Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3

Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3

My apologies for mis-posting the first Chapter 3. I'm gonna have to quit doing that in the wee hours of the morning. To make up for that fuck-up, I'm working on a fourth chapter, which I'll post as soon as I can.

Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3

It was late in the afternoon when Ben and Amy arrived back at the Ranchland house. Amy had applied more of the anti-itch cream that had given Ben some relief, and combined with many cool baths to reduce the heat in his burned skin, his sunburn turned to become the dry and peeling skin of recovery. Amy chuckled as she watched her uncle scratching at the itchy skin that flaked from his pubic hair and nut sac. His cock seemed to escape the tortures of shedding skin
Quite regularly, she had been awakened in the morning just before Ben’s licking of her cunt drove her to a mind-numbing climax. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, their unofficial sucking and licking contest scores were almost a tie, with Ben maybe having a slight lead.

Ben had been sleeping alone in his bed for the last four nights, and while he appreciated Amy’s reasons for letting him have the whole bed to himself in an attempt to not irritate his burned skin, he found himself waking throughout the night as he searched for his niece’s soft body beside his own. It always felt like something was missing, and he had a hard time getting back to sleep.

Amy, too, missed her uncle’s strong body next to her in the night. So it was with a sense of confusion that she woke around two o’clock in the morning to feel something heavy laying behind her. Flipping over to see what had invaded her double bed, she was both thrilled and concerned to find her Uncle Ben laying on top of the bed covers.

“Uncle Ben?” she inquired sleepily. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Mmm? Nothing, Little One,” Ben answered her inquiry with a groggy voice, “I just missed you. I woke up, and you weren’t there, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I came in here, to be near you again. Should I go?”

“Yeah . . . no . . . I mean . . . oh hell! I miss you too, but this bed isn’t quite big enough for both of us. How about we both go back to your bed?” she suggested, and they moved to Ben’s bed, curled against each other, and enjoyed the best sleep either one had gotten in days.

Both Ben and Amy were becoming anxious to consolidate both the Ranchland operation and Amy’s interests in Montana. It took almost a week to make arrangements to move a part of her herd to Ranchland, then list the property with a local Montana agent. Ben had agreed that Amy should take his pickup and trailer, drive down to the old ranch, and bring back whatever she wanted to keep. With a list of items in her mind, Amy contacted some of the resell dealerships to dispose of the rest. Then she was off, hoping to be back at Ranchland within two weeks.

For Ben, the days passed slowly, he found it a struggle to maintain his enthusiasm with his niece not there. By the same token, Amy worried about her uncle, even though she was well aware that he had been living on his own since she was a little girl, and was quite capable of looking after himself. The effects of his rather unfortunate sunburn had cleared up, leaving no noticeable side effects. She’d even managed to suck him off once or twice more in a day that he had eaten her pussy. But there’d also been days when she’d been eaten more than he’d been sucked. While she was away in Montana, she really missed their loving and sexual escapades.

At the end of the first week, Amy had listed the old ranch, and the agent was very enthusiastic about finding someone to make a reasonable offer, preferably while she was still in the state. Sorting out furniture, memorabilia, and personal effects took her more than just a few days, and delivering those items she wanted to sell off kept her busy, running between various resale dealers. It was in the evening of her ninth day back that the phone rang, and she wearily answered it. The voice on the other end was Ben, which perked her spirits up significantly.

“Hello?” she spoke into the phone.

“Hi, Little One. Thought I’d give you a call to see how you’re doing” Ben’s voice roamed over the many miles that separated them. “How’s it going down there?”

“Uncle Ben! God, but it’s good to hear you! Don’t tell me you’ve been riding the range again, and got another burn?” Amy teased her uncle.

“Well, yeah, I have. Been riding the range, I mean. But this time, I burned my ass instead of my belly!” he quipped back at her.

“Asshole! I’m gonna come back to a crispy critter, am I? Geez, a girl takes a couple of days off, and everything there goes to hell and back! What am I going to do with you, Old Man? Sounds like I’d better get things tied up here real quick, so’s I can get back and babysit my favourite uncle!”

“Old Man? Who’re you calling ‘Old’?” Ben replied. “I can keep up with you any day, and you know it! We’ve already figured out that I can eat that delicious pussy of yours as often as you can suck my cock off, if not more! Not bad, for an Old Geezer, I’d say” Ben joked lightly. There was a short pause, then Ben continued. “How long before you’ll be home again, Little One? It’s getting kind of quiet around here, and I need someone to help me take care of this huge and empty ranch house.”

“I should be home by this time next week, I hope” Amy informed him. “About all I nave left to do is get a quarter of my herd loaded and out of here, then make arrangements for someone to load the rest of it after I’ve gone. The real estate guy thinks he might have an offer coming in, and I’d like to be around here if it does. Why? What’s the matter, you getting lonely on me?” Amy answered.

