My love Rene

My love Rene

My love Rene'

I was 32 years old when my wife left me, for another man. I hadn't even known that she was unhappy. But one day when I arrived home, I found the moving van packing up and about to leave. My car packed with everything that couldn't be packed in the moving van, my daughter in the front with my wife adjusting our son's toddlers booster seat belt. I was astonished. I didn't know what to say. I asked my wife what was happening and she just said, “I found someone better.” I was dumbfounded, not understanding why? I had been with my wife for 9 years. We had gone out together for 1 year before we were married. She was the only Girl that I ever slept with. There had never been anyone else for me.

It was after my wife, daughter, son and the moving van left that several friends arrived and helped me through that very difficult time. Work gave me leave, to help me through and which allowed me to buy some furniture, as I said she had taken everything. I was heart broken to say the least. But with good friends I was able to get myself together, though I was still alone. I had no parents or siblings to fall back on, and so through my friends, I started to habit the local watering hole.

At first I stayed outside in the beer garden, mainly because I was ashamed at what happened. But soon I became brave and went in and played pool, watched the football on Saturdays and start to make new friends.

The hotel also had a new barmaid who started there. Her name was Rene'. At 19 years old, she was a bit plump, but not fat. It gave her figure nice curves in the right places. She had large breast, and long dark hair. Her smile and eyes were one of the main reasons that I kept going back to that hotel. Anyway we became good friends. She would often ask how my day was and would I like her to cook me something in the hotel's kitchen. At first I would say that I would cook at home. But, as the days turned into weeks I found that every so often I could buy a cooked meal. This was mainly because my wife went and took me to the cleaners.

So, I started buying a meal once a week, on a Tuesday night. It was the only night of the week that the hotel had only a few patrons, which meant that Rene' and I could talk. After some time, she would have my dinner prepared, by the time I walked through the front door of the hotel. She would then serve me dinner, pour a beer and ask how my day was. It was nearly like having a wife again.

This went on for several months until I over heard Rene' asking the publican if she could borrow his truck, so she could move. The house she lived in, with 2 other girls had been sold and she needed to find another place to live. The publican liked Rene' a lot and loaned her the truck. He also stated that he'd get someone to help her. He looked around and saw me and asked if I could lend a hand to move some furniture. I told him I'd be willing. I looked at Rene' and her eyes shone at me.

So on the next night, Tuesday, after eating my dinner, and drinking my schooner, we talked about where she was moving too. At that time she hadn't found anywhere and was moving back to her mother's place. So, I arranged to meet her that Saturday to help with the packing and moving.

On Saturday, I arrived early at her place and helped pack then load and drove the truck to her mother's place. Once we had finished Rene' offered me money for helping. But I refused stating we were friends and that's what friendship was about. She then asked if I'd be willing to go to dinner with her, her treat. I couldn't refuse so I asked her when and where. She told me of this little restaurant that she knew and that we'd go on the following night. I agreed and I told her I'd pick her up at 6pm.

So now all day Sunday, I was nervous as hell. I hadn't been out with another woman for nearly 10 years. Especially someone who was 13 years my junior. I made sure I shaved extra close, used cologne and wore the only clothes that were decent.

By 6pm I arrived at Rene's, then after meeting her mother, walked onto the restaurant. Our dinner went off without a hitch. We were laughing and talking up a storm. I felt that we were good mates, I never had any tickets on myself, especially thinking that Rene' had any real interest in me at all. As the night wove on we ended up having a night cap at her hotel. I say hers mainly because she worked there. The publican closed up shop on our arrival and bade us a good night. We sat for an hour talking, when Rene' suggest that we take a walk by the river. So leaving the hotel, we walked the 200 meters to the river and started our walk along the bank.

The moon was bright that night and the river was peaceful. I held Rene's hand when she stopped and looked at me. I looked at her for a short while, when She said, “James, what does a girl need to do to get a kiss from you?” I looked at Rene' dumbfounded, when she grabbed the front of my shirt pulled me close and kissed me hard on my lips. It took me a couple of seconds to realise what was happening. But, as soon as I came too, I was kissing her back as passionately as I could.

I had never been with a woman who was passionate when she kissed. Her tongue immediately invaded my mouth and by the time I had regained my senses I was using my tongue to return the favour. Rene' was holding me so I placed my arms around her waist and let them slide down to her cheeks. I grabbed both cheeks and pulled her in closer to my crotch, which by now, my cock was responding and pushing hard against the front of my trousers. I was sure that by bringing Rene' in closer she could feel how hard I was. How much my response was to her approach.

It was now that Rene' stopped kissing me and started biting my neck with her teeth. Like I said, I never had such a woman who was this passionate. Rene' was biting me on the neck, little nips at a time, and between each nip she would kiss my neck. I felt her hands go up to my shirt and undo all the buttons, then her hands went down to my zipper, pulling it down. Using one hand she began searching for my cock, which wasn't hard to find. I felt her warm hands grab the middle of my cock and she proceeded to jerk me, up and down. What was I doing, I was unbuttoning her blouse. On opening her blouse, I pulled her bra off those delicious tits, they were something like A 38DD. I immediately grabbed both nipples between my fingers and thumbs, pulling and twisting on them.

