at his distress, “Will, don’t move! And Pierce, get ready, your about to give head to your buddy here!”

“Wha-wha-what!! No! Please Ms. Lewis! Please!” Pierce begged. His eyes widened as he tried to get back on his feet.

“Please don’t make him!” Will begged, looking up at Amy for some form of mercy in her eyes.

“No” Amy pushed Pierce’s face into Will’s pubes, rubbing his nose in the brown teenaged pubes.

“AHH!” Pierce groaned.

Amy laughed, and with her other hand, grabbed the base of Will’s shaft. She guided the rest of the dick into Pierce’s mouth. Pierce, tried his hardest not to accept the dick into his mouth, but as he did, the school teacher pulled on his hair harder, causing him to yelp in pain. Eventually Amy forced Will’s cock into Pierce’s mouth, as Pierce’ winced and coughed while Amy forced Pierce’s head to move up and down on the long dick.

“Rachel, take the pictures now”

“Alright!” Rachel bent down and took a picture of Pierce gagging on the young teen dick. She took several others, all of them made Pierce look like he was doing it by his own will, as Amy’s hand wasn’t in any of them, however, much to WIll’s dismay, he was captured in the multiple pictures Rachel took of him and Pierce.

“About there, Will?” Amy asked.

“N-no!” Will said, and he was right. As he looked down on Pierce gagging on his dick, he felt almost sick to his stomach. Not only was pierce doing an awful job, often rubbing teeth against his tender dick, but Pierce was Will’s best friend, and to him, almost a brother.

“Ms. Lewis, I think it’s time!” Rachel chimed in.

“Right, Rachel.” Amy pulled Pierce off of Will’s cock and let him go over to the corner were he spit several times into a trash can. Next, rachel quickly took her clothes off and pulled Will from the chair he was sitting in, and had him sit on the carpet.

Will looked up at Rachel’s body. She was very attractive, she had soft tan skin, brown hair that had a slight curve in it. She was thin but had a very feminine figure, and perfect round breasts.

“Now, Will, get ready, cause we’re going to finally do what we always wanted-”

“No! Get away from me!” Will said, attempting to stand, but Amy walked over to him and wagged a finger at him.

“Don’t think so, Will. Now do what Rachel wants.”

“I’m going to make you feel great!” Rachel moaned under her breath as she crawled up on Will, attempting to kiss his lips. She reached down and pulled his cock into her twat. It was already leaking, and was tight and warm. Will moaned slightly, as he felt the teenaged twat slip over his cock.

“Rachel stop! I’m not wearing a-”

“Shh” Rachel interjected, putting a finger on Will’s lips. She continued to hump him, massaging his hungry boy cock with her leaking twat, “Now fuck me, Will! Fuck me!”
Pierce was starring wide eyed at the two teens fucking on the ground. He was more scared at this point than he was turned on. He couldn’t believe he had just sucked Will’s dick. He felt his body shaking, and his stomach churn, “Oh god... why did she make me do that!” he thought to himself.

“Oh-Oh-OH-OH!!” Rachel moaned, still bobbing up and down on Will’s cock. he was getting close to an orgasm, but tried his hardest not to cum, he didn’t want to give that pleasure to Rachel.

Nevertheless, Will’s hormones were beginning to betray him. The promise of an orgasm, even one with such a disliked person, was to much for a fourteen-year-old boy to handle. His face began to redden, he felt his breathing rate increase.

“Ahhh-AHHH!’ He moaned, feeling the big moments coming (no pun intended).

“You about there, Will?-Ahhhh....OOOOooohhhhhh!” Rachel moaned, she kept humping and bobbing up and down on Will’s shaft. Her pussy lips were coated in her own juices as she continued with her routine.

“AHH! AHH! OOOOHHH!” Will moaned,he shot his load into Rachel, who, feeling the boy cum in her twat, almost immediately erupted with her best orgasm in a long time. She rolled off of Will , breathing heavily, she stood back up and put her clothes back on.

“Goddamit!” Will yelled as he and Pierce sat on the park bench. They had both ditched football practice, using one of their sick days, and went to he park to talk about the awful events of the day, “I-I’m so sorry...this is my fault that you had to, you know...”

“It’s not, she’s just evil, and twisted, but, I-I-”

“Me too, dude”

“I can’t believe she just-just made us do that!” Pierce said, he almost felt like crying.
“Don’t be a pussy!” He kept thinking to himself, “Don’t cry, don’t be a pussy!”



“When I had sex with Rachel...I’m afraid that she-she’s trying to get pregnant, and have my baby. I mean, without a condom-and she took all of my cum-and...” Will paused, running his hands through his hair.

“If she wants you guys to break up, that would defiantly do it.” Pierce said, still looking down at the ground.

“And dammit! She made us-us....she made us...do that! If that was only the first session, I can’t even imagine what the others will be like!”