“Well, if the truth be known, Little One,” Ben continued, “it actually is a little lonely around here. No, not quite true. It’s a lot lonely. Damn it. Girl, but I miss you! Cooking for one is boring, and sleeping alone in that huge bed just doesn’t cut it. I’m not quite sure what’s come over me, yet. Ya think maybe I’ve been love-struck by a certain young lady, or something?”

“You? Love-struck? Sounds like one of those rare diseases that makes the rounds, to me. I’m wondering if it’s something I gave you” Amy teased with a soft giggle to her tone. “You’ll have to get Doc Smith to look at you, and make notes of what she says. I think I’m coming down with it, too. Just don’t tell her about our sunburns, or we’ll never hear the end of it!” Amy’s loving voice answered her uncle.

“Nah, I’ll keep that one to myself. Besides, Doc Smith wouldn’t believe it anyways! But I’m looking forward to you coming home again. Never thought I’d feel like this, but you’ve resurrected something in me that I haven’t felt for a long, long time. Now that I feel it again, I’m in no hurry to let it go. Can you believe that?” Ben confessed.

“Umm, yeah, I can, Ben. Like I said, I think I’ve got the same problem. Just as soon as I can get out of here, I’ll be rushing back to those strong and loving arms of yours . . . among other things. Think you can wait that long?” The warmth and love in Amy’s voice transcended the miles without losing one degree of sincerity.

“Can I wait? Does Toronto still have a stampede every year? Dumb question! But do me a favour? Call me as soon as you’re about to leave? This place looks like a rogue Chinook wind blew through it, and if my niece comes home to this disaster, sunburned balls will be the least of my worries!” Ben chided
“Yeah, I’ll call you as soon as I get everything taken care of, Uncle Ben. Just look after my favourite uncle for me? Please? I love him a lot, ya know.” Amy could hear Ben’s longing for her, and her own need and desires for him welled up in her heart.

“Funniest thing, that you love your uncle, and all” Ben replied softly, “because the way I hear it, he loves you, too. He sure is missing his niece, so you’d better get home as soon as you can, before he does something really stupid! Know what I mean?”

“Sure do. Not too worried about him, but miss him something terrible” Amy cooed. “I love you, Ben. I’d better go, though, because it looks like tomorrow’s gonna be a busy one. The sooner I get all this crap taken care of, the sooner we can be together again.

They said their good-byes, and Amy sat back and contemplated her new life with her uncle. Moving that far meant that she’d be leaving the home she’d always known for good, but with her parents now dead, there wasn’t much left for her. Maybe starting all over again really was the best thing she could do.

Ben spent the next several days taking care of the ranch, shifting the herd from one pasture to another, and cleaning up the ranch house before his niece got back. Most of the chores were routine, and it gave him time to think about the change of direction his life was taking him. Having a niece was new to him; falling in love with her felt wonderful. The fact that the love was reciprocal made it even better.

It was late morning at the end of Amy’s two week trip that the phone rang in the Ranchland house, and Ben almost dived for the receiver, he had anticipated Amy’s call so much.

“Hello?” Ben spoke into the phone.

“Hi, Meat-Ball! Bet you can’t guess who this is?” Amy greeted him.

“Umm, sounds like the Wicked Witch of the West! Am I close?” Ben teased.

“Nice try, though! How’s my favourite uncle?” Amy inquired.

“Lonely, horny, and missing his niece” Ben answered. “Where the hell are you, anyway?”

“Just clearing Customs at Milk River. Took me a bit to get the horses through, but I should be out of here by noon. How long is it from here to Ranchland, roughly?” Amy wanted to know.

“Sounds like about five hours and a bit, if you take highway twenty-three at Monarch, then go west on the Granum road. That’ll save you about twenty minutes as opposed to the Fort MacLeod way. Goiung around Calgary and out to Bragg Creek saves another half hour, if you can beat the afternoon traffic. Tell ya what; call me when you come through Cochrane, and I’ll have supper waiting when you get here” Ben told her.
“Thanks, Uncle Ben, but what I have in mind tastes better than supper! It’s all I’ve been able to think of since I left Grasslands! My panties are so fucking wet, they’re sticking to my pussy!” Amy growled lustfully.

“Oh really? You think I’ve been standing around with perfectly dry shorts? I gotta watch out, or my cockhead might glue itself to them! Amy, I want you to drive real safe coming home, but I still want to feel you in my arms as soon as you can” Ben replied. “Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it, I love you, Little One” he added.

“Love you too, Ben. See you as soon as I can. Bye.”

