Dominance over feeble

Dominance over feeble

Karen ended her eighteen years. She has five siblings, she was the oldest one. They had a hard financial situation like many other people in recent times. It was time for her to look for some job perfectly with room to rent or something. Because of poor conditions, she couldn’t afford many things. Still, she was a beautiful girl. Even with her small build of 5 feet (1,65m), she had amazing long and slim legs, thin arms with long fingers.

Happily, her mother managed to find her some job offer as a live-in maid for a forty years old businessman. She decided to give it a try, not that she had other offers.

She packed her small bag and went to her new place where she will now live.

He opened the door and was positively surprised by a charming young girl. She had old clothes but still, you could see her beauty. Especially her big amber eyes were captivating, also her long blond hair was well cared for.

“Hello, young lady are you Karen?” he asked. She responded feeling a little shy.

“Yes, sir. I came here to work as a maid”. Taking his eyes from her enticing cleavage ‘Hmm about 34C’ he thought and then said “ Please come in” he invited her inside.

He took her to the living room “Sit down I will bring some tea for us, and then I will tell you what are your responsibilities”.

“You will cook for both of us, clean house every day but only two times a week more detailed...” He talked to her for a few minutes about her duty. “ Of course as time goes there may be some more responsibilities for you, on the other hand with more to do I will also give you rise. Any questions?”. Intimidated by an older and new man in her life, she responded “N-No, sir. At last not for now”

“Fine, come with me I will take you for a tour around the house and let you settle in your room”.

Next month was really comfortable for Karen. She slowly learned about her job around the house, also the habits of Tom. He was a handsome man at forty 6,1 feet (1,85m), long sturdy legs and elegant face. He joked with her and generally make her feel relaxed around him. She was glad that he allowed her to work here. Since she dropped school it was hard for her to find any work to do. It would be no easy to find another job. Most of her worries vanished after the first salary, for the first time she had her own money. She was so happy, although she still sends some to her parents there was still plenty left for her.

The second month was a little awkward for her. Tom sometimes hold her at the waist, when for example she was washing dishes he walked from behind at put his hand on her waist and talked to her. Sometimes he will walk past and brush his hand on her tight little ass.

She felt it was rude of him but was afraid to tell him that. What if he fires her, she really liked to work here and the salary was great. Her parents were proud of her and thankful for monetary help she gave them. In the end, she didn’t bring it out and let him have his way. It was worth it as he paid a lot and even mentioned something about raise in a month. Nothing specific but still.

The second month was delightful for him, he made her used to his touch and closeness. Especially her smooth light skin when he was touching her waist also that tight ass marvellous. He was sad that for now, he could only brush it, but he needs to be patient to not scare her. She needs to get used to his plan step by step.

To lessen her possible anxiety he took her to a clothes shop and let her choose a few pieces. Anyway, it was time to buy her something more fashionable he wanted her beautiful. Also, he bought her some courses in make-up. She was happy thinking that her girlfriends will be jealous of her when they see her in new clothes and make-up. She wasn’t worried about his gifts because he said it was a bonus for good work.

The third month started awkwardly for her. He came back from work, she was in the kitchen finishing dinner. He stood behind her while holding her waist. Then his right hand grabbed her chin and turned her head. He kissed her for a few seconds.

“Thanks, for the kiss,” he said in a playful tone. She just stood there paralyzed. “I’m going to change will be back in a moment.”

During the dinner, he didn’t bring up the subject, neither she said anything. Karen just hoped it was only this one time.

For next week touching and sometimes kissing continued. She started to feel stressed by the whole situation, on the other hand, she didn’t have another option. Whenever he touched her she started to shiver and was afraid that he will kiss her.

On the second week of the third month, things started to escalate.

It was Sunday evening when he called her to the living room. “Karen, can you come here?” he asked her in a normal tone. She just finished her work for today and not suspecting anything she walked to him. “Yes, sir? Something happen?” she innocently asked.

“Well, sweetie do you like working here?” She looked at him and said confidently “Yes, sir. I’m grateful that I can work here.” She knew that there was no way back for her. Without her money, her family would be separated and finding a job was like finding a needle in a haystack nowadays. He stood up and looked at her. She had a white blouse that was showing her sexy flat belly and grey leggings that were showing her gorgeous legs.

“I think it’s time to add you new responsibility you are here long enough. Remember that you don’t need to do it if you don’t want, I will find someone else in your place.” Karen panicked, she can’t lose the job! “Don’t worry sir I will manage whatever it is.” She responded hastily.

