Oh how Love Has Sharp Claws Part 3

Oh how Love Has Sharp Claws Part 3

I stared at him with confusion spreading across my face before I said, “You are a what?
Darren gave me a Cheshire cat smile as he replied, “I am a Lemurian.”
I crinkled my eyebrows as I frowned at him. With that grin plastered to his face, I could tell he was loving every minute of my confusion. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and had to ask, “What the hell is that?”
That smile of his grew bigger into a 'I have a dirty secret that I want you to guess' smile as he replied, “Oh this is going to be so fun explaining what I am. Let me start off by talking about the history of the Lemurians and myths. It is believed that we were aliens from all over the galaxy seeking refuge on earth, but this was during the time of the dinosaurs. Of course, I don't really know if that is true since I'm only a tenth generation Lemurian. What I do know is that we are the third root race that came before the Atlantians. A long time ago, we moved underground to escape the death of our people, yet we still lost people when the Atlantians were destroyed.”
I held my hand up to make him hold on as I added up the facts. My inner self pointed out that he was unworldly beautiful, but a being from a prehistoric race of people? Not likely. I wanted to argue with my inner self about how he could be telling the truth, but the inner self just shakes his head at me with disapproval. My eyes locked with Darren's intense hazel eyes before I said, “How can that be possible? I may not know much about the Lemurian race, but I do know some stuff about the Atlantians. They have been died for millions of years or so the rumors say. It is hard to believe that you are just the tenth generation of a race that was suppose to have died and lived before Atlantis was destroyed!”
Darren ran a hand through that gorgeous spiky caramel hair of his as if he was thinking of what to say next to me. Finally he spoke, “But I am tenth generation of a race that lived and died before Atlantis was destroyed. Almost all of the Lemurians died because there was only time to save 200,000 people. My father died trying to save his family and the people he ruled. I have lost track of how many years it has been since his death. Hell, I have even lost track of how old I am over the centuries, but I remember that day as if it was yesterday. You may not believe a word I am saying, but I can show how I keep up with an estimation of how old I am. I have a leaf vines that are tattooed on my arms that were tattooed on each Lemurian child at the age of ten. The leaves grow like real ones to show the aging in tens only.”
I frowned at him as I looked his perfect sculpted body over to see not a single ink dot on him. My eyebrows raised as my frown deepened before I said, “You would have to have microscope or black light tattoos in order for me to not see them. Plus you get a leaf tattoo every time it is your birthday right? That is the only way I can come up with that sounds normal enough to believe. You get a leaf tattooed in black light ink every ten years it is your birthday.”
He just shook his head as laughter escaped his lips before he replied, “Lukus! Lukus! Lukus! Do you not have any imagination under that sandy blonde hair of yours? My body can shift to any form I need. What do you humans call them? Weres? No.... Skinwalkers? No. That is not it either. Oh! I remember! Shape shifters! I have a true form that I am going to show you since you are my 'soul mate' as humans call it. Now, stay on the bed, and close your eyes. Remember not to freak or else this will go bad.”
I closed my eyes even though my inner self was screaming he was crazy, and I need to run and to get the hell away from him. As I argue with my inner self, I started to realize that the wait was killing me to see what he looked like. Finally after what felt like ages, he said, “Open your eyes, Lukus. Take a look at my true form.”
I slowly opened my eyes, and at first my mind didn't register what I was seeing before me. First, I noticed that his back was to me, and there was a tribal dragon tattoo there. It was solid black with it's wings spread shoulder to shoulder with it's tail running in and out of his skin as it went down his back. The dragon's head rested on the back of his neck which seemed to be sleeping until I touched it to see if it was really there. Without warning, the dragon turned his head towards me to reveal crimson eyes, and to get a gasp from me. I forced myself to move on to his hair though the dragon was still staring at me. His hair still held the same spiky caramel look, yet it shined as if it was under direct sunlight. As I took this in, I noticed his skin had a shine to it like some freshly washed window. It was not translucent, but more like water was running over it without no end. The twilight vampires had nothing on sparkle like he did, and damnit I wanted to touch him so badly. I licked my lips at the thought of running my tongue along ever curve and line of his flawless body. My eyes glided down to lock onto his tight sculpted ass which I wanted to squeeze so much just to see if it felt the way it looked.