All after noon, all Ben could think of was having his niece home again. He drifted through is chores, and his concentration just wasn’t I them. Oh, he got them done alright, but not as thoroughly as he usually would. He also finished the clean-up in the ranch house, paying more attention to that job because he knew Amy would pull a snap inspection. When the phone rang just before five o’clock, Ben picked up the receiver by the second ring. Amy was just leaving Cochrane, and he knew she’d be back within the hour. The excitement in his voice was impossible to contain; even Amy could hear him chattering like a little child, and it made her giggle as she realized just how important she was to her uncle. That discovery left a warm and fuzzy feeling inside her.

The old pickup finally pulled into the yard, and Ben was out the door like a shot. As soon as she saw her uncle running towards her, Amy hauled the rig to a screeching halt, baled out the door, and leaped into her uncle’s waiting arms, wrapping her legs around his waist in the process. Holding him tightly, she pressed her open lips to his, seeking his tongue and entwining it with her own. He held her so tightly that she was afraid she might pass out for lack of air, yet she didn’t care. She could also feel the tip of his cock through his pants as his hard-on became evident, and she knew she wanted him, so badly. But the horses had to be unloaded and put in the stable before anything else. Ben led Amy’s mare to the barn, and she followed him with the young foal that her mare had delivered the previous spring.

With the horses taken care of, Ben started to lead Amy towards the house, but she pulled him back to one of the hay racks in the barn, as he looked at her quizzically, she unsnapped the fasteners on her shirt, threw it to one side, then chased it with her bra.

“Ben, I’ve waited three weeks to fuck you, and now that I have the chance, I’m not waiting one more second! Come here and love me, you Meat-Ball, you!” Ben needed no more convincing, and he almost ripped his shirt off without undoing the snaps, then grabbed his niece and held her in his arms, kissing her demandingly and insistently, their tongues swapping saliva like two desert dwellers dying of thirst. His hands were on her breasts almost instantly, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Amy moaned loudly with lusty approval as she kissed her uncle with equal want and desire to his own. She pushed her hips tightly to ben’s feeling his hard cock through his denim jeans. His bulging manhood had her humping her pussy against his shaft in horny anticipation of its eventual entry into her dripping cunt. Even the feel of the satiny material of her panties sliding over her clit felt so good, especially after not being with Ben for two weeks, and the juices oozing from her hole only made the fabric more slippery against her.
Amy’s hands had migrated to the throbbing bulge in her uncle’s pants, and rubbed it softly and sensuously. God, she wanted to feel that massive manhood deep inside her. She undid the button of his pants, then slid the zipper down, his hard cock pushing against his shorts in a desperate bid for freedom. But before she could hook her thumbs into his waistband, she felt the button and zipper of her own jeans easing their grip on her own belly, and her uncle’s fingers beginning to drag the last remnants of her clothing over her smooth young hips. As his hands roamed over and down her ass cheeks, the cool air drifted between her thighs and caused her wet pussy to tingle as it was washed in the relief of freedom and exposure. She helped Ben undress her by wiggling her hips and ass, shucking her pants and panties as they fell to the ground, then yanked his pants and shorts down to join hers where they lay.

Amy pressed her young body against her uncle’s once more, feeling the hardened length of his cock pushing itself along the length of her flooded slit, over her clit, past her cunt’s entrance, and finally coming to rest just short of her rosebud. The heat of his shaft combined with the lustful desire smoldering in her crotch was enough to elicit a deep moan of anticipation from her lips.

Ben could feel the wetness of his niece’s pussy as she slowly humped her hips, smearing his shaft with her juices. The softness of her skin as it released and then recaptured his cockhead almost drove him crazy with want. God, but he wanted to feel his cock deep inside her! Would she grant him the joy of giving him her cunt, or grip his shaft in the tightness of her asshole? At that moment, Ben didn’t know, and didn’t care. He knew they would soon be fucking each other again after both being this horny for two weeks; where she took him inside her felt like an academic question.

“Ben, I hope you don’t mind getting a little messy,” Amy whispered in his ear, “because I started my period two days ago. But I want that cock of yours inside me so fucking bad!” She slid her hand down between her legs and wrapped her fingers around her uncle’s pulsating member, guiding the tip along the deep recesses of her gash as she moistened him enough to take his cock into her entrance. Aiming his cock for her cunt opening, she eased his cockhead inside her love canal, then let him make the next move. In response, Ben began to slide his shaft slowly into the depths of her boiling cunt.

Both Ben and Amy groaned in appreciative ecstasy as their bodies united again. While Ben held himself inside her cunt, Amy began to rock her hips back and forth, sliding his delicious shaft in and out of her cunt, and losing herself in the heady bliss of his cock opening and stretching her cunt once more. She briefly remembered the night she had given him her virginity, but this felt like her first time all over again, but without the pain of her cherry being penetrated and ruptured. Her reverie was broken by the sound of her uncle moaning in her ear.

