Victorious part 4

Victorious part 4

“Come to my office.”

Victor hung up the phone and got up. By now, the office had emptied of most people. Carmine had even left at six. Walking into his boss’s office he saw Meredith sitting back in her chair behind her desk.

She brought her hands up and arched her fingers. Victor steeled himself for her end run on the marriage proposal. “What will our schedule be like next week Victor?”

“One call on Monday for out in Leethon. It’s a hospital looking at upgrading from Dellis 9’s. On Thursday and Friday two meetings in Wendlewood just up the street.”

“Change the Friday to Thursday or Wednesday. I have my mother coming into town.”

“I see.”

Meredith walked around the desk and leaned back on it reaching for him. “Come, Victor.” He walked over grabbing a hand. She pulled him intimately close face to face so he was pressed against her breasts. Her cool minty breath and her Chanel wafted up dueling lightly.

With the heavy eyeshadow she wore her yellow eyes seemed especially bright as she stared into him. “Have you thought on my offer recently? I am very curious if any questions came up during your decision.”

“Did you tell your mother?” He asked dryly.

She blinked. “My offer Victor.” She leaned in to bite his nose.

He pulled his head back blowing her wavy black hair from his mouth. “Not yet Meredith.” He eased her back and looked at her. Her yellow hazel eyes shone wetly and contrasted with her deep bronzed olive tan. “Have you told your mother?” He asked again plainly.

Her foster parents were childless Israeli’s who had meticulously taught her everything they knew, and were the reason the emotionless sociopath wasn’t on a F.B.I. case list by now.

Meredith paused holding his gazed before answering. Behind him, her hand strayed from his back to his ass. “She knows I considered marriage. She has wanted children from me for some time now. She knows you, and despite being a Gentile, you are… okay. She feels if you have to be the one, then she won’t argue anymore. As long as quotas are fulfilled she will agree.”

Victor chuckled, her parents actively tried converting him over the holidays every year. “Well isn’t that sexy. I don’t suppose there is a nice Jewish man out there for you.”

She tried to bite him again. “No.” She went in for a kiss and caught his lips. “You are best.”

She sat up further on the desk and leaned in and kissing him again. Her hand snaked down releasing his hardening length. With a practiced technique, she pulled him straight, and slid him along the inside of her thighs.

His cock nudged on something smooth, warm, fleshy, and wet. “Wwwhat are you doing?” Sitting as she was he didn’t remember she wasn’t wearing panties.

She eased over onto him hopping of the desk onto his cock. She held herself on his shoulder and around his neck while her thick muscular legs slid down on either side of him. The move surprised him as his cock moved up into her, her hole grasped and clutch at him. Finally, their hips met in the awkward standing position. She took a long deep breath as her pussy pulsed around him. He could feel she was very close already. “Thank you for accepting my offer. I feel you will be most pleased with our decision. We offer excellent service.”

Meredith thought she closed the deal.

“Listen…” He protested as she started humping against him. They both struggled as she bounced onto him and he tried getting a hold of her. “Listen.” He said stopping her body as her hips still spun. “You’re doing it wrong.”

Victor eased back and spun her around. His cock glistened and he was shocked she had come on him already somehow. He moved in quickly, spun her around, bent her happy butt over, exposed her huge rounded buns, and buggered her before she could stop him.

“No. We should have a child. I was told--” Meredith pleaded sounding despondent while struggling with him trying to turn back, but he stood on the outside of her legs and trapped her in.

Victor pushed lower over onto her pushing down her head, and continuing to slide in deeper. “Shut your mouth. I’ll give you one when I’m good and ready.” He built up speed in her thick ass and started fucking her faster in a ruthless rhythm that sent shock-waves along the exposed flesh.

As he pushed up into her ass, Meredith protested and she tried to get out from under him. Her movements helped him quickly climax from the earlier teasing with Carmine.

After catching his breath, he tried to lay down the law. “This weekend I’m going to think about your offer. I gotta take time to consider it fully. I know we’ve been together awhile but questions like do I move in-”

“Yes.” She interjected.

“…Or money? Or insurance? Do you keep that? How many children? Do our dogs like each other?”

Meredith froze as she tried to follow his juggling questions.

Victor continued. “We have lots to think about don’t we?”

“Yes.” She said slowly.

