Being owned - Part 13

Being owned - Part 13

With a sigh, I leant back. My legs were trembling, sweat was cooling on my skin. I felt his body under and behind me. Slowly it dawned on me, that this had been the first time, he had fucked me without changing his shape. And I still didn't know his name.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. “What would you like to do?” “Um?” the question took me by surprise.

“I would suggest a shower, but after that, what would you like to do today?”

Looking down on my dirty legs, I smiled. “Don't know, there's not much I can do.” I laughed. “Except watching a movie, read or getting fucked.”

“True,” he laughed as well. “And what do you prefer?”

“Maybe a movie,” I shrugged. Through this movement his cock slid from my cunt. That seemed about right, a shower, curl up on the sofa and watch a movie. Just another lazy day.

But I didn't get up. For the moment I was comfortable, sitting on my owner's lap, feeling him near me. I even felt his slow, steady heartbeat, his breathing.

The kitchen-door opened, and I startled, jumped from his lap. It was the young man, who had approached me with the deal. Even if I had only been here for about five month, it felt like a lifetime ago.

“Sorry, I'll come back, when you have finished.” The young man turned to back away, but my owner raised a hand. “I believe we are. Could you show her the special bathroom, I'll be there as well, I won't need you after this, or maybe, this evening. I'll let you know.”

The young man nodded and held the door open for me.

I followed him, still avoiding his gaze. He had seen me naked before, even pissing on the lawn, and I was sure, he knew what was going on, but I couldn't bear to look in his face. Silently he walked me into another part of the large house. I noticed that the doors had no handles and the floor was mostly bare.

“This part of the house is used by the dogs as well”, he explained. “Werewolves can use handles, dogs only if they are trained, so he opted for swinging doors instead. Even though they prefer to go outside, sometimes you will find them here.”

“Have you been here long?” I blurted out. Now, that I was able to think straight again, my curiosity was back.

“Oh, just four or five years, give or take.” He shrugged. “The job ain't too bad, the pay is great and makes up for the occasional inconvenience.” I nodded. “Have you...”, I hesitated but he answered, nonetheless. “I've seen other women here, brought them here in fact.” Abruptly stopping and turning around he looked at me. “Listen, don't be ashamed or afraid or whatever. I don't care that you are naked and freshly fucked. It's part of my job not to care about these things. I run the estate, do some housekeeping, get some women and that's it. I would consider enjoying it as a bonus, if I were you. And you're off the streets for now, get fed and cared for.”

Feeling myself blushing at his words I looked down on his feet. In a way he was right. I had gotten my part of the deal, kept my part. And it could have been worse. I was really enjoying it, at least sometimes.

“Come on.” He opened a door and led me into a huge bathroom. “I am afraid we have only dog shampoo here, but you can use it as well.” He smiled. “It gives your hair a lovely shine.”

Now I laughed. “I will give it a try.”

The room was really big, bigger than the other bathrooms I had seen. One corner held a hose and a drain, next to it was a shower and in the other corner there seemed to be a whirlpool.

“This room is fitted for dog grooming. You just start in that corner for the worst bits.” I nodded again. “Do you have a brush somewhere?”

He crossed the room and opened a large built in cupboard. Brushes on the top shelf, bottles and tubes on the one below, towels on the others. “Thank you.” I ***********ed a brush that seemed to be able to deal with the mess my hair was in and started to untangle it.

The young man smiled, nodded and left me.

It took a long time to untangle my hair. More than once I swore under my breath when I was struggling with a really bad strand.

Finally, I had managed it and put the brush back. All of the bottles contained dog shampoo. I sniffed at most of them, settled on one of them and smiled. Then I looked once more over the shelves. No razor, at least none suitable for my purpose. The dog trimmer would not do. Shrugging I went over to the hose, turned on the water.

It wouldn't get any hotter than lukewarm, but it softened and eventually cleaned the dried mud from my body. I directed the water all over my body and stopped only, when the water ran clear into the drain.

Ready for a real shower I took the shampoo. No soap either. Didn't he use soap or so? Thinking back, I could not remember him smelling of anything I recognized. Oh well, at least I could wash my hair.

The door opened again. My owner came in. “Keith was surprised. You are the first one, not swearing at him.”

I laughed softly, swallowed water and coughed. Turning away I tried to collect myself. “I could have asked more questions, regarding the deal. He did nothing wrong.”

He turned on the hose, started to clean himself. “Why are you so... so... rational?”

I did not reply at first, shampooed my hair and cleaned it thoroughly. After rinsing it I had my answer. “What else can I do? I made a deal;I have to live with it. There is no point in blaming someone else. And there's nothing I can do anyway. As you said, if I refuse, you'd take me by force.”

I couldn't bring myself to use the word 'rape' even though that would be the correct term. “And Keith said, I should take it as a holiday, basically. No sleeping rough, no going hungry and getting laid as a bonus.”

The distinct smell of wet dog reached my nose and I smiled. Maybe that was the reason, why he didn't use soap. Stepping away from the shower, I squeezed some excess water from my hair.

“What shampoo do you use?” I asked as I crossed over to the cupboard. He told me and I brought it over to him, as he stepped over to the shower.

“Thanks.” I grinned. “Well trained human, knows many commands, available for a good home.”

Now he laughed, held my hand as I handed him the bottle. “How well trained?” “Try and find out”, I teased him.

The last 24 hours had changed me. Right now, I felt safe, even flirty. After being scared, hunted by nightmares and unable to sleep. Rational? Not at all.

