The Wrestler part 2

The Wrestler part 2

The Wrestler part 2

Thanks to everyone who voted for part one it really made me want to finish the story the way I originally planned. Part 2 takes place years later.

Kate was watching from the crowd as she often did, this was the first time though since the birth of her and Adams first child it had been a while. She was intensely proud of her man but she wanted to wait until Alison her daughter, was able to enjoy the occasion of her first event. Her 5th birthday had passed not long ago and she was really excited to watch her father live for the first time. She had explained to her daughter that her daddy was playing a heel which meant he was a bad guy in the match. In truth Adam was a main eventer at this stage, the head of arguably the best stable since the 3rd and final breakup of the shield.

Adam was really looking forward to the match; it was a blowoff between him and a rebel former member of the faction. They had a lot of great spots planned to pop the crowd. He was looking ahead to the push he and the writers had discussed after the match. A new run as champion meant more money and less matches which made the few matches he did have more important and to his mind he did his best work then.

His opponent's music hit and after a quick handshake at gorilla he made his entrance to a good pop. The guy was heading to the midcard after this match, they had been good friends and traveling buddies for a few years now while they were in the stable together but even Adam knew the guy needed more time before he was at the level he needed to be for a main event push.

This his tune rung out and he made his entrance with mic in hand, most of the crowd booed although notably there were the usual cheers from the boys who always run contrary to whatever the narrative was and a large portion of the females in attendance. Something about the way Adam filled a pair of trunks always made him popular with them. He lifted his mic when the crowd had died down a little. Adam had mastered his mic skills and was enjoying being the heel.

Adam - Houston Texas… yee haaaw!! Why the hell are we back at this dump? Couldn't we have got Dallas? Too expensive? And now I have to wrestle in front of these inbreds?

He waited as the boos reigned down laughing as the cheap heat went around.

Adam - We should have let the Mexicans have this sweatbox, what are you even good for? Who am I kidding, not even the Mexicans wanted you..

He chuckled as he slowly made his way to the cage.

Adam - Now Steve.. We used to be friends.. But you got too big for your boots huh? Started to question me and the brothers. So now I'm gonna take out to the woodshed and show you once and for all you're just a 3rd class wrestler who was only able to survive under the brothers wings.

He got to the cage and decided to rile up the crowd some more and walked around the other side. Talking as he did.

Adam - Now I understand why you wanted the cage, you thought you would only get a match without interference from the brothers in here…. I don't need the brothers to beat you? Hell I can beat you and anyone of these hicks and inbreds in any match they could think of.

This got more boo’s Adam smiled he loved prodding at the crowds male pride, the fact he had used the brothers for dusty finishes for the past few weeks vs Steve also wound them up.

“Shut the fuck up” chanted the crowd eager for him to step in the ring and get some come-uppance

Just then he spotted a girl in the crowd, not his wife, just a really good looking plant, his wife had been pre-warned about this to prevent any unpleasantness later.

Adam - Oh hey sweetheart… you're not so bad looking? What you doing after this? Tell you what let me give you my number….

This brought a round of boos and was the cue for Steve to lose the plot and rampage out of the ring to attack Adam which predictably the crowd popped hard for. The match started with a fight out at ringside then in the crowd. He always took a spank or a grope when out on the crowd from some of the more riled up marks. Adam had turned the tide by the time they got into the ring and the match began proper. When he had made sure the cage was locked he climbed through the ropes only to be caught by a superkick to the jaw. Steve began throwing Adam into the cage which looked painful but really wasn't. Adam stopped at the 4th attempt and poked Steve in the eye before hitting a snap DDT. Adam decided to climb the cage at this point Only to be followed to the top and be suplexed back in which was due to be the most painful spot in the match and it was but he came out un-injured from the bump.