“Will, you’re my best friend, I’ll try to be there for you, but I-I-I can’t do that again! I seriously can’t do that again!” Pierce yelled in distress, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

“I understand, don’t worry about it. Okay?”

“Yeah, thanks...” Will said, as he tried to look away from Pierce, who was now obviously holding back tears.

Amy sat in her apartment, she looked through pictures from her previous schools and previous aliases she had had.

“Oh lord...” She said to herself, flipping through the pictures she was looking at.

The Amy Lewis we know today had chosen to try and control herself, and had made the unfortunate mistake of using her real name at Davis Hall. Yet, before Davis Hall, Amy was known as Tanya Grey, and before that, Andrea Joyce, and as Andrea Joyce and Tanya Grey, she had been fired and almost arrested for doing crude and unheard of acts of sexual abuse to teenaged boys, mainly, freshmen.
Though Amy had escaped each encounter, she still hated the life she had made for herself. Amy hated lying constantly she hated having to forge signatures, fake birth certificates, and she hated having to start over constantly. Even with her real name being in use, she still had a different backstory. Right now, Amy was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington. She graduated with a masters in English Literature from UCLA, and she had worked as an english teacher at St. Martha’s in Sacramento, but none of this was true, the real Amy Lewis had grown up in a wealthy and prestigious family in Queens, New York, New York. She had had everything she ever wanted, and for school easily got into Columbia, from there, she went to the University of Oregon to earn her masters in Education, and that’s when everything went down hill, and no matter how much Amy tried to change, her lust kept catching up with her and controlling her every move.

“Oh, Will...oh, Pierce...you remind me of the first two...” Amy thought to herself, “I wish I could change but you two....you guys are so...so...beautiful...”.

“Rachel, I don’t like being here...these people-”

“Look, Amy, I know this seems sketchy right now, but listen to me, these people are going to help us with our goal. Now if you want to continue your fun with Will and Pierce, then shut up and sit down!” Rachel spat at her teacher as the two sat in a coffee shop in downtown San Diego. Amy was a little worried about the people they were meeting. Cultists always concerned Amy, but Rachel’s aggression and commandeering attitude towards her made her feel even less happy.

About an fifteen minutes after the two had sat down in the shop, an old man in a polyester sport’s coat and cowboy hat walked into the shop. He was accompanied with a girl who looked about seventeen.

“Yall must be Rachel and Ms. Lewis” Greene said, taking off his hat and bowing politely to the two women.

“Yes, sir, we are” rachel said.

“Wonderful. This is my ‘secretary’ so to speak, her name is Hayden.”

“Nice to meet you” Hayden said politely not moving her hands from behind her back.

“Now let’s talk business, Rachel.”

“Yes, Rev. Greene.”

“Alright, both of yall know were my granddaughter’s at, am I correct?”

“Yes, sir.” Rachel responded.

“Good, hows about this. Yall know Will Reed as well, am I right?”

“Yes, sir”

“Alright then! it’s very important we dispose of them both, and in my opinion Will can be easily used. I want to see Brook’s heart crushed before I take her, so find a way to do such a thing.”

As Lloyd and rachel discussed their plans, Hayden kept looking at Amy in an unusual way.

“Hi, Hayden” Amy said back to her, attempting to break the ice by waving at her kindly.

“Hello, Ms. Grey”

“How the hell-”

“You were the one who did those things to Daniel. I remember you”

“Oh God! Please, Hayden, don’t tell anyone-”

“I have no need to. If anyone, it’s Daniel’s fault. He was overcome by sin and fell into temptation.”

“Hayden, how did you get involved with this man? If I’m right he’s form Nevada, and I don’t remember ever-”

“When Rev. Greene came to California over the summer, I read one of his flyers on the street and attended his service. I converted to his church and he chose me to be his personal assistant.” Hayden responded quickly, in a robotic-like tone.

“What do your parents think of-”

“I would not know,..Ms. Grey. I was told to leave them, they are non-believers anyway.”

“Oh”, Amy responded a little concerned about the young girl’s irrational decision. The A moment passed in silence as as Hayden continued to sit in the same upright and proper position. Amy could barely remember this girl, but did recall her being much different than now. In the past Amy couldn’t have imagined a bigger transition. The old Hayden was flamboyant, rowdy, and always squirming and fidgeting.
After about another three minutes of awkward silence, Rachel and Lloyd concluded their planning and Hayden and Amy both happily stood with their ‘employers’.

“Come on now, Hayden, we have to get back to Los Angeles. I thank you two for yah young ladies for your compliance with our organization.”

“Yes, Rev. Greene.” rachel said, shaking the reverend’s hand warmly as the reverend and his assistant got up from the table and walked out of the shop and into the night.........TO BE CONTINUED

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