A new day, a new me part 5

A new day, a new me part 5

And onto Part 5, here’s to some inspiration.

All dark outside the house and hearing nobody inside, I unlock the door and let myself in. No one in the house at all, beds are clear, nobody in the kitchen or bathroom and all the lights are off. Now I’m confused they left 45 minutes before me at least, but they’re not here. I decide to text Liz to see where they are and after five minutes there is no response. It’s only Eight in the evening and I figure they decided to go be crazy somewhere else.

I settle in front of the TV, turning on the science fiction channel and suddenly my phone goes off. I check it but it’s an unknown number texting me. Checking the message it’s Mathilda, just checking to see if I actually gave her my number. I send her a reply that yes I am the asshole she gave a ride home to. She sends me a ‘ha ha very funny, I’ll see you later’.

It’s a good hour in front of the TV and still no reply from Liz, I don’t have any of the other girl’s numbers so I fire off another text to Liz with still no response. It gets into the Ten o’clock hour and still no word, I can feel myself getting tired. I leave the living room and change into my cotton athletic short and a tank top, grabbing a blanket I head back to the living room to sleep and wait for them to return.

I’m fast asleep when the door flies open and I hear girls laughing and talking way too loudly. The lights fly on in the living room and I bolt up to greet the ladies.

“Where the hell were you girls at, I texted Liz but she didn’t respond,” I ask groggily.

All the girls start laughing at me to the point of falling on their beds and the couch. Confused I start to leave for my bed grabbing my blanket when I smell it, Alcohol. I haven’t smelled it since I was a kid when Mom would come home drunk and forget that I was sleeping. I feel my blood start pumping as the girls sit and laugh at some joke they can only get. I begin to head down the hall when my blanket is grabbed; I turn to see Korinna holding the other end.

“Korinna let go of my blanket I’m going to bed,” I mutter pulling my blanket still in her hand.

She smiles back playfully,” You don’t want to sleep out here with us, why not? You’re not embarrassed are you?”

“You’re all drunk, I’m not going there cause I have to now get up tomorrow and clean up all this and hopefully get rid of all of your hangover’s before our parents get home,” I state heading to my room.

“What’s the worst that they can do,” asks Natsuko from her place on the floor.

“To Liz, probably say she can’t go out for a week, but I got left in charge,” I answer her,” Aside from the ass kicking my dad will give me I’ll be grounded for at least three months.”

The girls get quiet with my answer, I head back down the hall and hear them asking Liz if Dad really still kicks my butt. Sadly I wish I was kidding, when they snuck out Mom got to scold Liz but Dad whupped my ass good and then grounded me for hiding the truth or something like that. I get to my room and make up my bed, quickly setting my alarm for early so I can get up and start the cleaning while they sleep.

I hear my door open and check my clock, thirty minutes past midnight. I look up and see Korinna in a bathrobe, her hair wet from the shower. There isn’t much light in the room but I see well enough to watch her strip off the robe and keeping the sash in her hand crawl into bed with me. I pull the covers up over us and she settles in on my right side.

After a few minutes she breaks the silence,” You’ll really get into trouble cause of us?” she asks.

I nod,” Every time you and Liz have fun you miss something and my dad finds it. Nothing will stop him now; he knows what alcohol smells like.”

We continue to lay there in silence; I feel her warmth as she puts her arm and leg over me. I roll from my back to look her in the eyes but she keeps her head down.

“I’ll think of something, the other girls will help,” Korinna says looking me in the eyes then smiling,” I have a couple ideas right now.”

Quickly she rolls me onto my back with her on top of me; I see her grinning down at me as she takes my hands in hers and starts to tie them together with the sash from her robe. Once together she takes the loose ends and ties them to the top of the bed. She leans down and kisses me once on the lips then gets up from the bed and pulls something black from the robe pocket. She returns to the bed and raising my head puts some blind fold on me.

I feel her weight shift down to my fee and my shorts come off with my boxer briefs. Her weight then shifts off the bed and I hear her step across my room and into the hall, I try to shift my head to move the blindfold to see but it’s firmly in place. I hear more footsteps in the room and the weight shift on both sides of my bed, and then I feel hot breath on my penis followed by a mouth putting the head of my cock in and licking in a circle around the tip. A then a different tongue licking around my shaft, I feel myself harden in what I can only guess is record setting time. The mouth at the end of my cock pulls off and I feel something being placed over my hard member around the base. Without warning the band on my cock is tightened way too much and I feel part of the band dig in on the underside of my cock. I tense up and pull at the sash binding my hands and grit my teeth trying to get loose.