“God, Little One, but I’ve missed you!” Ben groaned. “I’ve missed your body against mine, the taste of your lips, the swell of your breasts against my hands and chest, and that burning heat of your beautiful young cunt wrapped around my cock. Fuck me softly and slowly, and make my cock spurt inside you, filling you with hot cum!”

“Ben, just shut up and fuck me! I’ve dreamed of you being inside me every day for the last two weeks. Now that I have you in my cunt again, you feel so much better than anything I could imagine! Fuck me deep, and let me ride that hard shaft of yours. I want to pump you until you shoot your spunk inside me, while I squirt my juices all over your balls!” Amy growled lustfully.

Soon Ben’s thrusts matched his niece’s, and the heat of her sex equalled his own flames of passion. With increasing want, he could feel his balls begin to lift as his cock primed itself to blast his boiling seed deep in his niece’s burning cunt. He could also feel her walls begin to flutter as they pulled his shaft deeper inside her, desperately milking the cum out of him. She began to gasp for air as her body started to tremble and shake, and the quivering of her muscles told him they were about to cum in unison. Feeling her cunt demanding his cock more and more was enough to send him over the edge. His cockhead spurted the first rope of his cum inside Amy’s waiting womb just as she let out an ecstatic scream of release. She pounded her hips against his, sliding the length of him in and out of her, then pressed him deeply inside her cunt without moving, as she felt spurt after spurt of his hot cum fill her lusting pussy. The subconscious realization that Ben was giving her his life-producing seed filled her with orgasmic joy, and she felt her own girl-cum squirt from hr fuck-hole, washing and flooding down his throbbing shaft and over his balls, then drooling on her own thighs. The combined sensations made her body explode in climatic ecstasy as she shared her uncle’s cum, and her own with him, as well.

With the last of his semen now washing the inside of his niece’s cunt, Ben slowly continued to pump his cock in and out of her where she had left off as her orgasm had interrupted her ability to control her muscles. Amy held him almost tight enough to cause pain, and he revelled in her constrictive grasp. It had been too long since they had been together like this. He was in no hurry to lose the thrilling sensations of her cunt around his cock, or the delicious tingling of her walls sliding over the ridges of his cockhead. God, if it was physically possible, he’d kill to be able to stay inside her warmth for days on end!

The afterglow of her uncle’s fuck descended over Amy, and she held the man she loved tightly to her, never wanting to feel him separated from her for as long as she lived. She could feel their combined juices oozing out of her and running over his groin, then down her own legs. Leaning back just enough to look between their still-connected bodies, the residue of her bloodied flow coated her thighs and the base of his cock.

“Geez, Ben, I sure leave a messy battlefield,” Amy commented, “but I needed you so fucking bad! I’ll have to get you cleaned up, won’t I?”

“I wouldn’t rush too much, Little One, if I were you. It’s been too long since I’ve had you, and I’ll guarantee that just as soon as you get us washed, I’m gonna make another mess.” Ben surveyed the mess again, then added, “I guess this means that we’re not about to become parents, doesn’t it? Sure hope those birth control pills kick in, because not being inside that fantastic pussy of yours is just not an option for me. Every time you make me cum, it feels better than the time before. And every time you squirt your girl-cum all over me, it just gets me hornier than I’ve ever been.” With that, Ben attacked Amy’s soft, pouty lips with his own, which was hard to do when his own lips were already under attack by his niece’s.

Breaking their kiss, the two picked up their clothing and headed for the house. Amy dropped the clothes off in the laundry room, then met Ben in the bathroom, where he had the shower’s temperature set, and was waiting for his niece. She had taken the two bath robes from the hall closet, and two towels from the bathroom’s linen closet. Then she nudged her uncle into the shower and joined him.

Ben lathered Amy’s body from head to toe, paying particular care to her ass and pussy, as well as her perky, firm breasts. It was almost instinctual for him to tweak her nipples until they became turgid and erect. Amy moaned in delight, especially since it had been two whole weeks since her uncle had spent so much time pleasuring her young body. When he lathered soap between her ass cheeks, she could feel his finger teasing as tickling her asshole, which had her thinking about how good his hard cock would feel inside her bowel. But it was his washing of her pussy that felt the best. Ben’s fingers lightly rubbed her clit, then began to stroke the valley of her slit, and lightly exploring her entrance. She held her breath in anticipation of his finger easing into her cunt, and he didn’t disappoint her. With the flowing of her juices, Ben easily slid inside her love canal, finding and lightly rubbing on the ridges that marked her G-spot as the velvety lining of her vagina caressed and pulled on him.

