Master's Punishment

Master's Punishment

She never understood how he found out. She’d been so careful! But he did and now there was hell to pay. Was it worth it? Her dalliance with another lover had been wonderful. Mind boggling at times. Never as good as with her Master but she had enjoyed the control she had exercised over her secret lover, employing tactics she’d learned from her own Master.

But those memories were fading as she faced the icy disdain of her Master. She had known the minute she saw her email, her secret email, open on the computer. In it were all the erotic exchanges, the notes and communications of meeting times and places and cyber reviews of all their encounters. “Prepare yourself,” were the only words her Master spoke. She knew this to mean she should bathe and dress in the clothing he would set out for her. She hurried to the bathroom, starting the shower and laying out her toiletries. She chose her cosmetics and scents carefully, picking those that had pleased her Master in the past. After her shower, she quickly applied her makeup, styled her hair and went to the bedroom to see what had been set out.

That was strange. A sundress, old, long-forgotten in the back of her closet was set out, along with a lacy thong and strappy heels. She dressed, putting on the leather collar laid out with the clothing. She joined her Master, taking the drink he’d made for her and heading to the car. As she sipped, she realized the cocktail was much stronger than usual but she dared not complain, rather drank it down more quickly than she might have otherwise, so great was her agitation over what was to come. By the time they reached their destination she was a bit tipsy from the strong liquor, having to struggle to walk straight in the high heeled sandals. It was a hotel, one that they’d used before in previous playtimes. No stopping for dinner or conversation, just straight to a room.

Outside the room, Master quickly tied a blindfold around her eyes, snapped a chain leash on her collar and unlocked the door, tugging her behind him as he entered the room ahead of her. “Here she is, boys! The slut of the evening! She’s hungry for strange cock so I thought I’d provide her with what she wants.” She licked her lips nervously as laughter met her Master’s words. “Tonight she isn’t a pet to be pampered. She’s proven herself to be a bitch in heat so tonight she’s OUR bitch!”

“Then why is she still dressed?” asked one voice. “Get rid of her clothes!” another one shouted. She felt the tug of the leash as her Master pulled her towards him. RIP! Oh my God! She thought. He’s stripping me naked! “Come on guys, grab something and help me strip the bitch!” More hands grabbing and tearing at her dress. She stood there, helpless, as they pulled and tore at her clothing, laughing and roughly squeezing her breasts and ass. Despite her fear and humiliation, she could feel her pussy beginning to dampen. Maybe she really was a bitch in heat! She must be because this rough treatment was arousing her, much to her shame.

“On your knees, Bitch! There are cocks to suck! Find them, pull them out and start sucking!” She fell to her knees as he jerked the leash downward. “All the way down, Bitch! Crawl around and find them, all of them. I want every dick in the room fucking your face before you’re through!” She dropped her hands onto the floor and crawled, humiliated, nosing around until she found someone’s legs. She rose up, pulling the belt from its buckle, fumbling with the snap and zipper of the tight jeans. SMACK! She jumped, feeling the sting of a crop on her ass. “Faster! Come on, slut, we all know you know your way around any cock…pull it out! Suck it! We all want to see and hear how a little lying slut sucks cock.” SMACK! SMACK! The crop stung her ass cheeks again and again. Whimpering, she hurriedly unzipped the jeans and managed to pull the large cock free of its confines. She swallowed it, desperately licking and sucking as she tugged on the jeans, trying to get them down and loose enough to find the man’s balls.

She felt the man’s hand at the back of her head, grasping her hair painfully as he thrust his engorged cock deep into her mouth. Gagging, she prayed the cocktail would stay down, willing her gag reflex to relax at this onslaught. It didn’t take long for her to feel his balls begin to tighten, his groaning and hair pulling telling her he was about to cum. “Spray the bitch on the face!” laughed her Master. “She’s our cum slut for the night and I want to see her covered in sticky cum!” At that her hair was roughly yanked back, popping his dick from her lips, only he was a moment too late and the first rope of sticky cum coated her tongue, once again, causing her to gag. He pulled all the way out and used his hand to pump his load onto her face. She could feel it dripping from her nose, her lips, off her chin. As the pulsing slowed, she felt him tug her closer, rubbing his dick through the cum on her face, making a sticky mask over her lips and cheeks.