“Of course I will be fair with you. With new responsibility, you will have a rise of 200$.” he smiled at her. “That would be wonderful sir!” She happily answered and started to think about what she will buy for extra cash. He smiled and then said, “Ok, then let’s start. Sit down on an armchair but don’t lean on it.” Confused she sat down and looked at him with her big amber eyes. The bulge in his pants started to grow. “Now, don’t move,” he said and started to take off his pants. Paralyzed and scared she looked him in eyes, he smiled at her and then said. “Don’t worry I will not hurt you and you will get used to it.”

“No, I don’t want to!” She stood up. He took a step back, “Oh dear, no need to shout I told you I will not force you to anything. Go then to your room and pack yourself I will drive you tomorrow back to your home.” He put up his pants and started to leave.

She panicked, “please wait!” He turned towards her and waited patiently. She was confused, there was no option of quitting this job but she also didn’t want to have sexual contact with Tom. She had a choice but was it really? After a few minutes of internal struggle with tears in her eyes. She sat down on the armchair and not looking at him she said, “I-i will d-do it.”

Delighted by her choice he came closer to her and started to take off his pants.

By now his penis was almost at peak condition. He grabbed her head with both hands and raised her head. “Open your mouth and cover your teeth with your gums. I don’t want them to touch my penis. Ok, sweetie?”

“Y-yes, sir.” Scared and disgusted she opened her luscious lips to accommodate him inside. While her tears were falling down her cheeks, his tip slowly entered her mouth. It was wet and warm inside, that was amazing feeling. “Good, you are so cute my dear.” Looking her in the eyes he said, “now try to move your tongue around and start sucking. I know it’s your first time, try best as you can.” He let go of her head and let her do a job.

Amateurishly she started to bob her head up and down on his dick. Even if she still has a lot to learn for him it was heaven to be between these young lips. He didn’t been with a woman for a long time so it’s not surprising that he couldn’t last much longer. His moans become louder and his breaths sharper. “Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Keep going, babe.” Thanks to her soft tongue on his dick he felt a wave of pleasure. She slowed down because her mouth started to get sore. Almost finishing he grabbed her head and started to move faster in between her lips but not too deep so she won’t choke.

He called out and started squirting his load into her mouth. After a few seconds of pleasure, he let go of her head and put out his dick. “I would be grateful if you swallow but it’s not necessary,” he said indifferently. Crying even louder and feeling devastated she run to the toilet. He put up his pants and went back to his room. While he was going, he heard Karen vomiting. With a playful smile, he said to himself “Hope she quickly gets used to blowjobs otherwise she will weaken if she will always vomit.”

Next day he gave her a smartphone. “It’s a bonus for good work.” She took it but didn’t talk to him still feeling sick. He didn’t push her, he decided to give her two days of rest so she gets used to a new situation.

For two days nothing happed except for meeting her girlfriends who were envious of her new mobile. She felt great about that. Karen had the newest model but some of her friends didn’t even have a phone. This bonus helped little to forget about what happened.

Then come on Wednesday evening. “Karen come here.” Suspecting what is in store for her. She nervously walked to a living room. “Y-yes?”

He was attracted by her, checking her all over. She was dressed in a light red turtle neck and black short ruffle skirt that was showing her gorgeous legs. He was happy with her naivety if she only knows how her wardrobe worked on him. While his cock twitched he asked, “Do you like your new smartphone?” Cautious of his question she briefly answered, “Yes, sir.” Still looking at her, “Good, now sit with me we will watch a film.” He made her space on the couch. “I have to, sir? I would like to go back to my room I’m tired.”

“Yes, I told you before you will have a new responsibility. And that is to accompany me in the evenings in any way I like.” Rising his tone he said, “ Now come and sit.” With no other choice left for her, she sat down with resignation while feeling helpless.

He played a film, then he put his right hand behind her and started to slowly and sensually rub her back. “Aaa,” She tensed all over not knowing what to do. “Shhh, just enjoy our evening together and watch the film.” After a few minutes, he put his left hand under her clothes. He felt in love with the feeling of her young and smooth skin, he was proud of himself for withstanding for so long. Firstly he caressed her belly, after a few moments he slowly moved up. Now while drawing a line with his fingers around her bra cup, his right hand started to unfasten it. At the same time, Karen’s hands grabbed Tom left but as she felt what he was doing behind; perplexed she tried to stop him.

This time he didn’t speak. He was feeling satisfied with her struggle. Ignoring her struggle he continued. Finally, he unfastened it and then with the left hand he pulled up the bra. Now taking in both of his hands her firm breasts. Tom started to gently squeeze them.