Steve could have left just then but he decided to jump from the top rope with his elbow move. He then went for a cover forgetting there were no pins or submissions in the match. The Crowd counted “one two three four….” before Steve rose realizing he needed to climb over or go through the door. Playing face he naturally went to climb over but Adam recovered enough to catch him before he went over. They were both on top of the cage at this point and Adam gave him a ddt on the top of the cage he then took a moment to pose as His opponent struggled to his feet. The planned spot was for Adam to throw Steve from the top of the cage onto the canvas a painful but more controlled descent than before with the suplex… but something went wrong with the cage as Steve pushed off bolts sheared and there was an audible popping sound as the cage side gave way. Steve landed hard below, narrowly missing the ring rope but he was safe. Adam though was falling the other way out to the ringside. He tried to jump but his right foot was caught on the cage. He hit the announce desk which was mercifully gimmicked but his head bounced off the timekeepers as his body crashed through. The crowd thinking this was a part for the show popped hard.

Adam was unconscious as the crowd chanted holy shit credit to the ringside ref who acted quickly throwing up the x sign to call for medics the chants died in people's throats as they realized it wasn't part of the show. Adam had stopped breathing and his struggle for life played out not only in front of the crowd, fans and his friend Steve who at this stage had abandoned all pretence of kafabe at this point but in front of his wife and child. The fans chanted his name lending their best wishes as a now breathing Adam the Assassin was carted off to hospital.

His wife was brought quickly to the hospital where Adam was given the all clear although he was concussed and had a broken arm and ankle. His wife had left their daughter with someone else not wanting her to see her father in this state. This had an effect on Adam as he loved his wife and daughter more than anything in the world. He was to be kept in hospital for a few nights and would be out of action for a few months. He was already starting to think about his return when a few weeks later tapes began to surface of the event.

Adam winced at the accident and the efforts of the emts to resuscitate him but what caught him what really opened his eyes was his family in the crowd were caught on camera. His daughter was naturally in tears looking to Kate for reassurance who was also in tears as she scooped up her child to take her away from the scenes as they used defibrillators on him. Something about that broke Adam and he was for the first time since he himself was a boy cried breaking down entirely.

Later that week he called the boss and then announced his retirement from wrestling on health grounds. The reaction from social media was massive; he was a very big part of the show at the time. Thousands of letters arrived weekly for the first few months mostly wishing him well and devastated he was leaving from fans.

--------------------------------- five years later-----------------------------

Adam was out running and Kate was watching the weekly show Steve had just relaunched the Brotherhood at the head which was great as everyone was good friends with him even to this day. Their daughter was a little mark herself and was always asking Kate about the Assassin character and where it came from. She has been amazed to watch the early days in Japan and see her father wearing a mask.

Alison - So Daddy had an accident in Japan as well?

Kate - Yep, It wasn't as bad though…

Alison - So he went back then?

Kate - Yeah after meeting me, He wrestled again.

Alison - Why? What did you do to get him to wrestle again?

Kate thought about it and flushed knowing that her romance with Adam led to his return to wrestling. She smiled at her daughter

Kate - You really want your Dad to wrestle again huh?

Alison - ... Yeah… I mean… I think he is sad.. You know… without it.

Kate knew she was right. Adam might act like he is happy about it all being behind him but he really yearned for it. She didn't expect to hear it from his young daughter.

Kate - I know… but you only have a few hours before bed, best go play..

Her daughter run off knowing she would put her in bed if she was just hanging about too much. Kate smiled to watch her running off, she’d let her play for a good while tonight. She was pondering the problem of her unhappy husband. He had refused to talk about wrestling for years. Every year they would get a call and he would quickly refuse to talk to them. He stopped even watching the show as soon as he had given up. Fans were always rumouring his return and speculating on the real reason for his absence especially around the rumble, their favourite event. Adam had even come out and said the reason he wouldn't was medical and he couldn't return to try and stop the speculation. It was a complete lie Kate knew.

She was broken out her thoughts by Adams return. He came in and hugged Kate from behind kissing her neck?

Adam - Good show?

Kate - Uh yeah… Steve brought back the Brotherhood

Adam - Oh that's great for Steve he will be well happy.

Kate - You know Alison was asking why you wont go back. She knows your not happy.. What do I tell her?

Adam - I guess…. I should talk to her… where is she?

Kate - She ran towards the gym. She’ll hide in their until I make her go to bed as always.

Adam - Its fine… I’ll go chat to her… you ok?

Kate - Sure, maybe when you have told her you can tell me?