“Who’s next?” her Master asked. “Get to it, Slut! Men are waiting! Crawl to the next one and start over!” She did as she was told, her knees already sore, as she crawled, dog-like until she encountered another set of clad legs. She didn’t wait for the sting of the crop this time; she jerked the belt free, relieved to find trousers instead of tight jeans. She unbuttoned, unzipped, and, as the loose pants dropped, yanked the briefs off his hips and gobbled his dick down. Thankfully his dick was shorter, so gagging wasn’t a problem, but it was thicker and she thought the sides of her mouth would split as he jammed his thick hardness into her mouth.

“Fuck me, her mouth is as hot as I remember!” he groaned. She was getting more aroused, despite her rough treatment. She knew she could blow every man in the room, then suck them to hardness over again. As she sucked and slurped, she slipped a finger into her mouth, wetting it, then slid it behind his balls, into his ass, massaging his prostate. He jerked in surprise but before he could protest, his dick started erupting. She was ready this time and jerked her head back, expertly jerking his cock onto her face and tongue. As she let the cum slide out of her lips, she rubbed his softening member all over her face, further thickening the mask of jism. "I gotta sit down!” he said, as he staggered to a chair.

Back onto her hands and knees, she crawled around until she found another man, freed his already rigid cock and started sucking. She was finding it easier to take the head into her throat and thought, at least one good thing came from His finding out about my lover. I’m finally learning to deep throat! By now her panties were soaked with her juices and she ached to reach down and tickle her clit until she came. She didn’t, however, knowing it was forbidden until Master gave her permission. She knew how displeased he was at finding out about her infidelity and hoped she would be able to please him enough this evening for him to allow her at least one orgasm!

She lost count of the cocks she sucked. Some were rough, fucking her mouth mercilessly, others were passive, demanding she do all the work and giving them an orgasm. One slapped her face over and over with his cock as he came, spurting the gooey juice into her hair then using her long locks like a rag to clean the last of his juice off his cock and hand. She was never quite sure which of the cocks she sucked was her Master’s and this surprised her. She always thought she could easily pick his out of a crowd. “That’s all of them, Bitch. It’s not enough but for now you have enough jism on you to look like the cum slut you really are!”

It was true. She could only imagine how she looked, with cum dripping down her chin, neck and onto her breasts. She knew her hair was matted with it, wet, sticky tendrils clinging to her neck and shoulders. Cum was all she could smell, her upper lip covered and dripping. She was becoming used to the taste, having had at least a half dozen men shoot their first shot onto her tongue, seemingly taking great delight in not warning her of what was to come.

“Stop smiling, cunt! You think you’re through? Get busy and find another cock to suck! I want every dick in the room hard and ready for round two right now!"” She frantically started crawling again, searching for a cock to swallow. Cock after cock, she sucked them to hardness once again, using every skill she ever acquired with her tongue and her fingers to engorge every dick she found.

“Ok, who’s ready to fuck her?” her Master asked. “I want to go first!” said one voice. “She can still suck while she’s fucked, get her on the bed!” said another. She felt the sharp tug of the leash, pulling her across the floor. Stumbling, she tried to get up, only to hear her Master growl, “Stay on your hands and knees, bitch! Crawl faster!” She scrambled to obey, following the pull of the collar. Rough hands lifted her to the bed then she felt ropes circling her ankles and wrists. Her arms were extended above her head, ropes secured, then her legs were brutally jerked apart and secured, all the while hands were squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, rubbing her mound, fingering her pussy and asshole. Suddenly, she heard lace ripping as her panties were torn from her body. The fabric jerked painfully between her asscheeks as they tugged and pulled. The pain quickly subsided as the delicate lace gave way and ripped to shreds. She felt the weight of the bed shift as one seemed to be kneeling between her spread thighs. “Shove a pillow under her ass!” and with that, hands dug into her soft bottom, lifting her off the bed as a pillow was crammed underneath her.