“Ahh! I-i, no.”

“Shh, watch the film and don’t worry. You have everything here you can give something from yourself, don’t be a selfish girl.” Then he started to kiss her while still playing with her tits.

With emptiness in her eyes, she put her hands down. With resignation, she gave in not seeing other option.

After a while, he stopped and pulled down his pants. Next, he took hold of her left slender hand. “Grab my penis and bob it up and down until I tell you to stop.”

She started slowly, up and down, it was an immense pleasure for Tom. While she continued doing it, up and down, with her delicate hand. With his right hand on her knee, he started to gradually rub her higher. Lastly, he touched her bikinis. “No, please,” she said and stopped stroking him.

“Don’t worry, I will not penetrate you. I didn’t allow you to stop, so continue”

Somehow reassured Kate returned her attention to his cock. Glancing at her hand, he noticed that she had done her nails in a light pink colour. His penis twitched in her grip it was even sexier. He didn’t comment in worry that she will realise that, her apparel has an effect on him.

“Faster, ah! aa.” She speeded up a little, up and down with her sensual hand. His right hand moved under her bikini, then started to feel up her pussy. First, he felt her outer lips with thumb then slowly with the rest of hand, with her involuntary moan there came a wave of pleasure through his head. She started to sob faintly but continued to move her hand, up and down.

“Don’t stop now! ah, hoho,” he tensed and started cumming on her hand. That was a great orgasm for Tom “O-ok you can stop”. He started to think that meaby he loves control more than just an act of sex. She took her sore hand and sat there looking at the wall with empty eyes. After the rush of pleasure, he took off his hand from her. He leaned on the couch relaxed resting after his dose of adrenaline. “ You can go, thank you.” Not looking back she went to the bathroom in her room.

Until the fifth month, not much changed, well she got another rise of the same amount. Every evening he called her to the living room for some molesting or handjob or blowjob. Also, he started to pay small cash to one of her girlfriends to tell him what is trendy in their circle and what would Kate like to get. Every Saturday he gave her a gift while knowing what she liked. With gifts, her guard lessened and she started to see her situation in slightly brighter light. She liked when her friends were jealous of her.

Then came the fifth month of Karen working at Tom house as a maid. It was Sunday just a day after the best gift she got from him and the most expensive one. She was really happy through the day. Karen was surprised when he didn’t call her to the living room at the usual time. Bewildered she went to ask if he needs her. “No, you have free time for now”.

Joyful she went back to her room to relax etc.

It was the first o’clock in the morning. He crept to her room in only his boxers, she was sleeping as usually in pink cotton nightgown long to mid-tight and some panties. Making sure she is sleeping he took off his boxers. Next with half rigid cock, he removed her cover. She was sleeping on her back which made him glad. ‘It will make things easier,’ he thought.

Finally, he gently removed her panties.

Karen had a nice dream but suddenly she twitched her brain was slowly waking up.

Abruptly she felt that someone was pushing something inside her. It hurt her badly, she screamed disoriented and tried to move. Then someone grabbed her shoulders and she couldn’t move away from her tormentor. “Relax babe, it’s your’s first time. It’s normal that it will hurt a little.”

“It hurts, stop! Noooo!” He ignored her and pushed next half-inch inside her love canal. She started to loudly cry and struggle. “Ah! Ah! Nooo, I beg your stop. I’m virgin!”

He stopped so she can accommodate his cock, he didn’t want to damage her physically at last. “You are no virgin anymore cutie.” Then he pushed some more. “Argh! It hurts.” She shook her head in denial, her tears were flooding on the pillow. He kissed her around the face. Inch after inch of this torture and then stop. He waited for her pussy to feel a little comfier. Then she felt him pull out his hard penis, she sighed with the hope that it will be everything. But before long she felt him grip her harder and then worst feeling ever. He thrust back inside her. “Arghhhhhh! Stoop!”

He ignored her pleas and continued to fuck her.

As she cried from pain, above her head, his moans become louder and his breaths sharper. He gently but steady was fucking her pussy. He was in heaven and she was in hell. Her belly and vagina were on fire. She never felt the pain of this kind. With every thrust inside, she winced and twitched. Finally, he couldn’t hold any longer he was too excited. With an animalistic grunt, he started squirting his load into her pussy. While waves of pleasure were taking hold of his body. She cried from pain, shame and happiness that it was finally over.

He laid down next to her and grabbed her tender tit. He was resting and she was crying from anguish.

The end

Meaby there will be a continuation. Thank you for your time

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