I lowered my mouth down to her nipples, which I began to bite and pull on, with my teeth. I could hear Rene' moan from my attention to her nipples and I know it was a good moan. All the time Rene' was still pulling on my cock, and though I like to be jacked off by a woman, I wanted to put that cock in her love glove, more than anything. But then I stopped Rene' and finished undressing her, which she also finished undressing me. Soon we were both naked and I could see by the moon light that she was even more beautiful and I told her so.

Rene' pushed into my arms and we both again passionately kissed. As we kissed we lowered ourselves onto the grass and I had her lay with her back down. Now I started to again kiss her and trail my kisses to her neck where I started nipping her. I trailed down to her breasted, licking, kissing and nipping each in turn. Then I placed my mouth over one nipple and sucked it hard into my mouth. I let go of it with a plop and then started biting the nipple ever so soft, but enough to hear Rene' moaning. I moved to her other nipple and started the same.

I kept this up for a little while then trailed kisses to her navel, where I let my tongue lick the edge and then the hole. After a short time I again trailed kisses down to mons, where I could smell her womanly fragrance. As I took in her aroma, I let my tongue glide all over her pubic region, but just close, though not touching, her clitoris. I wanted to give this woman, who offered herself to me, the ultimate pleasure she deserved.

I worked my way down to her groin, placing myself between her legs. I put my arms under her legs and lifted them so her knees were back towards her chest. Now having her bent over, I lowered my head and started to suck from her honey pot, which was now dripping with her juices. I place my hands on both sides of her pussy lips and spread it apart. Using my tongue I rimmed her pussy. I stuck my tongue into her pussy, as far as I could, then rolled my tongue around in her. This pushed Rene' further and her moans were quiet loud. I was glad we weren't close to anything.

By this time I thought that Rene' was close to cuming, so I placed my mouth straight over her clitoris, something I'd been trying to void. Now I gripped her clit between my lips, then sucked and flicked my tongue on it. Rene' exploded like a firecracker. Reaching up she grabbed my head and pulled me into her groin as hard as she could.

As she started to subside from her orgasm, I looked into her eyes and saw she had that dreamy look upon her face. My cock was ready to burst so I raised myself up just enough and placed my cock into her pussy. Her cunt was tight and wet but I was able to slip into her pussy, holding her legs down against her chest. Rene' said, Fuck me babe, hard.” So I started pistoning my cock, in and out of her cunt, picking up speed all the time till I shot my load into her stomach.

I kept my cock inside the warm folds of her cunt, but allowed her legs to slip around my body, so they were lying beside me. Rene' pushed my hair back and we kissed, softly. Rene' had this big smile on her face, and said, “Well that's what a girl wants” panting all the time.

After a short while I rolled off Rene' and laid beside her. Then I looked at her and asked did she want to come back to my place. Rene' only nodded. So we stood up, grabbed our clothes and walked across a small park, yes still naked, to the apartments where I lived. I lived at the rear and the parked backed onto the property belonging to the apartments.

We snuck into the block of apartments, with a touch of luck, and into my flat. Once inside I kissed Rene' hard on the mouth and asked if she wanted to take a shower with me, she only nodded her head. So without needing to strip off we got under the spray of the shower.

As we washed we both started washing each other, which turned into playing with each other. Soon I was hard again, Rene' turned around, so her arse cheeks were facing me, I lower my body just enough to push into her pussy. I grasped her hips and started to push into her slowly, then harder and faster. But, as I started humping her rear, I pulled out to far and pushed in, a bit higher, forcing my cock into her arse. I started to pull out, when Rene' said, 'No babe just fuck me there too.' So, I started slowly pistoning my cock into her arse, feeling the different warmth, while the shower rained down all around us. I couldn't believe how tight she was but she must have loved it, because she was pushing back onto my pole, which drove me in further.

We went at it for a short while, Rene' panting and moaning, me panting all the time. Then her arse tightened up and she groaned out another orgasm, which sent me over and I shot my load into her bowels. I stayed inside her, wrapping my arms around her, until my cock became soft, then I pulled myself free. Rene' stepped out of the shower and sat on the toilet, smiling at me the whole time. After she finished she stepped back into the shower and we finished off washing ourselves. Later we dried off and went and slipped into my bed, laying arm in arm, falling asleep that way.

I woke up later that morning, when the alarm went off. I saw Rene' with her back to me, allowing me to spoon with her. I kissed her neck and she turned around, yawning as she did this. I asked how she slept and she told me that she was sore but she felt wonderful. I told her I had to get up and get ready for work. So, she kissed me and told me to get ready. I slipped into the shower and washed myself again. I came out got dressed and strode out into the kitchen where I found that Rene' had made toast and tea. We sat together and talked, she told me what her day was and when she started work. I told her I would drop in after work. Then I gave her a spare key, with a kiss, and left for work.