“Ben, make me cum. Make me squirt for you” Amy pleaded. Her soft demands inspired him to pleasure his niece in any way she wished. While fingering her delicious pussy, he held her tightly, kissing her lips fully and with a demanding want that seared Amy’s very soul. It was mere minutes before she began struggling for breath as the tingling in her clit seeped throughout her entire body. Grabbing Ben’s hand and pushing his fingers tightly into her cunt, her body began to shudder, then was wracked with spasm after spasm of ecstatic bliss as her orgasm exploded, and she grunted loudly and lustfully while the overwhelming sensation of her cum swept through her.

That delicious post-orgasmic glow flowed through Amy’s consciousness, then eased slowly as she regained her muscular control once more. Leaning against Ben’s shoulder, she began to lather his body, starting at the neck and working her way down his chest and stomach. Ben was waiting for her to wash his semi-erect cock when she turned him around and let the cascading water rinse him off. There was a real feeling of disappointment inside him as his niece continued from the back of his neck and down his spine. But when she began to slide her fingers over his ass and between his cheeks, he felt his cock stiffen a little more. Just as he had done, she lightly caressed his asshole with her fingers, then began to massage his balls. The sensations were electrifying, and when Amy reached around him and began to soap and stroke his cock, he was in heaven. At the very least, he looked forward to a great handjob as Amy slid her slick and soft hand up and down his shaft, rubbing the ridge of his cockhead in such a way as to make his cock even harder. Then, without any warning whatsoever, she dropped to her knees, rinsed the soap off his cock, and slurped him between her lips until she had half his cock in her mouth.

Ben just stared as Amy’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, her slurping and sucking being almost enough to make him cum. God, but this girl could give the best head, and the best pussy that he had ever had. He leaned back against the shower wall and surrendered himself to her. In response, she inhaled deeply, then swallowed her uncle’s cock as far down her throat as he would go. Her soft moans vibrated on Ben’s cock, and it drove him half out of his head. She held him in her throat for as long as she could, until she ran out of air and had to inhale again. With full lungs, she took him back into her throat, and moaned or hummed once more. Amy repeated this technique until she could feel her uncle’s cock thicken and twitch. With one last refilling of her lungs, she slid the full length of his cock into her, then groaned loudly. Between the vibrations and the grasping of her esophageal muscles, Ben couldn’t hld himself back any longer, and he exploded spurt after spurt of his hot cum down Amy’s throat, filling her demanding belly with his seed. Only when his balls felt completely drained did Amy relent her grip on his cock. Slowly she allow that mass of manhood to slide out of her oral control, draining and swallowing every stray drop of his spunk, until his cock popped out of her mouth and hung before her eyes in a state of semi-softness.

“Holy shit, Little One,” Ben declared when he got his breath back, “I’d almost forgotten what a great cocksucker you are! But no fair sneaking up on a guy when he’s not expecting it, okay?”

Amy stood up and growled in her uncle’s ear, “Bullshit! You eat my pussy without warning me, so why should I give you a hint before I suck your cock? Or would you rather I didn’t do that any more?”

“No, no, I love how you suck me off, Amy. And you’re right about me eating your cunt. But I just can’t help myself when your gorgeous pussy calls me, all wet and silky, and when you squirt your girl-cum, I feel like a drunk with a full bottle of wine. One taste and I can’t stop. Still, maybe we shouldn’t sneak up on each other?”

“What? And miss waking up in the middle of a hard cum every morning?” Amy almost hissed. “Not fucking likely, Ben. Anything less than the way you eat me first thing in the morning, and I’d rather not wake up at all!” Amy’s eyes flared with indignation as she attempted to regain her composure. “Ben, I love sucking cock; specifically your cock. I love the taste of cum, and the feel of it sliding down my throat. But if you’d rather I not do that . . . “

“Hey! Little One! You’ve been home one short hour, and we’re fighting? That’s not what I had in mind” Ben apologized. “It’s been real lonely without you for the last two weeks. Not having you here at all would rip my heart out. And I’m sorry, Amy. I’m out of line here.” Ben reached down and helped his niece back to her feet, then gazing deeply into her eyes, he added, “Forgive me, Little One? Please?”

Amy couldn’t stay mad at her uncle. Deep inside her, she knew she loved him too much.

“Yeah, I forgive you, ya big Meat-Ball!” she gurgled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly to her. “But I’m still gonna suck you off every chance I get, ya know” she added. Then she kissed him deeply, twirling her tongue everywhere she could access inside his mouth.

Amy eventually broke her kiss, but not her grip. Ben’s strong arms around her felt so good. She never wanted him to let go of her. Pressing her hard nipples into his chest, she pleaded softly, “Could you wait until I finish my period before you wake me with your mouth sucking my pussy, though? My clit gets super-sensitive when I’m menstruating, to the point of being majorly uncomfortable. I can’t even touch myself during my monthly. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it when you do eat my pussy. Okay?”