Grinning a wolfish grin, he pointed to the floor. “Sit.” It took me just a moment to decide. In a fluent movement I went down on my knees, legs slightly apart, and looked up at him. “Good girl”, he smiled down at me and started to shower. “Stay.”

Relaxed I stayed on the floor, watched him shower. He used the shampoo all over his body, taking his time and I followed his movements with my eyes. Just like a good dog. I grinned again.

My owner turned off the shower, shook himself just like a dog. Lowering my head to avoid the droplets my grin widened. Now he behaved just like a dog.

I heard his soft steps, turned my head and wanted to get up to follow him, but he raised his hand. “Stay.” So, I stayed, watched him dry himself with a big towel. He reached for a new one and came back to me. I held out my hand, but he shook his head.

Ever so gently he started to dry my wet skin. The towel was fluffy, his grip gentle but firm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the treatment. When he was finished he patted my flank. “Come on.”

Just for the fun of it I stayed on my hands and knees as I followed him from the bathroom.

He smiled down at me again, but I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye. Two doors down from the bathroom he led me into a room, that lay in semi-darkness. I could make out the shapes of a big sofa and some armchairs, felt the soft, thick carpet under my fingers.

He sat down on the sofa and reached for a remote, flicked on the big flat screen telly on the opposite wall.

I remained on the floor, leaned against his leg and placed my chin on his thigh.

“Yes, I can see, that you are very well trained.” He petted my head, as he flicked through the options on the screen. After he had ***********ed a film, he patted next to him on the sofa. “In my house, dogs and humans are allowed on the sofa.” He grinned.

I got up, stretched my whole body before I sat down. After a moment's hesitation I pulled my legs up and curled up next to him, my head resting on his lap.

We watched the movie in silence, and the next one. His hand was resting on my shoulder. A feeling rose in me, which I could not name. Not paying much attention to the film I tried to explore it. I hadn't felt like that for a long time. When had been the last time? Back home, in my flat. My mate, Shaun, had been there, we had talked, ordered pizza and kicked the shit out of some other player team on my PS4. Happy. Not that short term high, but the deep feeling of happiness.

I laughed out loud. I just couldn't help it. Here I was, owned by a werewolf, knowing he would use me for breeding, but I was happy.

“Uh?” Shooting me a questioning glance he took his hand away. I shook my head. “Nothing.” I was content with just lying here, savouring this feeling and hoping to store it away for rainy days. He touched me again, his fingers brushed my neck.

His hand moved on, the fingers brushed my collarbone, further down to my left tit. They stopped at my nipple, he rolled it between thumb and index-finger. I moaned softly, closed my eyes.

“I want to fuck you.” There was no emotion in his voice, it was just a statement. “We should think of a command for that.”

I rose from his lap, careful not to lose contact with his fingers. “Just one word instead of five?” Smiling at him I got up. “How do you want me? On my knees? On the sofa, getting ready?”

He smiled back at me, rose as well. “Do you really need to?” With one swift movement he reached for me, turned me around. His hands moved over my body, spread my legs and without further ado he showed his fingers in my cunt. I gasped, more out of surprise. It didn't hurt at all, they slid in easily, felt good. “You are in heat”, he whispered in my ear. “You are wet.” Even though I had not noticed it, he was right.

“Please,” I murmured, “can you change?” Chuckling he withdrew his fingers and let go of me. “Sure.”

I turned around. His features were already changing, the fur grew. It was fascinating, watching a man turn into a man-wolf. Especially in the knowledge, that he would fuck you. My gaze trailed down to his cock. But I couldn't see it. It was still in its sheath, hidden in the thick black fur. A wave of disappointment hit me. To be fair, I couldn't remember if his human cock had been hard, I definitely hadn't felt it, while I was lying on his lap.

Transformation complete, he got down on all fours. There was no way mistaking him for a wolf or a dog. The proportions were wrong,

Sniffing audibly, he came to me, buried his muzzle in my crotch. After all the experience with him and his dogs, the first touch of the cold wet nose was something I just did not get used to. Involuntarily, I took a step back. He followed, urged me further back, directed me to the sofa. So, I sat down, spread my legs as wide as I could. His long tongue lashed over my pussy-lips, worked its way between them. I moaned. The difference between him and his dogs was, that he knew what he was doing to me. He knew all my sensitive spots, made me feel right now, like I had never felt before. Feeling light-headed I leaned my head back, moved my ass nearer to the edge. The licking stopped.

Just as I opened my mouth to protest, I felt his paws on my shoulder. His dick, now hard and ready, probed for the entrance of my cunt. I moaned as he slid inside me. Slowly he pushed himself deeper, buried his cock in me, paused and withdrew. And again, and again, painfully slow and deep, filling my wet cunt, stretching me, just on the brink of hurting me. I ran my hands through his fur, moaned softly. I felt the muscles in his back, the root of his tail, his firm ass. Lifting my feet of the ground I wrapped my legs around him. His tail gave me a nice resting point for them, and I pulled him close.

He growled. By now, I knew that this sound meant, that he liked it. I moaned, I liked it too. He was panting in my ear now, humping me faster. Not long now, I could feel it. He was close, I was feeling light-headed and great, but far away from an orgasm. His fur brushed my skin as he pulled me closer, trying to fuck me even deeper. Forcing his cock all the way in with each thrust, hurting me slightly, he growled again. I felt the knot begin to swell, pulled him closer. Panting he came, buried his muzzle in my long hair while he shot his hot load deep inside me. I groaned, as the knot sealed our connection. It had been good, but...

Without effort he wrapped his arms around me and got up. Careful he lowered us unto the ground, lay down on the floor and held me in his arms.

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