Before she had time to assimilate, she felt a large cock ram into her vagina. She was grateful for the long session of cock-sucking as it had left her wet and slippery. Even with that lubrication, she thought she’d split in half as he pounded his meat to the hilt again and again and again. He was grunting and muttering “Give up that pussy! Give it to me! I know you want it!” Others chimed in with “Fuck her!” “Ram that cunt!” “Give it to her good!” “You know she wants it, cheating bitch!”

Hands were all over her body, squeezing, pinching, rubbing, along with cocks on her titties, rubbing her face, all vying for attention from her mouth. She frantically turned her head back and forth, trying to lick and suck all the hard cocks poking her face. The man laboring over her stiffened, then growled “Take this, slut, take my cum!” as his final thrusts released a stream of man-juice into her pussy. No sooner had he pulled out then another took his place. She could feel the first load of cum squishing out of her cunt, running down the crack of her ass, as he rammed his cock deep inside her. This cock felt even longer than the first and she thought to herself, I can’t take it, I can’t take that length!”

But take it she did, distracted from the pleasure/pain she was feeling by the many cocks still demanding attention from her mouth. She could taste the cum that still coated her face as they rubbed their dicks in it then shoved the cum-coated dicks into her mouth. She was beyond the usual distaste she had for jism, in a zone where licking, sucking and swallowing were natural reflexes to the demanding dicks. The second man came what felt like buckets of hot juice into her vagina and oddly she wondered How can he have that much left? I thought all the cum in the room was on my face…

The next dick to take over was smaller, slimmer than the others, and her stretched out pussy seemed cavernous to him. “Untie her ankles!” he demanded. After that was done, he lifted her legs up over his shoulders, pulled his cock out of her slack pussy, and paused. She didn’t have long to wonder what he was doing as it became obvious he’d been coating his dick with slick lubricant before positioning it at the portal of her bottom. She tensed at the intrusion and received a sharp slap on her exposed ass as he barked “Relax! I’m going to fuck your ass whether you like it or not! Now relax that ass or I’ll find a bigger dick to open it up for me first!”

Desperately she tried to relax her sphincter and in the next instant, felt his cock slide past that tight ring. Her master had taken her ass many times before but was always gentle, stopping to allow her to become accustomed to his invasion. Not this man, however, he rammed his dick balls deep into her ass, grunting with satisfaction. “That’s better! Nice, tight ass, aaahhhhh! Uumph uumph uumph!” he groaned as he pounded her mercilessly. Strangely enough, despite this unwanted assault, she felt more blood rushing to her nether region, her labia engorging even more as her arousal grew. Her juices ran, mingling with the cum exiting her pussy, dripping down onto his pistoning shaft. She always knew she enjoyed gentle anal stimulation but had never imagined it bringing her so close to orgasm, particularly when being brutally raped like this. She moaned and writhed as she continued sucking whatever cock presented itself to her mouth, finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the painfully pleasurable invasion of her ass.

She felt his cock swell as he stiffened, squeezing her thighs painfully as he rammed his cock in even further, and she felt the hot spurts of cum as they rocketed deep into her ass. “Unh uhn uhn! Feel that hot cum, bitch! Umph! You love being ass fucked, don’t you!” As his dick shrank, it slid from her ass, followed by a trail of cum. She felt it dribbling out her ass, both relieved and dismayed by the emptiness she felt. She was ashamed of her enjoyment of it, realizing she really was a cum slut if she welcomed the rape of her ass.

She was given no time to ponder this as he moved and was replaced by another cock, anxious to get a taste of her now gaping ass. She felt a large mushroom head poking, prodding, then popping past her asshole, into her ass. Again, she was momentarily grateful that her Master had provided lube for them to use before fucking her bottom. Though shorter than the last cock, the large head had hurt going in, while also arousing her even more. He seemed to enjoy popping it out then in, then out again, then in again, holding her ankles high enough to lift her ass off the bed. He must have been watching the action.