I hadn't realized I was staring until I noticed he had turned to face me with a big ass smile plastered on his face. My mouth closed automatically and I locked gazes with glowing emerald eyes not the hazel I was use to. He said with that grin still in place, “ Do you see something you like, Mr. Mark? Because you are staring at me like a hungry lion. Do you also believe me now, my love?”
My lips tried to move, but sadly no sound escaped from them. I ripped my gaze away from him to give him a reply, “Damn you! I want you so fucking bad, Darren! Of course, I have to believe you now! I have no choice! There is no way anyone could human looking as wonderful as you are now!”
Darren gave me a 'kid in a candy store' smile as he laid down next to me on the bed. He slowly raised his hand to caress my cheek, and I closed my eyes to take in the warmth of his slightly large hand. It was like being touched by the warmth of heaven which made me peek to see if it was really Darren or some part of my imagination. I opened my eyes wide when I spotted the leaves on vines going down his arms. My eyes saw one gold maple leaf on each of his shoulders that looked just like real leaves attached to a tree, but these leaves were attached to a black inky vine that twisted downwards to the next leaves. The next set of leaves were silver in color with a total of seven split between each arm. Three on his left and four on the right in nice little groups. Though these leaves were just as stunning as the gold ones, I forced myself to move on to look at the next bunch. I looked down his arm the rest of the way without counting, so I could see all the colors without the numbers. There are rows of copper, yellow, orange, red, and green leaves that fill his arm. My eyes traveled back up his arm to count the copper leaves which only had one on each arm. Then I moved back down to the yellow to count a total of three, two on the left and one on the right. Down I went to orange which I counted just two leaves in total. To the next color I moved which is red with just one leaf on his right arm. The last color I came to was green which had a total of five leaves. Three on the left and two on the right, but what did his leaves mean? I remember he said it was his age, but how could that be? I meet his eyes as confusion filled my face again, and I asked, “You said you keep your age by these tattoo leaves, but what do the colors mean?”
He replied with sarcasm, “OH! Now you are curious about them! I guess seeing is believing since I told you about them before when you didn't believe me!” Darren laughed at the frown on my face before he continued, “Well the gold are ten million years, the silver are one million years, the copper are one hundred thousand years, the yellow are ten thousand, the red are a hundred, and the green are just ten years. Pass the green, I have no clue my age because time has been meaningless to me. That all changed when I meet you because every second with you is dear to me. Every minute that I am able to touch you, it assures me that you are really here in front of me. Just an hour with you is better than anything I have ever felt in all my years of living. So will you do me the honor of staying with me until the end of my time or the end of the world?”
I grind my teeth as I went over what he had just said in my head. Deep down I knew I was going to say yes until I realized that he was a lot older than me. Finally, I said, “I don't know if I can spend the rest of my days with someone as old as you. I mean you are 27,232,150 years old, and there is no telling how long you are going to live compared to me. But if you can handle someone a lot younger than you, I am sure it will work out fine. So yes I will stay with you until the rest of my days just because you had to hurt your proud by saying something as charming as those words of poetry.”
At first he had not realized I was joking, then he busted out laughing as he replied, “You had me scared there for a minute at the thought you were going to say no to me. What are you talking about the rest of your days? I must not have told you that when we complete the last stage of the bond, you will live as long as me.”
I frowned at him as I said, “I thought we were bonded already? Tell me what I have to do to make you mine forever.”
He looked down at the bed as he answered, “You have to meet my family, pass whatever test my mother gives you, and you have to earn their blessing to be in my family.”
I nervously laughed as I said, “That should not be too hard to do since I am such a charmer and the best with people...”

Now here I am standing outside of his family's home which happens to be in the middle of the woods in the middle of no fucking where. Every horror movie I have ever seen pops into my mind as we walk slowly to the mansion of my doom. The door opens when we reach the front porch and a man that looks just like a butler leads us down a hallway that is decorated with thousands of pictures. We come to a large living room with just a few couches pressed against the walls. I spot a woman that is extremely beautiful sitting on one of the couches. She has the same caramel colored hair as Darren's, yet hers curls past her shoulders. She holds up her hand to stop us and says, “Both of you take off your shoes now! I just had this floor waxed. Darren, you know my rules on this, so why didn't you just do it?”