Kate wandered off and Adam had to wonder at what had just happened; he had left them happy enough earlier that day. Certainly they didnt want for anything the job had paid more money than they could spend unless they went crazy and even then their parents were really well off to boot. The compound was big just off the coast it was a beautiful spot and his wife who had spent the first few years of their marriage in wrestling t-shirts had matured into a beautiful dress wearing woman. She was a great mother to their kid.. He made for the gym which he had kept a training ring in although he hadn’t been in it for years he was thinking about what to say to his daughter.

He crept around the corner and was greeted to a sight he couldn't even imagine a few moments before. His daughter was perched on the missile rope with his old mask on a training pad below. He stopped in his tracks she hadn't seen him . Part of the issue with wearing a mask to big for you is the loss of sight especially around the periphery.

Alison - The lady Assassin is on the top rope, what's she gonna do.

To Adams astonishment she jumped off the middle doing a swanton perfectly on the pad below.

Adam - Hey Alison… What….

The question died in his throat; it was pretty obvious what she was about. She was looking at him afraid, she knew she was caught doing something wrong. She quickly got out the ring removing the mask hiding it behind her back as if he didn't see it already.

Adam walked over and sat her down on the ring apron forcing a smile to set her at ease.

Adam - You know… its not safe to try this stuff alone… you could really get hurt?

Alison - I'm sorry Dad.. I just thought…

Adam - Listen about me wrestling…. I can’t go back ok?

Alison - But… why not I don't get it… what did we do wrong?

Adam didn't understand this at all; why would his daughter blame herself for his retirement? Why was she upset at it, clearly she loved the shows but why would she want him to go back.

Adam - we do wrong?

Alison - After your accident I asked mom if you were ok, she said you were but you would need our help to get you back, I don't get why you didn't go back. I thought if I could go with you, you wouldn't be scared.

Shocked at this he wasn't sure how to respond at first, to buy time he reached behind her and took the mask.

Adam - The Lady Assassin huh? Listen kid. When I had that accident I realized something about it all, I was being really selfish. I was… I saw you and your mother in the crowd and that night I could have died. I knew that was wrong. If I died then I'd be leaving you and your mum alone.. You know…

Alison thought about this but nodded.

Adam - So you see I can't go back.. I miss it sometimes but…

Alison - Your scared…

Adam - What…? Er….no… um..

He was saved by Kate turning the corner

Kate - Ok, Kiddo time for your bath..

Relieved to be getting away having been caught she skipped past her mother towards the house. Kate didn't let on but she had listened to the whole conversation from the corner. The kid had nailed him at the end there and she could see the relief on his face when she had taken her away.

Kate - come on assassin time for dinner.

Adam's head ripped up out of his deep thoughts, was he scared I mean she wasn't entirely wrong. If he went back and he had another accident she could be left with the consequences. In his heart he knew he wanted to be back; he missed it almost as much as his willpower to stay away from it. Why didn't they get it? He was sacrificing his dream to be a dad, regardless of how miserable it made him.

Kate - you ok Adam?

Adam - I’ll be right there.. Give me a sec..

Adam looked at the ring and was truly between dipping his foot into it and thinking of demolishing it. He looked at the mask like he was looking at himself. He threw it in the ring and went to eat with his family.

The next day the parents arrived to take their daughter away for the weekend. This was organized by Kate who had sent a few text that evening. While he was out for a run she packed up the car. He got back looking at her puzzled.

Kate - Come on were heading out?

Adam - Did I forget something.

Kate - Nope we got married in June my birthday was last month. Its just a impulse thing I wont take no for an answer.

Adam - Where's Alison

Kate - Mums, Come on it's a couple of hours to the cabin

Adam - I guess…

The Cabin was the place where Adam and Kate first fell in love and exchanged their virginities, its also where they conceived their daughter so the place was special to them both. It was clear Kate was running the show here and Adam just had to go along with it.

Adam - So where do you want to go for vacation this year?

Kate - I was thinking New York..

Adam - Really city break this year? Not like you

Kate - I think Alison would really like it, Lots to see she’s seen on tv.

Adam - Yeah, I suppose your right? Want me to take a turn driving?