“Look at this! Her pussy is still dripping and not just with our cum either! That pussy is wide open, begging for a cock! She likes being ass fucked!” POP! In. POP! Out again. “Try this” she heard her Master say then felt a large egg being inserted into her vagina. It had a cord attached which obviously connected to the vibrating control because the egg started buzzing wildly in her pussy. She squealed as she felt it, and the cock in her ass stopped popping and started pounding mightily. “Oh shit! Turn that thing off! It’s making her ass vibrate and making me cum!” Even though the vibrations stopped, he continued hammering into her, spreading her legs and therefore her cheeks as far apart to push as deeply as he could. “Too late!” he ground out. “Uhhhh, unhhhh, unhhh, AAAAHHHHHHH!” he shouted as he finished filling her ass with hot man juice.

His shriveling member popped out for the last time and another man took his place. “What happens if you put that in her ass?” he asked. “Let’s find out!” “Wait, try this instead.” She heard her Master say. The egg was pulled free of her gushing cunt and something else was pressed against her bung hole. It was cold and lubed and slid in and filled her as much as any cock had so far. A butt plug! “Turn the end of it, it vibrates.” and the vibrations racked her from deep within her ass. She felt a thick, shorter dick at the entrance to her cunt then it was shoved balls deep into her. “Mmmmmm, aaahhhh, fuckkkk! That feels GOOOODDDD!” he said, as he rammed his dick into her over and over and over. She thought she could cum from the feeling of a vibrating ass and his fat dick rubbing her G spot so effectively, but couldn’t concentrate on any single sensation thanks to the neverending line of cocks rubbing her face, each seeking entry into her warm mouth.

The fat dick kept pumping away, and she felt the bed give when a man straddled her chest. She expected another cock to be thrust against her chin but was surprised when she felt it between her breasts. She quickly realized he was facing away from her which was confirmed when she heard him say, “lick that ass, bitch! I’ll bet you know how to lick ass real good…” Sure enough, she felt his butt back up to her face, all but sitting on her so she stuck her tongue out, reaching for what she couldn’t see. “Aaaahhhhhh” he sighed, as she met his asshole with her tongue. “Rim it, bitch! Shove your tongue right up my ass!” She licked and poked and lapped as best she could from her prone position. He helped by dropping closer to her, his bulk all but smothering her. “Lick his ass! Let us see you lick his ass!” she heard others chanting.

She could feel his hand, stroking his dick as she rimmed him. Suddenly she felt him spurting his hot jism onto her tits and stomach as his asshole seemed to suck the end of her tongue inside. “Aaahhhh aaahhhhh uunnnhhhhh! Shit! That’s good!” he bit out, as the last of his load dribbled onto her nipples. He smacked his softening cock against her hard nipples, giving them a pinch before moving off her. “Let me try that! Never had my asshole licked before!” another one said. Quickly he climbed aboard her and the hair on his ass tickled her nose as she licked and stroked him with her tongue. “Fuck! You’re right! She’s fucking great at that!” he grunted. He moaned and moved his ass in a fucking motion as she poked her stiff tongue into the tight opening like a tiny dick. She felt his hard cock bobbing against her chest as he moved, and imagined the precum stretching strings between the head and her breasts. He finally moved away from her probing tongue to stroke his dick on her cum-covered chest. Before he finished, the cock in her pussy convulsed and shot another wad deep into her. The man fucking her tits swung around and replaced the cock that just left her cunt.

She lost track of time. It seemed as if every cock in the room fucked her pussy, her ass and her mouth at least twice. More and more men sat on her face, presenting their hairy assholes for her probing tongue. When her ass was being fucked, the sitting men would finger fuck her pussy, and it sometimes felt like two or three different hands as the fingers poked, frigged, and explored her dripping cunt. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk out but she knew she’d crawl and be happy about it when they were done. She had yet to have an orgasm but she’d gotten the fucking of her life. She mourned the fact that she was unable to cum from fucking alone. How did other women do that? Nonetheless, she was having the time of her life, enjoying the freedom of being “forced” to submit to all the depravities they thrust onto her, things she secretly fantasized about but had never thought she would enjoy in reality, had never had the courage to voice aloud. It was the gang-bang style rape of her deepest, darkest fantasies and, as she trusted her Master to keep her safe from any real harm or injury, she allowed herself to enjoy the fulfillment without fear or regret.