“Deal” and Ben turned off the water as he ushered his niece out of the shower, then began to tenderly and lovingly dry off her young body. Amy absolutely purred with the magnificent attention her uncle paid her, and she reciprocated when it became her turn to dry him off. When he least expected it, she lightly kissed the tip of his flaccid cock, then stared into his eyes, the love in her heart radiating into his soul.
In celebration of Amy’s return, Ben had pre-prepared rib steaks, potatoes, and garden-fresh veggies. All that was left was to cook them on the grill. While he took care of that chore, Amy set the table, made a salad, and poured two glasses of wine that she found in the ridge. As soon as the meat was ready, they sat down to eat, and to discuss the details of Amy’s trip. She filled her uncle in on all she had accomplished, and asked him if the real estate agent had called. Ben hadn’t heard anything that he knew of, but got up to check the answering machine for new messages. There was nothing.

The discussion changed subjects, with the Longhorn herd’s fate their first topic. Ben was quite willing to range Amy’s herd, but stressed that mixing the two types could lead to trouble. As long as they kept them separated, though, he could foresee no real problems. In his mind, he decided that the best place for amy’s cattle would be on the section immediately south of the ranch house. Amy listened to his argument, and agreed with his ideas. The first load of her cattle would arrive within two or three days, and the rest of them over the following two weeks. Just then, the phone rang, and Ben answered it. The call was for Amy, from her realtor.

“Hello?” Amy responded. “Who? . . . oh, hi . . . uh-huh . . . mm-hmm . . . okay, how much? . . . nope, no way . . . look, I want to sell it, not donate it . . . no, but send them a counter-offer of one-point-seven-five, and let’s see if they’re serious, or just kicking tires . . . no, I won’t drop that low . . . bottom line, like I told you last week, is still one-point-six. Anything less than that, and you can send it back . . . yeah, I understand that, but I’m not chasing all over the continent for stupid offers. That’s what you get the big roll of quarters to do . . . no, I appreciate what you’re saying, but my time is worth money, too. I’ve given you the criteria. If I have to do your job, I’ll be looking for a good chunk of the commission, too . . . yeah, I have no problem with you calling, but if the offer doesn’t meet the criteria, don’t waste the quarter, unless you seriously think another counter-offer is worthwhile . . . no problem, Jackson. I do appreciate what you’ve done so far. Let’s just get that land sold, okay? . . . yeah, it was good hearing from you. Keep in touch?” Amy slowly hung up the phone, then sat down to her supper again. She had a pensive look on her face.

“Problems?” Ben asked.

“Huh? Oh, no, not really. Jackson had an offer come in on the Montana ranch, but it’s way too low. At one-point-one, I won’t even think about it. That land’s worth at least two, and with the herd moving here, it should be a quick possession for whoever buys it. That alone has to be worth a couple of grand, as they can get right into production as soon as they move in” Amy explained.

“Maybe it’s none of my business, but what did you plan to do with the funds? Investing here is a little different than it is in Montana. I do know an excellent financial advisor in Vancouver, if you’re interested. She’s made the difference between success and failure for this ranch” Ben volunteered.

“Actually, I spent some time thinking about that on my way back” Amy replied. “How much are we looking at to get that grain and hay set-up going? You mentioned the two sections on the other side of the road for that. If I’m bringing in two hundred head, they’ll need something to winter over with. It won’t happen this year, but maybe next?” Amy wanted to know.

“If I can get Harold Shantz to plow and seed it, then combine it in the fall, we’d be looking at maybe five-hundred thousand for seed, silos and grain mixing bins, and whatever else I’ve forgotten. Figure on a four year return until break-even, and we start making money in the fifth one. Why? You thinking of investing that kind of money in grain?” Ben quizzed.

“I’m thinking seriously about it,” Amy responded, “but it’ll depend on how much I realize from the land sale. I sold off three horses when I was down there, and that’ll pay for most of the cattle transport. Except for a couple of other loose ends, I’m pretty well caught up with all the other expenses. Anything that I’ve sent to the resellers should pay for itself. So, if Ranchland is about to become my new home, I figured that helping it grow would be a good idea. That’s if you think you can stand having me hanging around for a decade or three” Amy opined.

“Three decades, huh? That’s a lot of pussy to eat, even for a horny old bugger like me. Not sure I’ll be able to keep up, but I’m more than willing to give it my best shot” Ben teased. Amy caught the twinkle in his eye, and felt a similar gleam inside her that was accompanied by a knowing smile on her face.

“Thirty years of eating me out every morning, huh?” she teased. “You realize, of course, that I’m gonna suck your cock every time you eat me, and in thirty years, you’ll look like a piece of spaghetti; half an inch around, and three yards long! Shit, I gotta see how you’re gonna stuff that back in your pants!”