Kate - Nah, I'm good

Adam - You know I caught the kid in the ring the other day?

Kate - Really?

Adam - Yeah she had my old mask from Japan..

Kate - Oh I gave it to her, she asked about it

Adam - The mask?

Kate - No your time in Japan. She saw the accident, some kid in school showed her it

Adam - Oh what did you say?

Kate - I said it if want for that I wouldn't have fallen in love with you and she wouldn't be here

She laughed but it was true, No accident, no being nursed by Kate, no falling in love… no daughter, No career changer.

He smiled as they arrived at the lake he carried the bags for the weekend to the cabin and he turned around and she was no where in sight. He looked about and noticed her at the shore. He made his way down.

Kate - yeah, I'm... just remembering

Adam - The first time? It feels like a lifetime ago.

Kate - Yeah. I love you so much.

They kissed as the sunset and made their way back to the cabin, He knew they were heading to the bedroom; they had a very active sexlife. Both of them enjoyed each other's bodies often. This time though she was very definitely in charge she brought him through slowly her hips were swaying in front of him she was really turning it on as he felt himself stiffen.

She unzipped her dress allowing it to drop to the floor revealing black stockings, suspenders and a matching bra. This was a first she had never worn anything this provocative. She moved towards him and began kissing while undressing him. Soon he was down to his underwear which she quickly dispatched and he sprung free his big 9inch thick cock was already drooling at the thought of her. She pushed him back onto the bed and hungrily began sucking on his cock he was enjoying it. She started good at this way back when and had only gotten better with practice. She pulled down her panties and changed her position straddling him he hadn't noticed at first he was concentrating on her pussy he couldn't get enough of eating it but he opened his eyes and there shining back at him was a jewel shaped heart. She had a plug in her ass, This shocked him they had discussed it once when they were younger and she had told him she wasn't into it.

Adam - Uh…. is this a plug?

Kate - yeah, we're gonna do another first today.

Adam - I thought you weren't into it?

Kate - No more questions ok?

She was being unfair but he wasn't going to miss the chance. Fine he thought he was gonna enjoy it and if he could make her enjoy it too. He reached up touching her plug and her mouth left his dick and she leaned up a little.

Kate - you can take it out. I've wore it a few times you know, to get used to it

He reached behind and began to pull it gently out watching in fascination as it stretched her asshole. Then it popped and it came out it was much bigger than he expected.

Kate - Uhhh… that feels weirdly satisfying. It had to be big.. To prepare huh.

Adam began pushing it back in. watching up close as it slowly stretched the anus back he held it at its widest as Kate moaned it popped all the way in.

Kate - ooooh god, glad your enjoying yourself down there.. How do you want to do this..

He was invited and didn't need another invitation he had dreamed of this. He sat up against the headboard and again pulled the plug slowly out of her anus marvelling again as it came out as Kate moaned. It gaped but slowly closed entirely. Time for Adam to shock her. He grabbed her and pulled her anus to his face. He licked her anus and Kate let out an involuntary squeal as she squirmed under his tongue.

Kate - Oh.. hey… This is intense, Never thought it would feel…. Uh… this good…

Adam - You ready to try this…. Uh sure?

Kate - yeah theirs lube in the drawer.

She got off and Adam retrieved the lube quickly applying it to his cock and with pleasure putting some on his finger as his wife watched bending over. He gentry applied some around the anus and then slowly inserting his finger with more lube into her ass. Kate Relaxed her ass to allow him entry and it felt… not bad to her.

Then she looked at his cock wondering about the size of what she was about to take.

Adam - You sure?

Kate - No more questions I said.

Adam - Yes mam.

Adam knew enough to know his wife was nervous but determined and he was happy enough to go for it. He lined up his cock with her ass and she willed herself to relax as Adam began to push his cock against her pucker she had her first moment of doubt as the pressure built then suddenly it seemed to pop in. It was a strange sensation as her asshole was being stretched but Adam slowed the advance occasionally asking if she was ok. Then it was all in, all 9 inches of his cock. She put his hand on his stopping him.

Kate - Gimmie a sec…

Adam - How does it feel?

Kate - Its really big, it feels like I'm stuffed down there. It's a little sore but it's also uh… interesting.

