Kathy White Trash Whore (Part 12)

Kathy White Trash Whore (Part 12)

This little story is about as filthy as it is going to get for me. I know that some people will read it and be totally disgusted, but I really wish they wouldn't.
If you find shitting pissing and farting a turn on, or even somehow mildly amusing, then please read on and enjoy, but if you totally dislike the thought of anybody ingesting excrement for sexual pleasure, please go elsewhere.

Kathy and Ivan. (A seriously filthy scat story.)

Kathy finished her shift at the hospital at 10pm and was in the changing room when she checked her phone.
She had a message from Ivan, explaining that he and his wife were not on speaking terms and he was staying the night at the bike shop, if she fancied a little dirty fun.
Kathy was a little tired, but the thought of a little dirty fun aroused her libido, and she couldn’t resist the offer. Besides that, it was virtually on the way home anyway, so she texted back saying she would be there within half an hour.

The garage forecourt was in darkness when she pulled onto it, but she could see a light shining from the attic skylight.
She called him on her mobile phone, telling him she was outside, and a few moments later, the garage door opened slightly and she stepped inside.

Ivan was naked.
She took off her coat when they reached the office and Ivan slid his hand under her skirt, feeling her stocking tops before sliding a finger in her pantiless bum crack.
Ivan pushed his fingertip into her pooper as she took off her blouse and bra, but he had to remove it when she stepped out of her skirt. He sniffed it and licked it, and then offered it to her lips.
She took it into her mouth and tasted it and knew that they would be assured of more than a little dirty fun.

“Shall we go up to my boudoir?”

He motioned towards the ladder and Kathy began to climb.
She had reached the third rung, and her hands were gripping the top of the ladder when he stopped her.
She bent her knees slightly, and lowered her arse down on his face. She could feel a small movement in her bowels as his tongue found her hole and he pulled open her arse cheeks.
She grunted slightly as she pushed for him, and felt his tongue probe deeper inside her.

“Push for me baby……….push as hard as you can.”

Ivan was elated as he felt the spray of urine on his chest, and sucked harder at her dirtbox as she delivered a small tasty morsel to his hungry mouth.
He had to let go of one arse cheek to grab his cock, which was now as hard as iron and leaking pre-cum.
She took one hand off the ladder and pulled at the cheek his hand had just left, as she pushed again.
He felt her ring vibrate around his tongue, and heard the muffled sound, as a blast of wet wind blew from her shitter.
He savoured the moment then pushed both hands on her bum, encouraging her to climb up to the attic.
Ivan had put an inspection lamp on a tri-pod, and its beam illuminated the bed, that he had covered with a plastic sheet.
The plastic was surprisingly warm as she climbed onto it, and waited on all fours for Ivan to join her.

“Is this how you want me?”

“I’ll take you anyway you want, you filthy bitch. Just so long as I get that dirty arse.”

She spread her arms out in front of her; her face and tits resting on the plastic, and her bum pushed up higher.
Ivan roughly fingered her cunt; it squelched and gurgled as he worked four fingers into it.
She opened her legs as far as she could and began to orgasm as he formed a fist inside her.
She pushed hard against him as her juices flowed around his wrist.
She was lit up like a porn star in a movie shoot, and Ivan could see clearly, her dark stained and sweaty arse.
He watched as her dirty little pooper opened up and produced another wet and windy excretion, and then bent down to suck it.

“Stick your cock in my shithole baby………..do my dirty little whore arse.”

She felt his fist start to pull out of her pisser and quickly grabbed his wrist and held it still.
He had to lift his leg over his arm to enable him to put the swollen glans of his thick dick on her arsehole, but he managed to arrange himself so he could enter her poop filled chute; with his fist still up her twat.
He stopped momentarily when he heard Kathy’s muffled scream.

“Don’t stop you dirty fucker……ram it into me.”

He showed her no mercy, and pumped into her, covering his dick with her shit.
Her arsehole was so tight around his prick, with his fist in her cunt, that he feared he would cum too quickly. So ignoring her protests, he pulled both his cock and fist out of her.

“What the fuck are you doing you filthy cunt……..I want you to fill me.”

He slapped her bum and then turned her over, onto her back, and pushing her knees up to her shoulders, stuck two fingers in her shitty arse.
Her cunt was still gaping wide open as she started to piss.
A fountain of urine sprayed about four inches into the air before falling back onto her and running down her belly.
Ivan soon had his mouth over it, and as he drunk from her, he pulled his fingers out of her arsehole and stuck them into her open mouth.
She sucked at them greedily until her pee fountain subsided and then pushed as hard as she could.
Ivan lifted his head and watched as her arse opened and a slim and soft turd slowly eased out.
He caught it in the palm of his hand, and it coiled as it snaked out of her, and when her anus closed around it, to cut it off, he squelched it, and then rubbed it into her tits.
He pulled his fingers from her mouth and then guided his cock into her shithole as he massaged her breasts, covering them with poo.
He smoothed his filthy hands over her torso and then her face before collapsing on top of her, his dick still pumping her arse.
He wiped his hands over her face and she licked at his palms, and then she sucked at his fingers before they shared the dirtiest of kisses;
Swapping the shitty spittle between their mouths.