As I continue my struggle the mouths return to working over my cock with renewed vigor. One tongue working my head and a mouth sucking on my left testicle. My mouth gets opened by lips and then a tongue works its way in, working around my own.

“Okay, I think she’s ready,” I hear during the kiss, must be Hanna talking.

The mouths break from my swollen member, I feel the weight leave the bed and my kisser breaks from my lips. I feel a new weight straddling my hips and hands lining me up with a hole, then pressure and warm wet of vaginal walls wrapping around my cock. A breast and nipple are put up to my mouth and I start to suck, the hips in my lap are getting heavier as another person straddles me behind the first one riding my bound penis.

The original rider starts to move up and down on my shaft slowly. I hear more people in the room, gasping and light whispering. I’m being watched; the girls are watching one of them fuck me while I can’t move. As this is probably the most erotic scene in my head I start to buck my hips up into the rider’s pussy, I hear more gasping as I do. My cock is warm and wet as this girl keeps riding me; I feel the weight behind her pushing her up and down on my penis.

“Get her to cum hard, he won’t mind,” I hear Korinna say.

My rider starts bouncing on my member harder and faster, being aided by her helper behind her. I imagine the helper rubbing her clit, pinching her nipple, slamming her down onto me. Then I feel the rider shudder and shake with orgasm. As she does I feel that tingle in my balls but suddenly I’m in pain and I can’t cum, the band pinching me is holding all my cum at the base of my cock. I start moaning loudly in pain, I feel like my cock is going to explode inside this girl. My rider becomes rigid and I hear her moan even louder as she hits a bigger orgasm than before. Without delay my blind fold is pulled up and my eyes adjust to the light in the room, I see Natsuko off to my right with Lajita staring at me. Korinna is holding the blind fold and smiling she leans back so I can see my rider. Tight body, lightly shaved brown hair on her pussy, small firm barely b cup breasts, Liz’s face contorted in post orgasm. The shock hits me like a quick kick to the gut, Liz is fucking me, and I see Hanna behind her holding her up with one hand on her pussy and the other wrapped around her torso holding her breast.

With all the shock it hits me again that I’m still trying to climax but I can’t and the pressure is getting worse. Hanna pulls Liz off me and Lajita helps my stepsister to the floor. Sweat is pour out of me and tears are starting to roll down my face as I languish in blissful agony. Finally Korinna looks back to me and sees my face.

“Oh shit, he’s really hurting,” Korinna exclaims grabbing the band around my cock and pulling it loose. As soon as the band is free my cock starts shooting semen all up my belly and pelvis. The girls marvel at the apparent sight of my orgasming all over myself. Korinna is the first to move in leaning forward and licking up the cum on my stomach. Natsuko joins her licking lower cleaning up the cum on my pelvis. The scene is sexy, two girls licking up my body. Lajita and Hanna help Liz up from the floor while the girls continue to clean me up; I feel some life coming back into my cock after the sweet torture Korinna gave me.

“Korinna, He’s getting hard again,” Natsuko says rubbing the sore part of my penis.

“You want a turn or should I let him loose,” Korinna replies still licking.

Natsuko shrugs,” I had a lot from him Friday, still walking funny.”

Korinna gets up from the bed and moving to the head of the bed undoes my wrists, I get up from my bed rubbing them lightly. Natsuko heads out of the room before me; I follow her down the hall as far as the bathroom. Stepping inside I flip on the light and check my penis, light bruising forming on the underside of my cock. I wet a washcloth and wipe myself up a little then shutting the light off I head back to my room.

I’m greeted by the image of Korinna still in my bed, all naked and with her legs spread fingering herself frantically. I step in my bedroom and close the door with my cock getting harder at the sight of Korinna playing with herself. Slowly I start stroking but take care due to the painful area at the base of my cock. Korinna’s breathing picks up and I watch her hit a small orgasm.

“You done Kori, because I need to try to get some sleep,” I tell her climbing into my bed.

Quickly she grabs my face and pulls me into a deep kiss, maneuvering me onto of her. She releases my head and I return the kiss, her hands working my shaft again. I grunt as she touches the base where it’s sore.

“Did it hurt you too much,” Korinna asks breaking the kiss?