“You horny little minx!” Ben chuckled. “You really think you can suck cock that much? I mean, with a body like yours, I can be pretty horny myself for quite a few decades, no problem. But that’s a lot of cum for one girl to swallow. Think you’re up to it?” Ben teased back. Amy appeared to give his challenge some serious thought before she answered his hypothetical question.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? You want to start now, or wait until after supper?” she quipped. Both of them had a knowing smirk on their faces. The thought of Amy sucking him off that often was getting Ben’s cock excited and semi-erect. Amy envisioned taking her uncle’s thick cock down her throat at every opportunity, and she felt her panties becoming wet against her pussy. What a welcome challenge this would be, for both of them!

Once the dishes were cleared and washed, Amy realized that she was exhausted from her trip home, and told her uncle that she was ready for bed. Ben’s eyes lit up with lustful anticipation until his niece informed him that she really needed to get some sleep. She could see the disappointment in his eyes, and felt badly about not being able to make love with him. Ben understood, but still wanted to be with his niece, even if it was only to sleep. Just holding her close to him was thrill enough after missing her so much over the previous two weeks. Amy crawled into bed, and Ben curled up behind her spoon-style. She was asleep almost before her head hit the pillow. The lulling sound of her soft breathing was enough to send Ben off to slumber-land within minutes.

It was two in the morning when Ben woke with a start. At first, he couldn’t figure out where he was, then he felt Amy’s soft lips sliding up and down his hard cock. His first reaction was to ask her what she was doing, but that was a dumb question. He lay quietly, enjoying the feeling of his niece sucking him as her tongue swirled around his cockhead, then down the length of his shaft. As she slid his cock out from between her lips, she kissed his tip, then slurped almost his full length back inside her mouth, slowly bobbing up and down on him. Ben wondered if she would swallow him, and while he looked forward to the heady sensations that gave him, he also wanted to be buried deep inside her.

“Come up here, Little One” he whispered. “I need to taste those luscious lips of yours, especially when I bury that hard cock you’re sucking deep inside you.” It was an offer Amy couldn’t refuse, and she let Ben slip out of her mouth as she eased herself into his waiting arms, then locked her lips on his.

“No fair, Uncle,” she cooed, “you get to eat me until I cum, but you know I can’t refuse having your hard cock inside me, no matter how good your cream tastes!” With that declaration made, she kissed him again, hard and demandingly, all the while shifting herself so that she was poised over top of his throbbing cock. Guiding him to her entrance, she slowly impaled herself until she had taken his full length inside her steaming hot cunt, then began to rock her hips slowly.

Ben could feel her heat as well as her wetness, and the velvety soft walls of her cunt massaged his hard cock in a way that only his niece could. She slid rhythmically on his shaft, her vaginal muscles gripping him as she let him withdraw, then easing of as she reclaimed his cock. At the bottom of each stroke, Amy would wiggle her hips sideways, rubbing her clit against Ben’s pubic bone, and sending a tingling through her entire pussy. That tingle also induced her to ride him a little faster, until she was literally riding him like he was a wild horse. The pounding of her cunt on Ben’s cock drove him wild, as his hips thrust to meet her rhythm. He began to feel the tell-tale signs in his cock, and as Amy’s breathing became shallower, Ben knew they were both going to cum simultaneously. Amy began to mewl, softly at first, then louder and louder as she pumped her uncle’s cock in and out of her cunt with more urgency, until she screamed with the onset of her climax. When Ben’s first spurt of his boiling seed spurted out of his cock and into Amy’s fluttering cunt, it triggered an explosion of light and feeling that engulfed her whole body. In a final surrender to her ecstasy, she slammed herself down on to Ben’s cock as hard and as deep as she could, her body convulsing in spasms as he shot rope after rope of heated goo inside her. His own orgasm was so intense that he thrust himself up and deeply into his niece’s love canal, moaned loudly as the lust of their lovemaking captured all his senses, and lifted her weight off the bed and held her onto him by the sheer hardness of his cock.

In their post-coital bliss, the two collapsed onto each other as that magical glow filled their consciousness. It was all that Amy could do to keep from crushing her uncle wit her full weight, while Ben held his niece tightly to him, struggling to catch his breath while feeling her heart pound in her chest, and against his. He kissed her neck, cheek, and ears softly with little butterfly kisses. The texture of her skin, the smell of her hair, and the warmth of her body felt so good to him; he never wanted to let her out of his arms.

“God, Amy,” Ben whispered in her ear when he had finally caught his breath, “remind me never to complain about being attacked like that, ever again! Damn, but that felt good! Is that what it’s like for you when you wake up while I eat you out?”