I walked into work and straight away people were saying that they noticed something different, I looked more confident. I just shrugged my shoulders and went about my work. After work, I walked the 2 blocks to the hotel where Rene' worked. I walked in and saw her and her face lit up as I walked over. I smiled and asked how was her day. She told me she was good and that dinner would be soon. I told her I couldn't pay, that's when the Hotel owner came up behind me and told me that for my work, helping Rene', dinner for the week was on him.

Then he called me aside, as Rene' went to the kitchen. He told me never to hurt Rene'. I looked at him and I could tell he thought highly of her, later I found out that he was a friend of her dad's and Rene's godfather. So, I promised him that if anything, I would always look after her. Then he slapped me on the back and told me to enjoy my evening. Shortly afterwards Rene' came out and the owner told her to lock up when she was finished, as he was going home. Rene' said alright but looked at me and smiled, as she said it.

After I had finished dinner and the last patron had left, Rene' told me to wait in the games room, while she closed up. I sat in the room, where there was long open couch, one like a futon, opened like a bed. I waited there for several minutes looking at all the poker machines that were turned off and sitting there silently.

Then I heard Rene' walking towards the games room, so I looked in the direction of the door. When she came around the corner and stood there in the doorway. I asked her what she wanted to do now. She stood there and just smiled. The next thing I knew she started moving slowly towards me taking off her blouse, then dropping it. Then she unzipped her skirt, dropping it and stood there. She stood there with only her bar, no panties. I asked if her mother knew that she didn't wear panties, and she just smiled. Then her arms went around her back and unhooked her bra, letting it drop to the floor.

I just sat there mesmerised by Rene's body, she was beautiful. Then she asked if she was the only one who was going to get naked. I couldn't strip fast enough. Rene' sat on the couch and patted the next to her, when I was naked. I sat next to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Rene' smiled and asked if my night was going alright. I told her that it was the start of a great week and if nothing else happened, only because she was there. With that Rene' wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips and I responded back just as passionately.

Rene' pushed me back onto the couch while we kissed. My cock was hard and stick up at an angle, as she grasp me and started stroking it. I couldn't believe my luck at finding a woman who wanted me. Rene' started kissing her way down my body, stopping at my nipples, licking and sucking each. I had never been touched like this and I was immediately ready to fuck. But, then she went to my navel, and as I had done to her that morning. She began to rim it with her tongue.

She trailed down to my cock and on reaching my cock, she stroked me several time, and then placed the head of my cock between her lips. Now she started rimming the edge of my cock and I couldn't believe the feeling I got from her mouth. Rene' started to take all of my cock into her mouth deep, throating me until her lips reached the base of my cock. Then she sucked hard, like a straw, as her mouth went up my pole. When she reached the top, she flicked the soft part under the head of my cock.

I couldn't take it much longer and I told her so. Rene' deep throated me again and I shot my load. She waited there until I'd finished, splashing my seed on the back of her throat. I could feel her throat drinking all the load I could give. When I finished She raised her head of my cock and lick the slit on the end. Then she looked into my eyes and I told her how much I loved her at that moment.

We laid together on the couch, arm in arm, me fiddling with her pussy, her stroking my cock. We were making small talk when I knew I was ready to stuff Rene again. But she had other ideas. Rene' pushing on my chest, got on top of me, inserting my cock into her waiting pussy. She slowly pushed down until her pussy lips touched my groin. She sat there for several minutes adjusting herself, when she started working on my cock, using only the muscles in her cunt. Tightening and then relaxing. She continued this until I couldn't take it any more. So, I pulled Rene' in close to me and rolled us over.

She was surprised at first, then smiled, wrapping her legs around my waist. I kissed her deeply and then started fucking her hard. I pounded into her hard and fast until I pushed in hard and came as she also orgasmed. We held each other in the after glow of our fucking. After a short while I got off Rene' and asked her to come home with me, which she immediately told me she would.

Well that's my story. Rene' moved in with me and we were together for 6 months before marrying. For the next 18 months we lived in my rented apartment. Every night, after work, I would wander into the hotel. Have dinner, that my wife would cooked, with a beer and talk with her till closing time. Then we'd walk home and fuck ourselves silly.

18 months after marrying, Rene' gave me twins. Also, the night the twins were born, I took all our birthdays, including Rene's and my age and put an entry into the Ozlotto that night. Well we won, and won over 15 million dollars. This meant that we could buy a house, and have other things, with enough to be alright for the rest of our lives. I still work part time and Rene' works on weekends at the hotel. It give her some time away from the twins and me. But we still fucked like rabbits every chance we get.

Now the last funny thing is, my ex wife tried to get some of my winnings. But, I could afford a good lawyer and the courts found in my favour, which pissed off the ex. Especially since the bloke she ran off for, ditched her after 2 years and took all their money on an overseas trip, which he never came back from. That left her living on welfare. Now my eldest son comes over every weekend and stays with Rene' and me. He's now starting to call her mum and loves the twins (1 boy, 1 girl) very dearly. So now after 4 years, everything is working out for the best. And that's our story.

Just to let you know, Rene' has been sitting next to me ever since I started writing our tale, It's taken three days, because every time we get to a part we start making love and this endeavour is put on hold again.

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