They had both reached the point of no return and craved even more filth.

Ivan pulled his prick out of her arse and straddled her waist, rubbing his poop covered pole between her tits.
Kathy squeezed her tits together, trapping his cock in her cleavage so that he could enjoy a tighter shitty titty fuck.
He pushed his cock all the way in, so that she could see his helmet, and then released a hard spray of piss over her face.
She opened her mouth to catch it, and Ivan moved up so that she could take it between her lips.

“Mmmmmm……..taste your shit, you filthy little cunt.”

He pushed harder and let go a dirty wet fart as she gagged on his pee, and then she felt his poo land on her stomach.
She put a hand on it and rolled it on her belly; it was a hard and quite thick lump and she picked it up without it breaking.
She brought it up to her face to examine it.
Ivan pulled his cock out of her mouth and shuffled back to shit out another smaller and softer turd that squished in between his bum crack and her smooth cunt mound.

Kathy licked at the hard piece of poo then sucked it as she put her other hand on Ivan’s slimy crap covered cock and wanked him.
Then she pulled it out of her mouth and held it up.

“Stick your shit up my cunt Ivan…………use it like a dildo.”

He took his poo from her and turned around to push it into her twat.
His filthy arse was right in front of her face, and she parted his crack with her fingers and a small piece of the shit dropped onto her neck.
She scooped some onto her fingertip and sucked it before leaning forward to tongue his bum crack.
Kathy had already lost count of her orgasms; they seemed almost continuous, but the shit that Ivan was furiously working in and out of her twat was disintegrating in her cunt juice, so he squished it in his hand and rubbed it into her thighs, covering the white flesh between her hips and stocking tops, and then tongued her clit.
They were both pushing hard to feed each other, pissing and farting as they licked and sucked on each others holes.

“Fuck Kathy….I’m not gonna last much longer……..I’m gonna blow my load.”

“Do my shitty arse Ivan…………..put your fat cock in my dirty bumhole and fuck me.”

He turned around and looked down at her as he pushed his cock against her shitter.

“You fucking filthy shit covered cunt…………..you are the dirtiest whore I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

Kathy licked her lips with her brown tongue, and then rubbed her hands over her stained body, from her bald mound and up around her tits, then she pushed them onto Ivan’s chest and smeared it over him.
He pushed hard into her, making her squeal with delight.

“Feed me your fucking dirty spunk you bastard.”

Ivan rammed his cock hard into her arse.

“Not in my arse you fucking shit………….in my filthy cunt mouth.”

He pumped even harder, feeling his cock tingling as he began to cum.
He straddled her and pulled her head towards him.
She took his shitty length into her throat, gagging on it as his muck spurted onto her tonsils.
She sucked hard on him as he filled her mouth with his seed, enjoying the poo and cum cocktail.
Finally he pulled his cock out of her and watched as she swallowed; rubbing his shrinking dick on her tits before pointing it at her face.
Kathy really hoped he would be able to.
And he did.
She felt the blast of dirty air hit her stomach and the wetness of his fart as the stream of piss hit her face.
She opened her mouth and he filled it to overflowing; she didn’t close her lips until he had finished, letting the pee flow out over her face and beautiful red hair; and then she rinsed it around her mouth and gulped it down.
Ivan collapsed on the bed beside her, their tongues entwined, fondling each other, still smearing the dirty wetness from their holes all over them.
Relishing the stench, and the feeling of the cooling excrement that was trapped on the plastic sheet beneath them.
Kathy’s bum was in a pool and they both laughed as the trapped air, from Ivan’s pounding, escaped from her arse and blew bubbles in the shitty water.
Ivan put his hand between her legs and splashed the piss over her.
He put a finger in her bumhole and Kathy fingered her cunt and brought herself off once again.
She started to pee and Ivan lifted her legs up so she could pee over herself, occasionally taking some of her little fountain into his mouth and then spitting it onto her face as her piss sprayed down over her tits.
They sat facing each other in the middle of the bed, causing all the liquid to form a puddle between them, and played in it, splashing the pee over them and washing each other with it until they had used it all.

“Your hubby will be wondering where you have got to Kathy”

“Don’t worry about him Ivan; I’m sure he will be okay with it. In fact I am sure he will get off on it when I tell him what we’ve been doing.”

“Jesus Kathy, if I told my missus she would go fucking apeshit.”

“I am feeling a bit tired though Ivan, maybe we should get ourselves showered?”

They both squeezed into the small shower cubicle and washed each other.

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