Adam - interesting?

Kate - Hard to explain, It feels good kinda different. You can try moving a bit.

Adam did feeling the grip of her ass as her brows furrowed. Gently slowly he rocked back and forth marvelling at the suction as her anus clung to his cock. He withdrew a little more before putting it back in. She began to moan louder.

Kate - Oh fuck… jesus… uh… a bit more… Fuuuck… god damn you big..

Adam responded buy taking almost all the way out and then back in she squealed again and asked for more he obliged and began to fuck her slowly at first and then harder before he knew it he was slamming into her ass as she was screaming for him to fuck her harder. He came deep inside her as she reached her own massive peak. She had never came like this; it was so powerful it reminded her of their first orgasm together. Adam then pulled out and that was an entirely different sensation leaving a warm sensation of his cum in her ass.

Adam - God that felt great, are you ok?

Kate - Thank god we have no neighbours here.. That was… interesting

Adam - Interesting good?

Kate - I kind of don’t want to admit it.. But it was fantastic.

Adam - Why don't you want to admit it, it's just me?

Kate - You know I just have a weird hang up about being too slutty and people talk about girls who do that like they are trashy.

Adam - I didn't think it was trashy and besides I love you. So what if your a bit slutty in the bedroom you only live once.

Kate propped herself up on her arm. Smiled at him

Kate - You know I did this knowing you had it as your fantasy I didn't think I would be into it, but I wanted to make you happy.

Adam - I'm happy, I mean..

Kate - You know your daughter is sad and I'm not happy either.

Adam - What? Why?...

Kate - We know why you quit what you love for us. We know this has made you sad I listed to what you said to her the other night and she nailed you.

Adam - You think I'm scared?

Kate - I think your scared we will think you are selfish for going back, for enjoying your wrestling despite the risks.

Adam - but if I get hurt you both need to live with it all. It's easy to say you accept it but the reality is harder.

Kate - you might be right but if you don't go back you will resent it and us… it’ll one day be to late to live your dreams and you will hate us for it. Your sad now but in ten or fifteen years you will be bitter.

Adam was stumped would he be bitter, he had to admit it was a possibility.

Kate - As for Alison, have you ever thought that you are her Dad, her role model and her hero?

Adam - You think she would like me being away all the time?

Kate - No but I think she would rather you were happy and maybe she would like to be proud of you.. Ask her.

Adam - … No really she is ten.. Ask her.

She went for a shower just to leave him to his thoughts. He looked at his phone and he didn't know how to ask without making it obvious. Fuck it he would just wing it. The phone rang and his Father answered.

Adam - Hi Dad, listen is Alison there?

Dad - Sure is why would you want to talk to this old fart huh?

Adam - Sorry Dad its important

Dad - Ok, is everything ok?

Adam - Everything is fine I kinda just need to talk to my daughter.. You know?

Dad - I know exactly what you mean. Call us later ok.

Adam - Deal

Alison - Hey dad I was just watching the show?

Adam - How's it going?

Alison - the show?

Adam - yeah?

Alison - Oh Adam is doing a great job, he even name dropped you saying he is better than even you. He’s so wrong his promos are rubbish compared to yours.

Adam - You might be right, If it weren't for your mother i’d be terrible at promos, listen.. I have a complicated question for you..

Alison - Ok..

Adam - I have been offered the chance to take a job that would make me happy but it means I'm away from your mum and you for most of the year.

Alison - You’re thinking of wrestling again!?

Adam - well uh..

Shit she had guessed it right away I mean now that he had thought about it, it was really obvious.

Alison - Daddy? I mean yes. I’ll miss you but I really think you should follow your dream. Are you fixed now?

Adam - Yes baby I think im fixed, No saying it online though.

Alison was screaming down the line absolute joy before he heard her running to tell her grandad.

Mom - Hi son, you're going back to wrestling.

Adam - I think I am.. I was scared that if I got hurt I would hurt them but they both want me too.

Mom - Good, you've been miserable for years. Its ok for you to be happy too, you know? That's what families want for one another.

Adam - You could tell I was Sad?

