Daddy can't say no anymore to his girl

Daddy can't say no anymore to his girl

My mom had a boyfriend when I was very, very young. He liked to play with young girls and he played with me behind my mother’s back. This created sexual urges in myself that would constantly come up growing up. This caused many mental anguish and problems due to the fact I didn’t know how to relieve myself of those urges but I knew there must be a way to satisfy these urges and relieve myself.
Moving on years later, my mother married Bruce, my new stepfather. We had a very nice family life until those urges started again in full force. The reason why is because if finally told my mother about her previous and how he used to “play” with me. Normally, this would be great to unload this burden, but instead…my mother turned to me and said, “Honey, I already knew.” That moment solidified my utter disregard to sexual normalcy and integrated my sexual deviancy into reality.
One night my mother and my new stepfather where watching t.v. in bed. I crawled under their covers and climbed up and straddled my stepdaddy. As I was sitting atop him, I felt his cock rising and pressing at my pussy so I tried to shove myself down onto his cock even though my mother was lying in bed right next to us. She didn’t seem to mind, she was actually curious and asked, “Does she fit on it?” And laughed at my frustration when I couldn’t. This was the first of many other instances to come.
Now every kid gets curious and searches the house, and sometimes come upon their parents naughty drawer, luckily I was one of those kids. Now I had the solution in my hand to alleviate these sexual urges. With that knowledge, one of my mom’s vibrators was put to good use. I experienced my first orgasm on the floor in my mom’s bedroom with legs spread wide open just as my stepdaddy walked iI was mortified but he just smiled and said, “Oh, those are great for massaging.” Winked and left the room. This was the beginning of many suck discoveries.
One night my mom said, “You guys are going to have slumber party, I’ll be gone until tomorrow night so get to bed early and be good.” We went through the day as usual, but when it came time for bed I said, “Since it’s a slumber party we have to sleep in the same bed.” My stepdad looked at me funny and said maybe we shouldn’t explaining that mom might now like it, to which I responded with, “ Oh daddy, I already asked mommy and she said , “Go ahead, it’s a slumber party, isn’t it?”
After getting ready for bed, I was walking towards their room when I noticed my stepdad sitting down at the kitchen tabled with a small glass and a giant bottle of tequila. I said, “ That stuff is bad for you, you know.” And kept walking. I went into the bedroom and climbed into bed and came shortly thereafter taking a seet on the bed next to me. He rested his hand on my thigh and told me, “Can we talk about something that’s been bothering me for a while.” I nodded my head and smiled, he started telling me about all the times he’s walked in on me and how he would have to run to the bathroom to jackoff thinking about me. He also told me how he still gets turned on over the thought of me trying to impale myself on him. He didn’t ask me why and he surely didn’t ask me if I felt that it was wrong, the only thing he did say was for me to trust him and that he will make me feel good. He was slurring quite noticeably by this point.
I was s eager to finally have him and and to get some much needed relief I said, “Yes” and complied to his request. The being the dutiful daughter that I am, I asked daddy what he wanted me to do, never once realizing how this night would form my sexual identity.
So daddy got straight to the point and told me to pull my jammies off and lie down on my tummy and stick my ass up into the air. At first I was a little scared and told him so but he reassured me by telling me that daddy knows best and that he’ll take good care of me.
As I was lying there with my ass sticking up in the air and my face in the pillow, I could hear him stripping his clothes off, groaning and making some kind of of slapping noises but I didn’t look, keeping my face buried in the pillow. I felt the bed sinking from his weight and felf him crawl towards my vulnerable and upturned bottom. The first thing I felt was his hot breath between my legs and let out a little whimper which made him sit up for a second and ask me where I wanted daddy to put it. I replied , “Where it always is supposed to go just like in the magazines, that ‘s why I tried to sit on you.” He chuckled and said, “But honey, it won’t fit, we tried remember. But I can show you another way, the way that good girls do it for their daddies. He casually stuck a finger up my butt causing my to cry from the pain. He chuckled a little louder and told me to save my tears for what’s coming up next.
Before I could try to get away, he came up behind me and forcefully shoved his 7.5 inch cock into
my ass, BALLS DEEP, and with no mercy. I screamed as lould as I could but he just grabbed the back of my head and shoved it in harder into the pillow muffling my screams . I gradually started getting pounded harder and faster while he’s whispering in my ear,”Be a good girl for daddy and never tell mom what happened or daddy or he will invite all his friends to do things to you that will make what I did tameless.” He released my head so I can answer him and I said, “I’ll be a good girl daddy and won’t tell anybody,” As he was shoving my face back down, I shouted, “Please stop daddy, it hurts.” He only laughed and told me, “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m almost done.” And started to pound his cock in and out of my little ass so hard it was like he was possessed by the devil. At last, he cried out you asked for this you dirty little slut and came in my ass, collapsing in exhaustion ontop of me. He finally rolls over and starts snoring while I lie there feeling violated, sore, and extremely confused over the urge that did not go away, but which only got worse. Nothing like this ever happened again with my stepfather but it resulted in my future sexual fantasies and many experiences that I will continue to write about in the future.

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