Angels and Demons:1

Angels and Demons:1

There is a battle for the heart in me, a battle for my soul you see. For I am the last Instinct. Before even I was created their were my people. We were ancient beings who clawed our way out of the abyss that came before everything. We were the embodiment of pure primal instinct and soon the instinct of approval kicked in and we started to create things.the greatest amongst us created fifteen rocks of tremendous beauty and for a time my people lived on them. After a millennia though my people grew bored so all but one moved to a new existence.

My father was the creator of the third rock and the only one that chose to stay. His instinct was to create and create he did. On his rock he created the seas and shores, skies and mountains. For one hundred years he shaped his rock to please himself and he soon noticed things changing without his will. He had created life and now it was creating more of its own accord. It was such a thing of absolute beauty that he stopped meddling and let it develop without his interference.

It was then that everything went wrong. At the edge of his vision my father noticed a slow movement. With his eyes my father saw a war just beyond the fifteenth rock but paid it no heed. It was not his war and he wanted no part of it. Soon though the war destroyed the fifteenth rock then the fourteenth and thirteenth rocks as well. My father was a wise man and saw this war heading to his beloved third rock but he could not watch such a thing of beauty be destroyed so before he went to the warriors he reached into the abbyss and pulled me out. He lay me into his rock and put me to slumber. Off he went to wait for the war at the twelfth rock. When the war came he saw the makers of this war, a woman who shed light on one side surrounded by five hundred thousand warriors, and on the other side he saw a man who bore the light with five hundred thousand warriors of his own. My father called apon the ones who would make such an ugly thing as war and on the twelfth rock they spoke. The woman came first and approached my father saying "I am God and I come asking why you have called to me". As she finished the man appeared and spoke, "I am Lucifer and I come with the same question. Who are you and why have you interfered in our business". "I am Instinct and your business knocks on my door. Your war breaks these rocks underfoot and draws nearer to my home. Leave or regret it". At the same moment they both answered "no". This war is a foolish thing and I will not suffer it. I offer peace for the second and last time." This time however they did not answer with words... They attacked and in his rage my father accidentally destroyed the twelfth rock himself. The fool's got their fighters and started trying to break my father but for five millennia he held them off slowly getting pushed back until the eleventh and tenth rocks joined the other four in oblivion. Soon after the tenth was gone the warriors swarmed him like a mountain of ants. They got what they wanted but they regretted it. With my father's last breath he closed the abbyss with an orb of great fire and used the rest of his essence to end this disgusting war. The only ones to survive his last breath were the cowards who never set foot into battle, Lucifer and God. But with my father's last breath his hope was destroyed for apon it they heard whispers of his home, this third rock, and of his creation of life apon it. Seeing this awe inspiring thing they came to an uneasy truce; they would let this life finish their war,they could only whisper and try to guide it to their side.

Five thousand millennia later I stirred from my slumber and as I woke I felt. I felt the life around me breathing and moving. Thriving. I was curious about the outcome my father's musings had created so I opened my eyes to see and from the center of this rock I saw all. What I saw will be with me for all eternity and beyond. I opened my eyes to see this life my father died for and instantly understood why my father would sacrifice himself for such a thing. The beauty of all I saw was fantastic from waterfalls and seas to the mountains and volcanos and even the sky. But the beauty of one thing did shock me. The life that my father created was far more evolved but all the more beautiful the way it shone with vigor and purpose was simply breath taking (if I breathed that is). It was then that I decided to become a part of this life so for another one thousand years I studied it. I learned that the dominant species called themselves human and they even created something called time. In all life I saw the shine of my people as well. Each and every thing on this rock had instinct and they all understood it. I watched silently as life walked through dark times and nearly broke my love for it but every time I was on the verge of destroying this life because of what it had become the shine returned and rekindled my love for it. I resolved to test this life and with that resolve I broke a piece of myself off to form a human fetus. I took from this fetus all of my memories and set him within the womb of a woman in a place called Texas. There I left him to live like a human choosing to go back into slumber and watch his life unfold.

Chapters one and two are just prequels to the rest of the story so you don't get confused when the rest of the story gets complicated. Hope you enjoy and leave plenty of comments but if they are stupid I will delete them. I.E. horny 17 year old dude with a 6 inch Dick hit me up.
Or Horny little 14 year old girl looking for some loving so text me.

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