Mom - The postman knew you're sad, everyone in town knows your sad son I mean its obvious and your making that poor wife of yours sad too.

Adam - I’ll make up for it… I promise bye mom.

Adam hung up and made his way to the shower he got inworlessly behind Kate.

Kate - you ok.

Adam - im fine, better than fine, I'm happy.

Kate - So?

Adam - Im going back, but I have one condition..

Kate - What?

Adam -I’ll tell you later but for now im gonna shower then im gonna fuck you mercilessly.

Kate - Ok.. but uh I don't think I can.. You know..

Adam - Oh? Bit tender eh? Ok no butt stuff

They finished showering and Adam scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom. But before he put her on the bed he lifted her up onto his shoulders placing hers against the wall. He began to lick her pussy as she dripped down on him. She couldn't relax in that position but he didn't keep her up their long he lowered her down gently but then rolled her legs back up where he attacked her pussy with fingers while licking her clit aggressively. She came with strong legs shaking. He then bent her over the end of the bed but wasnt ready to fuck her yet. He massaged her breasts in a way he knew she loved. Then without warning he lowered himself and began licking her pussy hole from behind deep. Kate moaned and came a little he gave her anus a little lick on the way back up.

He entered all the way into her pussy easily right to the hilt and she moaned with pleasure. He grabbed her arms behind her back and began to pound hard. Grabbing her hair.

Adam - Fucking take it you little slut.

Kate - oh god… fuck…

Suddenly he stopped, pulled out and folded her up on the bed legs high in the air. Grabbing her tits in his mouth then pounding her pussy adjusting his angle of attack with every stroke. He then lifted her back up still inside her he pinned her on the wall kissing her deeply they both came. It wasn't over though as he asked her to suck his cock again. With her skill he was soon rock hard again and ready for another session this time he got her on all fours on the bed and got up behind her and just concentrated on pounding her into submission, she came and then again. He turned her over and kept going his cock going all the way out and back in again mercilessly indeed. Finally he came gasping for breath with the effort. After a while of catching their breath he pulled the cover over them.

Kate - I'm glad your happy

A few weeks later Steve and Paul, who was the CEO of the company, arrived at their home to discuss things and the discussions went well. Everyone was sworn to secrecy and they agreed a training schedule ahead of his return. The Lady Assassin watched and Adam had even let her try some moves with his supervision. He knew she was on the path he had taken.

The Brotherhood in the months before the return had been especially egregious taking over the show entirely, They had won every championship and were ruining the show intentionally. They had won control from the CEO the ppv previously. They even changed the shows name to The Brotherhood RAW. It was the biggest storyline in years. January hit and there was the occasional sign of the Brothers decent towards Steve. Then it was the night of the rumble. Adam and Kate were snuck in, using a full makeup mask to avoid detection. Not even the wrestlers knew what was going on. Not until the last hour and then their phones were all taken away.

There were 7 members of the brotherhood and they had conspired to be the first 5 entrants to the rumble. The crowd rained down with booze at they eliminated every entrant as they came out, they had hijacked the 2nd biggest show of the year. Fans were pissed. Then at entrant number 10 a strange tune played and Kate walked out on stage with a microphone.

Steve - Heya sweetcheeks I don’t know who you are but if you want to step into the ring im sure raise the age rating of the show.

Kate - Very funny Steve… but I'm sure you couldn't rise to the occasion.

Steve tried to talk back but the mic stopped working.

Kate you see Steve you have pissed off a few to many people, people in your own group. Wait… that's not right… They arent your group… you see them Brothers they called begging for him to come back . Then the lights went out and his music hit. Beside him Adam the Assassin stood with his mask on. Kate reached up behind his head and pulled it off. The crowd were going crazy and Adam was trying to keep his emotions in check. As his wife pointed him to the ring. He leapt onto the apron and into the ring. The tag team champs stepped up to him which had Steve smile thinking he was safe in numbers. Then both tapped him on the shoulder and jumped over the top rope one by one they went over voluntarily until there were three. Steve and heel Adam had brought from new japan. Steve at this point is demanding he attack Adam instead he stepped up hugged Adam which was a whole other crowd pop and eliminated himself. It was just Adam in the ring with Steve. The female member of the Brotherhood had run down to ringside and was screaming at Steve to kick his ass throwing in a kendo stick. Kate had got onto the apron and performed a well rehearsed hurricanrana on her to a huge pop. (this was the condition that he set for her) Steve swung Adam ducked and the fight was on in earnest they planned it out, Another entrant's music started, A big guy but he slowly came out with a chair. He sat it down at the top of the ramp and set to watch it unfold. Every entrant would follow suit until it came to its conclusion. They had mapped it out to get it to 25 before he eliminated Steve with some spots with him hanging on by fingers for drama. Kate even had a spot where she pushed him back onto the apron.