Getting home as usual was a quiet affair. He lived in apartment complex of nice duplexes for young professionals and young families since he had a dog. His weekend was slow and uneventful.

By Sunday morning, Victor was up late but took Simon his blondish red Australian Heeler out for a run. On his way back, he got the paper.

“Hey you! What you doing?” Taris said catching Victor walking Simon through the parking lot.

Taris was a leggy dark blond with an orange tan. Today she wore a tank top and tiny gym shorts that showed just how long her legs were.

She came up and latched onto Simon the mack. “Just got the paper. I’m gonna see what Dan Henninger and Steve Forbes think of the world.”

Victor eyed down her tank top. Taris was a decent hand full but she had a real fine ass and today her shorts were making her famous.

She looked up distracted. “Who?”

Victor waved the WSJ at her. “The paper. I’m going to read the paper.”

She tilted her head at him. “Oh... Sounds boring.”

Victor leaned back so he didn’t look like a perv. “Ya know the Chinese have an old curse ‘May you live in interesting times’.”

He watched her take a half second to consider it before dismissing what he said. “Huh, well when you’re done why don’t you come over? I need you help with something.”

Victor sighed. Taris was a pretty girl who badly needed a boyfriend, and considered him the nice guy fill-in. His own morals kept him from charging the gat and converting over into a full relationship. So as usual, she taking advantage of the confusion and was roping him into volunteer work.

She noted his dubious expression. “Don’t worry it’ll only take a few minutes. We can drink wine and I’ll order a pizza.” She said standing.

“It’s…Okay how about at four?”

She displayed what appeared to be perfectly fine nails to him. “No, I gotta go out for an appointment.”

Victor missed the neurotic needs of women sometimes and Taris was always good for waking him up. “Okay, eight?”

She looked at him suspiciously. “Why so late?”

Victor shrugged. “What’s a good time Taris?”

“Umm, around two. I guess I could make it a late lunch and order something.”

Meredith, unlike Taris of the delivery diet, is an excellent cook.

“Okay Taris, sounds great.” Victor said turning.

“You won’t forget?” She called.

She couldn’t see his smile. “No, don’t worry.”

“Great I’ll order something good I promise.”

By two, Victor had gotten through with everything and brought out his clothes for his Monday sales call. Reading the Sunday local and WSJ, he learned about the silly shit the people in government did to keep busy while the real problems grew.

Oddly, Simon alerted him to the time and he walked over to see what Taris needed done.

Taris answered the door on the first knock despite her blaring radio. Inside bags from carryout sat on the table.

“So we can eat first what do you think?”

“Sure...” Victor said walking in.

The burritos she got tried to be good despite being vegan. Victor wondered at why she got them at ten bucks a piece.

“Well that was great…” Victor said looking around for something else to eat.

Thinking he was ready to work she hopped up. “Right! Well I wanted you to check out the sink here.” She led him over. “I cleared it out under there already. I changed the filter but nothing comes out now. See?” She said turning on the water.

“Okay give me a minute.” Victor got in and took a look.

A minute turned into fifteen as he tried to unscrew and re-screw the filter someone with amazing flexibility jammed in.

During a commercial, Taris wandered into the kitchen. “So, Rorsiac is playing at the Metreon next weekend. Wanna go and hit the bar after?”

“Uh… I can’t actually, and I can’t really hang out anymore either.” Victor said pausing to look at her.


“A girl I’m seeing decided she wants to be exclusive now so…” Victor trailed off.

Taris got serious and kinda scary as she moved to stand over him. “What? I mean what do you mean she decided?”

“Well she was someone I’ve known for a while and I guess it became should I leave, or make it more than what we had.”

She paused guessing the hidden meaning. “So you just fucked her,” She said with hands on hips. “…And wanted to leave, now SHE wants you…for herself.”

“Ya, I guess...” Victor muttered surprised at her intuitive grasp on his life.

“So another woman…I’m glad you’re not gay.” She smiled wryly looking off unseeing. “I was wondering why you moved so slowly. It was like you only flirted when you were bored, or drunk.”

“I prefer to take things as they come.”

She walked up next to him and squatted down to get down to his level. “So do I. I can’t say I’m too pleased.” She stared at him. “Men usually cheat for a girl like me.”

“Right…” Victor said slowly wondering what the hell she was doing. His more aware cock was waking up to the innuendos flying around.

