A sister and her bff's hero

A sister and her bff's hero

This is my first ever story, please tell me what you think..

My name is Jack, I'm 6'1'' and is ripped, I mean ripped, form all those hours in the gym. I use to wrestle at school, and was heavy weight champion my last two years of school. After school I went to into MMA and at the age of 20 I was MMA champ. I have blue eyes and brown hair I keep short. Anyways back to the story.

I live with my mom and sister, which is 3years younger than me. We were close but still had our share fair of fights. My dad died short after my sister was born, so she never actually knew him, he was a pro wrestler in his days. My mother has a good paid job as a secretary for a big company or something like that. She was at times very busy, and me and my sister was home alone at most of the times. I spent my days working out, training for the next MMA tournament, to qualify for UFC. My sister was still in school. She was a hot babe, I mean hot, with long tanned legs, blue eyes, long hair which goes all the way to her fine ass with her big boobs.
Being a hunk I had many girlfriends at school, but they all wanted the same thing, sex! I know this may sound crazy, but I was still a virgin, I never went into second base with a girl, I wanted to have someone special I could have sex with, not some cheap girl. But saying this I did masturbate, a lot actually, I would jack off at least once a day.

I never actually thought of my sister in a sexual way until it happened. Mom had to go on an business trip with her boss, and had to leave me and my sister alone for a week or so. That was no problem for us, we both could look after ourselves. I went to the gym and returned about two hours later. I saw that my sister Michelle was home form school. She was wearing a short skirt and a white shirt. She was laying on the couch. I greeted her and went to have a quick shower. After I had my shower I went to the kitchen, I asked Michelle if she wanted a sandwich or something. She came to the kitchen and I couldn't help but stare at her long smooth tanned legs. Her shirt was loose at the top and I could see her black bra she was wearing. I came back reality when she asked me to put mustard on her sandwich. We ate and I asked her how her day was. It was a Friday. She told me that it had been a long week and her day was actually great because she was invited to a party which the boy she likes asked her to come to. She asked me if she could go and I said okay, but I will take her and go and fetch her at 10 sharp. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the check. She went to her room and as she walked I saw her panties and her ass checks. I was getting hard and knew it was wrong, but couldn't help it. I went for a swim and about 10mins later Michelle came out wearing a two peace bikini. she went to a beach chair and rubbed some lotion on her. "Need to catch up on my tan she told me when she saw me staring. I just smiled and went on swimming. After an hour I climbed out and went in the house. I heard Michelle went to her room also. By this time I was hard, I couldn't get my sister out of my head. I layed on the bed with my shorts down and began to stroke myself. "Hey Jack I wante...O My god! What are you doing?" She asked me in shock. I forgot to close my door and she came in while I was jacking of. I jumped and tried to cover up. "Um I..we'll you se.." I mubeld not knowing what to say. "Well I'm just gonna you know, um go.." She said as she looked at my cock and turned away. I was so embarrassed that had to happen. I putted on some clothes and went to find my sister. I went to her room, she was sitting at her mirror and drying her hair. "Heya sis, I'm sorry about what you saw." I said " don't worry about it bro, I was just a little shocked to find you naked and jack off while your door is open." She said to me in a smile. "O ok, we'll you came in and wanted to asked me something?" We'll yeah I wanted to ask you if you could pick up Cindy on our way to the party later. "Cool yeah I will, and sorry again." "Hey just rember to close the door" she said with a wink and a smile. At 6pm I drove her to Cindy's house, we picked her up and went to the party. "So what do you have planned for tonight?" Michelle asked me. "Well you know just hang around, watch some TV, just chill." "You would get a girlfriend" Cindy said from the back. I look at her and then a Michelle, " what did you tell her?" I asked Michelle. "Hey come on, I didn't meen to, we just of share anything." I looked at Michelle as Cindy giggled at the back. I was now angry at Michelle. We got to the party and I drop them off and went home. I made me a chicken salad and went to the TV room. I couldn't he Michelle out of my mind, even tough I was angry at her, she was sweet and I could never stay angry for long.
At 9:15 I went to get Michelle and Cindy. I arrived at the house waiting. Michelle was standing outside with Cindy by her, it seemed they both were crying. I got out and sensed something was wrong. I went to them. "Michelle are you ok?" She looked at me and I saw there was blood on her nose and her shirt was torn. Cindy was also bleeding. I was at this stage angry. "He..they wouldn't.." and she started to cry harder. I calmed them and took them to the car. They told me that the boy, Martin who's party this was, had got drunk and he and his buddies got violent and stared to hit them, they ripped of there clothes and wanted to rape them, but they got out. I was now beyond myself. I got out of the car and went to the house. I bursted in the door and called the one who was named Martin. A guy with black hair came forth and said he was Martin. I then kicked him