I push forward getting the tip into her pussy, she gasps at the surprise entry. Slowly she lowers herself down the bed as I move forward pushing deeper inside her. I’m greeted by the velvet feeling of her pussy, very wet and soft. Slowly and gently we grind our hips together, me filling her up as she wraps her legs around mine.

“Don’t go fast this time,” Kori whispers into my ear.

I keep the slow grinding pace of my cock moving in and out of Korinna’s pussy. I kiss up her neck and start to nibble on her ear; she tilts her head back and starts moving her hips in a circular motion. The pain in my penis is dulling and I’m getting into the rhythm with Kori hips, I can feel more wetness from her as she starts breathing heavily.

“Maybe you should slow down Miss Impatient,” I tell her grinning.

She grins back and stops her hips all together while reaching down and pulling me straight inside her so I can’t move at all. We lay there for a few seconds then I feel her contract her muscles around my cock, starting at the base and working up the shaft. I groan as she keeps milking my cock, looking down I see her smirk. Little devil girl wants to play; I tighten up my pelvic muscles and make my cock jump inside her. She gasps and starts milking me again only now I’m making myself jump inside her every couple of seconds. Groaning together as we play our little game of sex tricks she stops and grabs my body and grips me tightly pulling my head face to face with hers.

“Really want to cum now please,” she gasps through clenched teeth.

I back up my member and start sliding in and out of Korrina’s pussy fast and softly, not trying to pound thanks to the pain in my member. I feel her body clench up and I start to feel it again in my member only this time I’m not restrained. Three deep thrusts and I hold the last one inside Korinna’s pussy, she moans loudly and that’s all I need to set off my own orgasm sending a volley deep inside her baby maker. Our bodies are a tight mass of grinding hips and sweat as we ride our orgasms moaning and kissing.

After a few minutes of just laying there I feel my member slide out of Korinna’s vagina and rolling off her I lay on my back staring at the ceiling. Kori pulls up the blanket and rolls away from me snuggling into my bed; I move in behind her and curve my body to hers. She reaches back and takes my arm and pulls it over her body putting my hand on her chest.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” she says as we lay in the dark,” You’re getting your two favors right now and I’ll tell you what they are. No negotiating with me, deal?”

“Alright, what am I supposedly agreeing to,” I ask.

“First off you asked me on Friday about dating Liz’s friends, I know you were talking about dating me so favor number one we are a couple and that’s final,” Kori states like it’s a new law of the land,” and for the second favor you still get to have sex with other girls.”

I lay in silence before I answer,” I’ll take the deal but I gotta ask, why have Liz fuck me?”

“Oh God, not my idea,” she says chuckling,” Hanna wanted to have sex with a Donnelly this weekend but it wasn’t you.”

I lay stunned for a minute then respond,” Wait so Hanna didn’t come here for me at all this weekend?”

I feel her shake her head no and we both chuckle. Quietly laying there we drift off to sleep holding each other.

Next morning I get woken up to Korinna snoring lightly in my arms. Slowly detaching myself from her and getting up I grab my shorts and shirt from last night and head out into the living room. The scene before me resembles a slumber party got launched from a catapult and landed in the living room. I head to the kitchen and get the coffee pot started, grabbing as many large glasses and mugs from the kitchen as I can. Quietly filling the glasses with water and waiting for the coffee I hit the bathroom grabbing aspirin and ibuprofen. Back in the kitchen the coffee pot gets done brewing after a few minutes and I see that it’s half past ten in the morning.

I exhale deeply as I know what happens next is going to hurt me as much as the girls. Heading into the living room I start the wake up process, gently sitting some of them up, shaking others awake. I’m met with the groans and failings of hung-over girls. Lajita is the first up, righting her clothes and leaning from her air mattress onto the couch.

“I didn’t drink anything last night,” Lajita tells me.

“Lucky you, we need them up and moving, each one of them has to drink the whole glass of water with either aspirin or ibuprofen then they can have coffee,” I dictate as I head down the hall to my room to get Korinna up.

Entering my room I see her still sleeping peacefully all naked in my bed. I kneel next to her sleeping face and gently shake her shoulder. Grumbling she rolls over to face away from me, move around the bed and shake her again. Finally she begins to open her eyes, rubbing sleep out she smiles at me.

“You’re not gonna let me sleep are you,” Korinna asks starting to sit up in the bed.