“Not that I think you would…” She added thoughtfully. “But… that’s the part I like.” She laid a hand out on Victor’s thigh contemplating. “In fact I’m almost curious who could have you over me. I could do you much better you know.”

When her fingers started to wander, Victor shuffled down to get out from under the sink but froze when her hand just slid up along his thigh over him as he squirmed out. “Come on let me…”

Taris moved slowly like in a dream and brought her other hand over for his zipper. “No, just let me. While you’re here, just pretend you’re a plumber dude.” She said. “Let’s have a fantasy.”

His traitorous cock defected from his pants with her support. Once airborne and free his balls also appealed for amnesty.

Taris was like a child tugging and playing with her new friends, learning their secrets. “This is huge. This is like the biggest. Why didn’t you ever..?” She looked at him with hurt showing.

Victor sighed and gave her the ‘I feel your pain’ look that men get real good at when a woman has their balls. “Look. It’s not that I don’t like you. It’s just that I take a while to get off. So, I really don’t just whip it out, or get too pushy about it unless I got the time. Besides, girls get sore sometimes before I’m done, some are too small to fit, one little Asian girl cried and refused, and because of likely complications I don’t really let women into my circle of intimacy very often okay?”

Taris got a determined look and dropped her face onto him and found out first hand he was more than a mouthful. “It’s like a coke can.”

“Ya, it’s deceptively big, I guess because it’s flatter. I sometimes forget how big it is.”

“I can do it. If she can I can.” She said and tried again with only a little more luck.

Victor let her continue pitifully like a cat trying to take a horse, until she finally backed off.

“Well I guess you gotta have practice or something. Don’t worry about it.” He said moving to put it away. Taris’ performance was sadly par for the course.

“That must suck to not be guaranteed a good fuck. I was always jealous about that with guys, they always get off.”

“Ya, I guess it changed my outlook on sex too. I’m not always out trying to get my dick wet since it’s rare on the first night without lots of preparation.” Victor said closing up his pants. “I became more selective because sex was a process instead of an event.”

Taris stopped him as he wriggled and tried to get out. “Wait.” She stood and pulled down her shorts. “I can do this.”

Her pussy was bald and from below he could see how much ass cheeks hung out from behind her.

“Not unless you have sex frequently.” Victor watched her straddle him. “You know it takes two nights in a row to open a girl up…you see it’s like a chair it won’t fit.” His cock could only nudge her hole. Parts like the corner, or sides of the tip went in, but not the whole thing. “Don’t bounce.” He said before she hurt them both.

She looked desperate. “I can’t tell people I let a good guy get away cause his cock was too big.”

Victor smiled. “You don’t have too.”

“The girls… at work… already… know about you, stud.” Taris popped him in and froze. “Oh shit.”

Victor watched her. Her pussy wasn’t wet enough but it was starting to relax. “Yes, it gets better the more you move.”

She looked down at him scared. “I don’t think I can.”

Victor shrugged. “Allow me.”

Victor slid back further in the kitchen as she crab-walked over him, then he sat up pulled her legs up, and started to roll them over.

With her legs on his shoulders, he slowly thrust into her. Like magic, her body opened up and stretched under his weight. “You’re not going to…Slow down.” Taris protested. “Slaa..Naaa…” She came as her body went into crisis mode.

After only a few thrusts, and a few inches gained, she tried to stop him after having came twice. “I’m sorry but please don’t. Oh god! You’re gonna kill me.”

“They all say that.”

Taris fidgeted in a panic. “No I mean…Aaaarugh aaaaahhh.” She came loudly as her pussy tried to squeeze him. “Damn it, just stop. Please, please, I already came already.” She pleaded.

Victor knew what he was doing as he broke her in. His strokes were one long six short, and under him, Taris’ helpless pussy gushed numerous times with seemingly every stroke as she gibbered and clutched onto him.

Finally, the last stroke touched her hips to his, long after her cervix had been nudged aside.

Victor looked down at the helpless quivering creature below him as it twitched and shivered in sweat. “Now, I think you’re done.” He said pulling out of her. It was a waste, but she couldn’t have lasted with him to the grand finale.

“Aarraahh?” she gargled as he pulled off of her.

“Just rest and you’ll be back to what men expect in a week I think.” He said looking down at her. Victor checked her faucet quickly before leaving. “Oh ya, your sink works.”

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