hard and he fell. His buddies came but they were no match for me, I took them down one by one. I went back to the car and went home. Michelle told me that Cindy was staying over tonight if it was ok with me. I said it was and Cindy asked me not to go to her home for clothes and she will borrow some of michelle's clothes. At the house they went to Michelle's room to get dressed. I had some blood on me and decided a shower would be great. I took my towl and went to the bathroom. I heard Michelle and Cindy still crying. I went to the room and knocked. They were hugging and crying. I felt sorry for them and went to hug them both. "Thanks for standing up for us bro" she looked at me and then to my surprise she kissed me, on the mouth. I couldn't move and was shocked, I knew this was wrong but it felt so good. Cindy joined in and kissed me also. Cindy had the same sized boobs as my sister, but she was a little bit shorter, and had black hair and green eyes. We kissed for several minute before Michelle took of my shirt. She then took off her shirt and Cindy took off hers. Before me was the most amazing pair of boobs I have everd seen(not that I saw any before, only on the internet) I touched them both, they moaned softly. My cock was now acking in my shorts. She saw that and laid me down, she took off my shorts to reveal my 8inch cock. They gasped. "Wait before, I just want to say, well I'm a,,I'm still a..virgin." I said in a husedce. They looked at me and told me they were also virgins, they had given a few blowjobs and handjobs, but that's it. Michelle took my cock in her hands and began to stroke it. Cindy looked at Michelle and began too kiss her, I was shocked but also delighted. It was real good looking at my sister and her friend made out. they then looked at my cock and then Michelle lowered her head and began to lick the head of my cock. This was good and made me jump a bit. Cindy moved lower to michelle at her back end. I couldn't see what she was doing, but my sister jumped a little, the I realized Cindy was licking my sisters pussy. I was so hard right now. Michelle took her head back to my cock and then she took it in her mouth. I felt her tong flick the tip of my cock. This was my first blowjob, and I'm 20years old! The best part is that my hot sister was the first one to give me a blowjob! I laid there in heaven. My sister moaned on my cock and I realized that she just had an orgasm. But she was still on my cock and I was close. " O fuck I'm gonna..I'm gonna cummm.." I told her, but she kept. Cindy was no at my face, kissing me as I came in my sisters mouth. She then licked me clean and showed me the cum in her mouth. Cindy moved to her and they kissed as they shared my cum in their mouths. I laid there watching them as my cock got hard again.They took off there skirts and panties revealing there virgin pussies.they had only a small patch off hair on them, and they were wet,really wet. Michelle saw my cock and then moved closer. She then got on top of me. I asked her what she was doing. "I want you to fuck me, I want you to be my first." "I love you big brother." Her pussy lips where at the tip of my cock. I looked at her and saw her blue eyes. I kissed her, and played with her tits. Cindy felt left out as she moved her pussy to my face. Then michelle took my cock and guided to her entrance. She took it in slowly, she was tight. I could see the pain in her eyes. Then she dropped down, I could feel it as I broke her cherry. She had a pain look on her face, but she looked at me and smiled. Cindys pussy was now at the top of my face. I got the hint, but never licked a girls pussy before and just started to lick it. She moaned. She was facing my sister who was now riding my cock and moaning. Cindy kissed my sister as I licked her pussy. It tasted great. I found her cilt, and flick my tong over it. She moaned and told me to do it again. I suck her cilt. My sister was now rocking hard and moaning with deep breathing. I instead two fingers in Cindy's pussy and began to finger fuck her. She moaned load. Then she tensed up, and she came all over my face. Her pussy juice I licked up as much as I could. Michelle pussy tensed around my cock as she came to her second orgasm."Fuck me big brother, I'm gonna cum all over your cock, fuck me, o god fuck me.." She moand loud as she came.. This sent me over the edge.."I'm gonna cum sis, o fuck. I'm gonna..."" Cum in my pussy, cum in my fucking pussy she yelled at me. My jamed my cock hard and came hard. I thought I would never stop cumming. As my orgasm faded, I saw Cindy at the bed. "Wow that was fucking hot, luckily were on the pill" she said with a smile. " I love you sis, I will always love you." " I saw tears in her eyes," I love you to bro." " And cindy, I love you too," Michelle said to Cindy. We got up and went to take a shower together, we washed each other. My cock got hard again and michelle said it was Cindy's turn. I kissed Cindy hard and turend her around. I took my cock to her pussy entrance. Without a word I pushed all off my 8inches into her, bursting her cherry. She screamd in pain. I held my cock there for a while and began too push in and out of her. Michelle and I kissed as I fucked Cindy's no longer virgin pussy. It didn't took long as a nother orgasm rolled over Cindy. "I'm gonna cum in your fucking wet pussy. " I told Cindy. "O cum in my pussy, I want to feel your cum..fuck me...." I came in her pussy, pushing my cock hard into her. We finished showering, and went to bed, we dried of and went to sleepd, all three of us, naked..

Hope it was a good enough story, like I said it is my first story, so hope you've enjoyed it.

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