I shake my head no and move back into the living room to see all the girls but Natsuko are up and moving. Lajita is passing out the coffee as Korinna grabs her mug and settles in with the girls. They sit around the table talking about going out last night, Hanna rubbing Liz’s back gently. I move back over to Natsuko and kneel down to try getting her up. She opens her eyes and grins mischievously at me.

“Come on faker, you need to get up and get some hangover cure,” I tell her while prying the blankets off.

Playfully grumpy she gets up and joins the other girls as I start deflating beds and get through the tear down. Listening in on the conversation I hear Liz talking about passing out on her mattress, the girls prod her for information about what happened last night but she just shakes her head and tells them sleep and hangover.

It takes a few hours but I get all the beds deflated and blankets and pillows folded and put away. None of the girls help, they all take their time getting showered and changed into clean clothes. I finally get done about one in the afternoon when I get my turn at the shower, all cold water. I make it a quick as I can and cut the water as soon I’m done. I open the curtain to see Natsuko standing there in a tied button up shirt with short sleeves and plaid school girl skirt, covering one eye in her standard blue black mix.

“I need my body scrub,” Natsuko tells me plainly.

“And you just decided to come get it now when I’m getting out of the shower,” I say naked and wet, I see the towel within reach but I’m not going for it.

“Well yes, I had to see that again before this weekend was over,” she tells me nodding towards my cock.

I reach back and grab the pink bottle I don’t recognize from the shower and hand it to her. She takes the bottle slightly disappointed and leaves the bathroom. I quickly dry off and head back to my room to get dressed.

Hanna and Lajita leave at about three in the afternoon with their parents. I do the usual meet and greet with parents, tell Hanna’s that she had a good time and they weren’t any trouble. Lajita’s mother on the other hand was all over me with questions about her daughter. Apparently Lajita’s got a bit of a ‘willful’ streak and Mommy dearest doesn’t like it. I simply told her that having her here kept the others from doing things they weren’t supposed to. I think she listened to me but then again I’m not about to say that I was balls deep in her daughter’s ass two nights ago.

Sadly only an hour later my parents got home from their trip and Dad wasn’t happy when he saw the girls with sleep over bags. In true fashion he has me sit on the couch while he starts the interrogation.

“One weekend I leave you in charge and you have a sleep over with a bunch of girls, I thought I could trust you with this Guy,” Dad starts in with the guilt card,” now you want to explain to me why not only are the girls here but why am I smelling alcohol?”

“Dad, Liz wanted to have a party, we talked and agreed a slumber party would be fine. I took them to a school basketball game and we got everything cleaned up. We didn’t do anything wrong,” I tell him hoping like hell he buys it.

“So where did the alcohol come from,” Dad asks folding his arms. Now I’m in shit creek without a paddle. Then I see Korinna come in from the kitchen with Mom.

“Honey its okay, I’ll explain everything later, Guy did what you’d want him to do,” Mom tells him placing her hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

Dad looks back at her for a minute and then head to their bedroom to talk it over. Korinna and Natsuko head down the hall with Liz to her room as I remain on the couch to wait for the verdict. Minutes go by as I listen to my Mom, technically Step Mom but I’m gonna give make her a saint if I get out of this with less than a week’s grounding. Finally after a few minutes Mom comes back in with Dad and beckons me to stand up.

“I spoke with Elizabeth and Korinna; they were able to explain everything to me about what happened this weekend. Now I don’t know how you got them out of that party but next time you don’t let Elizabeth or the girls out of your sight when you take them somewhere. Are we clear,” Mom asks me intently.

“I’m sorry mom, I’ll do better next time,” I apologize.

She hugs me and Dad pats me on the back, wholly confused and not questioning them as to what is going on I leave it alone. Mom and Dad unpack their bags and settle in at home while the girls talk in Liz’s room. Heading down the hallway and back to my room I see Liz waiting in front of my door.

“They didn’t ground you did they,” she asks? I shake my head no in response. “Good, Kori thought Dad might just cause.”

“Why do you care if I’m grounded,” I ask with a little more spite than intended.

“Well considering Mom is probably gonna leave you in charge from now on I figure I’d better start trying to get along with the decision maker,” Liz tells me walking back to her room then stops and turns for a second,” Oh and next time you decide to fuck me try not to convince my friends to help you do it.”

Thank you all for your positive ratings on all stories, I saw part 3 hit over 10,000 views. I won’t be ending the story soon but I may need to take a break after part 6 to work on a different project, PM’s with thought or contacting me with a name and opinion or idea would be really nice.

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