“Close enough, Ben” Amy replied softly. “A woman’s cum is different from a man’s, in that it spreads through her whole body with an intensity that can’t be described. It sure does feel good, though, even if it is the first thing she’s aware of in the day.”

“Really? I never thought about it before; about a woman’s climax, I mean. Wow! If it’s that intense, you have any idea of how much danger your little pussy is going to be in every morning? Just the thought that I can start your day off with that much pleasure gets me all worked up and horny.”

“Mmm, it really is a great way to start the day,” Amy agreed, “but I’d appreciate it if you’d wait for a couple of days until my period’s finished. Speaking of which, I’ll bet we’re a mess. Let me go get a cloth and clean you off.”

“No, I think I’d rather clean up in the morning,” Ben directed her, “and enjoy the warmth of you laying beside me for the rest of the night. Besides, these sheets are overdue for the laundry, and now I have no excuse to ignore them any longer. I can live with the temporary mess. What I can’t seem to live with is missing you, and your fantastic love. We’re becoming a good team, you and I. Might be a part of why I love you, my precious Little One.” Ben softly and tenderly kissed his niece. “How about you get some more sleep?”

“No problem, Ben,” Amy managed to tell him, “but I do love you, maybe more than you’ll ever know. Good night, my love.” She was asleep within seconds.

“Good night, my Little One” Ben managed to reply, just before sleep overtook him, too.

Amy woke later that morning to the sensation of he uncle curled up behind her, spoon style, his semi-erect cock pressing against her ass crack, and his arm over her waist with one hand on her breast. She felt warm and protected in his grasp, and pushed her body a little tighter to Ben’s. The rhythm of his breathing indicated that he was still asleep, and she had no desire to awaken him from a rest that he probably needed more than he would ever admit. Sliding her own hand over his and holding him to her, she drifted back into a dream-like state between sleeping and awakening. Every muscle in her body relaxed, leaving Amy feeling at peace with the world, swept up in her uncle’s love. She lay in their bed for a couple of hours, dozing on and off, until Ben started to moan softly as he made the transition from sleep to consciousness.

Feeling his niece’s hand holding him to her breast, he softly squeezed her firm orb, then lightly flicked a finger over her semi-turgid nipple. Her ass engulfing his semi-hard cock reminded him of just how wonderful her young body felt against his. As wakefulness seeped into his brain, the thought of licking Amy’s pussy until she either woke or climaxed, crossed his mind. God, how he loved the taste of her delicious nectar. But she’d asked him to refrain for a couple more days, and he was determined to honour her request. He didn’t like not tasting her, but it became more important to consider her needs and wishes.
Leaning over her gently, Ben softly kissed Amy’s exposed ear several times, until she began to stir and waken. As she rolled her head to grant him closer access, he teased her nipple until it became fully erect and hard as a diamond under his finger.

“Morning, Little One,” he whispered as he licked her earlobe, “sleep well?”

“Mmm, yeah, I did” Amy moaned in response. “It feels like it’s time to get up . . . especially if you’re a hardening cock pressed against someone’s ass” and with that, Amy reached behind her and began stroking her uncle’s thick cock, convincing it that she had holes for it to fill. Suddenly, she rolled over so that she was facing her uncle, kissing him hard and demandingly. Ben felt her guiding his hard cock along the length of her slit, smearing his cockhead with her juices, then aiming him towards her entrance. As he gently slid his cock into her hot and wet cunt, Amy moaned in delight. As soon as she had his entire shaft buried in her velvety wet pussy, she pushed her hips tightly to his, broke their kiss, and gazed lustfully into his eyes.

“Now tell me, Uncle,” she growled softly, “doesn’t my cunt feel better than just humping my ass? Isn’t this more like how you’d like to start the day?”

“Truth?” Ben queried. “If it was up to me, I’d love to start the day with you cumming all over my face, and letting me feel you twitching and shuddering as I ate that perfect pussy of yours. After what you told me earlier this morning, about a woman’s cum? All I can think of is sucking you every morning. And before you say anything else, I do love to be deep inside you like this. I love to cum in you, and I especially love to feel you cum all over my cock. The only reason I didn’t lick your pussy this morning was because you asked me not to; not until your . . . flow was over. But as soon as it is, well, you know what you can expect . . . right?”

“Mmm, I think I’m gonna like that!” Amy exclaimed. “I should be finished in a couple of days. But until then, would you be willing to fuck me?”

“Amy, I could happily fuck you until the cows come home!” Ben declared.

“Really? God, that sounds awesome!” She kissed Ben as passionately as any woman can kiss, then added, “By the way, my ‘cows’ are scheduled to arrive home the day after tomorrow. You’ve got your work cut out for you, lover!”

Ben didn’t say a word. He just slowly began to thrust his hips, as his niece returned his thrusting rhythm with her own.

The next two days would be something they’d both remember for a long, long time.

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