Steve superkicked him over the ropes eliminating him and he landed on the announce table, that was the signal for the rest of the entrants to come down to the ring. Many patted him on the back. As they entered. The company face pointed at the desk time for the spot to repeat itself, Adam had insisted on this he climbed the ropes and the crowd stood up he pointed at the crowd signalling he loved them and then performed a phoenix splash through his opponent. And the table. The last person he pointed at was his daughter in the crowd ringside. He stood up and with a wink to his father placed the mask over his daughter's face.

‘Thank you Adam’ and ‘you’ve still got it’ Rang out as he made his way up the ramp. Adam smiled, he was happy.

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Unexpected..Part 2

Whats going on in here? The voice echoed around the room, and at once she knew who it was, her brother. Emyd calmly swivelled on the bed and spoke calmly. Hey Josh, umm Aria fell He said as he stood up. Aria tried to hide herself under the covers. mmhmm Josh turned to Emyd The games on downstairs, you coming? He asked. yeah He said as he took a few steps over to the door, but then turned to Aria You shoudl stay in bed for a while, you know, just in case.. As he walked out and left Aria, she...


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The Sex Shop – story 16

Firstly, my name is Lucy and I’m 24, 5ft 5 with long thick blond hair, 32b breasts and I weighed at that time about 110. Most people would say I was nicely put together, my ex always said I was well fuckable. I didn’t find it difficult to get guys. They just came to me and I had difficulty saying no. Young, old, good looking, ugly, thin or fat. If they had a dick I needed it inside me. I’d been working at the brothel for a little more than four months and I was still fucking Faith’s Dad whenever he...


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Anton Station.

Sorry peopels taking a break from Link as i am TOTALLY stumped and thought of a new idea for a story, Kai, with her long brown, curly hair with help from the breeze, whipped at the back of her neck. Her long eyelashes, whihc almost hid her sky blue eyes, kept the dirt out of her eyes. As the horse reared up in front of her, Kai put her arms up in front of her and softly bowed to the horse. It's quick movements were sharp and Kai didn't knwo if she could break the horse or not. After about a...


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Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Nine and Ten

Diana wasn't sure if it showed, but she felt as if she were panting like a dog as she moved toward her naked daughter as the girl reclined so provocatively on her bed. And from the come-hither looks that the teenager was giving her from her sultry, lowered eyes, Diana was pretty sure that the girl was as keen for it as she was. Diana sat on the side of the bed. Her original plan had been to seduce the girl in the same way that she had Jimmy, beginning by asking how often Holly frigged herself off with a fraudulent...


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My Confession_(1)

This is my entry in the Calling All Writers - Chapter 6 challenge on the Sex Stories forum on (That's for those pricks who steal stories and post them elsewhere.) The theme of this challenge was to write a story about unrequited love, referencing the song All I Have to do is Dream, popularized by the Everly Brothers as a hit single released in April, 1958. There's a catch: writers who entered the challenge were to write from the point of view of the opposite sex. I'm a man, so I had to write as a female. PLEASE NOTE: This...


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My daughters dildo part 4

The next couple weeks went by with almost no drama. Nicole had given up on pressuring me to fuck her, and we enjoyed a liberal amount of sexual activity on a daily basis. Things barely slowed down when she got her period. Handjobs and blowjobs were still administered with great regularity. She was happy to let me finger her ass and clit, but wouldn’t let me near her pussy hole. Unexpectedly, I found that little string hanging out of her to be a strangely erotic sight. A day didn’t go by where we didn’t masturbate together at some point. It had...


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