As the last cock left her body, she heard the sounds of men showering and using the water from the sink to clean the cum from themselves. She then felt the restraints removed from her wrists. She lay there, exhausted and sore, wishing for just one good orgasm. She heard the sound of the camera lens clicking, knowing her Master was collecting photo evidence of her cum-covered body. “Clean yourself up!” he ordered, as he threw her a hand towel. It was inadequate for her needs but she did as best she could, wiping the drying cum from her face and neck, tits, belly and thighs. There wasn’t anything she could do about her hair, it was tangled and matted with cum. She longed to remove her mask and go to the lavatory to properly wash up, but knew her Master would object to her doing so without his permission. Besides, from the sound of things, the bathroom was full, all the towels and wash cloths likely used by the men as they prepared to dress. She worked at cleaning herself, and heard them talking, dressing and thanking her Master over and over for fulfilling the fantasy of a lifetime, then eventually leaving, one by one. She’d listened but didn’t try to discern the voices, knowing that she’d likely never find out who was there, who had reaped the reward of the rape of her person in the name of punishment. After they were gone, her Master told her to take off her mask, they were going home. She wondered what she would wear, she was naked and her clothes were in tatters. He solved her dilemma by handing her a light raincoat. She pulled it on, tied the belt and followed him out of the room.

On the drive home, she was thinking back over the evening. She knew her Master had set up the gang rape as punishment for her playing without permission. She thought, however, the punishment was not nearly as severe as he had intended. Even though she never got to cum, she had been fucked thoroughly, she could still feel cum leaking from her pussy and ass, had sucked everyone in the room at least twice, and overall enjoyed the evening tremendously. She thought to herself, when I shower, I’ll quietly get myself off to ease the tightness in my loins. I’ll let him think I’ve suffered through his harshness but she secretly considered letting him “catch” her again so she could have another night of debauchery! She enjoyed her secret lover, and thought about meeting him soon to claim all the orgasms she missed out on tonight. She knew he was no longer a “secret” but figured her Master would never suspect she would contact him again.

He was such a gentle lover, her pet. So eager to please, so submissive to her every demand. He had often begged her to sit on his face, and only came when she allowed it, always licking up the gooey mess he made. She closed her eyes and imagined him licking all the sticky cum from her body, sucking it from her dripping pussy, massaging her tired and sore muscles. Tomorrow, she decided. I’ll get up early and arrange to meet him tomorrow!

When they got home, she headed to the shower to clean up and get ready for bed. “One more thing, pet. I want you to download all the pictures I took this evening. I think you should see my cum slut in action.” She was surprised, she’d assumed she wouldn’t get to see these shots, since she was rarely allowed to know who the players were in their little “scenes”. She’d heard the camera shutter clicking away from time to time during the evening, noticed the flash, but hadn’t thought too much about it. Reluctantly she headed to the computer and inserted the disk. She was curious about who’d been there but exhausted and sticky, longing for a shower and bed. She copied the files and was about to close them when her Master spoke again, “Look at them. I want you to look carefully at each and every one of them and decide if the punishment was severe enough.”

Curious, she did as she was told, carefully reviewing each and every shot. She paid little attention to the faces of the men, rather concentrating on her own actions, remembering the sucking and licking, her pussy responding again at seeing the stills of cum dripping from her lips and hair. She wanted to hurry, so she could get in the shower not only to clean up but to get off. Her fingers were itching to rub her clit until the long awaited climax overtook her. Then there were the shots of her getting tied to the bed, being fucked. Now she looked at the men. Yes, she knew of the first that fucked her, the second, however, was less familiar. Wait! Who was that third one? The first one to fuck her in the ass? Oh my God! She thought. It was him!

The man who had so brutally fucked her ass, showing no mercy, roughly handling her, talking to her like she was the lowest slut…it was her lover! Her secret lover; the man she’d thought so gentle and submissive, so caring. The man she’d planned to seek out tomorrow to soothe her tired muscles and sagging ego. He’d gone from gentle lover to brutal Dom in a single day.

As tears welled in her eyes she realized, she’d lost him; she’d lost the sweet, gentle man she’d so carefully cultivated. Never again would he submit to her, rather he had become one of the “players” her Master used for his voyeuristic pleasures. She looked up at her Master, saw his small smile.

Now she understood the true depth of Master’s punishment.

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