I nervously look at Darren as I quickly take off my shoes. He replies back, “But mom! It is just a floor, so don't get your panties in a twist! Besides you are being rude to my bonded love, so why don't you let me introduce him before you go crazy over some shoes! This is Lukus Mark, the one I have been waiting for so long. Lukus, this is my mother, Cherista LaCross, the queen of the Lemurians.”
When I look her in those hazel eyes, it is like she is burning a hole through me. I say to her trying to calm my nerves while still making eye contract, “You have a very nice home, your highness. Please give me permission to love your son for all eternally?”
She glares at me for a minute before bursting into laughter as she says, “Your highness? Boy, if you are going to be in this family, you are either going to call me mom or Cherista. Darren, you sure picked a winner here. He held it together even though he looked as if he was going to wet himself. I can only hope he passes my test because I look forward to picking on him in the future.”
Darren joins her in laughing as I breath a sigh of relief from their sense of humor. She stops laughing and her face goes serious as she says, “Lukus Mark, you have been brought before me, Queen of the Lemurians, in the name of being a bonded mate with the Second Prince, Darren LaCross. You will go through three tests. The first one is a test of courage, the second test is a test of loyalty, and the third test is a test of love. After you pass this three test, you will both make love in front of the ten top family members of this race. Then Darren will have to battle five of his siblings to the right to be with you. So let the tests begin!”
I look at Darren with a worried look as he kisses my cheek and moves to stand next to his mother. This left me to stand alone, facing whatever to come in the name of love. A few minutes later, a naked muscle bound man enters the room and Cherista speaks, “For the test of courage, you will face this man who will be in the form of a tiger. To win this challenge all you have to do is jump on the tiger's back. Good luck!”
Color drains from face as I whimper, “Tiger? You want me to what to the tiger? Or should I say weretiger since this guy is turning into one! How the hell am I suppose to jump on his back?!”
Neither of them answer me as the man before me shifts into a beautiful reddish orange Bengal tiger. He starts to circle me, but with each turn he gets closer. Without warning, he tackles me and pins me with little trouble. He then takes one of his paws and slowly rips through my shirt without scratching me. The look in his eyes is so not for food, and I thought to myself, “Oh shit! I'm going to get my ass raped by a tigerman!”
As he bites at my belt to get into my pants, he stares up at me with an unnatural hunger filling them. I decide to take my chances to stab him in the eyes with two of my fingers. He starts to slash at me wildly cutting my arms just a bit as I roll out from under him. As he holds his paws to his eyes, I quickly leap on his back. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his belly as he lets out an angry growls of protest,. Out of nowhere, Cherista yells, “Enough! Lukus has passed the test of courage with something never seen done before!”
I release the tigerman to slide off his back as he shifts back into human form. He pulls me to a stop to whisper in my ear, “Remember to not hurt my prince because if you ever do. I will make sure to continue were I left off as you lay there bleeding to death.”
My mind reviews what he just said as Cherista speaks again, “Since you have passed the test, we shall see if you can pass the test of loyalty. For this test you must be able to deny others the right to your body which means in simple terms you fight off the need to fuck with two other people. Now enter Addalena and Ares! Put Mr. Mark to the test, you two!”
Thoughts continually run at full speed to make me ready for anything until I look down at my clothes. The shirt is hanging in ribbons and my pants no longer stay on my hips. I became embarrassed at my appears in front of his mother, but soon I am sidetracked by two people entering the room. It is a man and woman about the same age as Darren with the same delightful caramel colored hair as him too. The woman is a few inches short than the man which I estimate to be about 5'9 in height. It starts to creep me out a little how closely they look to Darren except for the face, but than I notice that they are both naked. The woman has the body of a greek goddess with everything perfectly proportion, including her breasts. Those puppies are cream colored with a touch of pink however I tear my gaze away only to lock on to her marvelous shaved pussy. I bite my lip as I think of all the bad things I want to do to her and my cock grows hard under my torn pants. Without warning, my pants are jerked down, letting my hard cock spring forward. I turn to lay eyes on the man who is basically a younger smaller copy of the man I love. My inner self screams at me that this challenge is so not going to be a walk in the park, and this time I can only agree. They both start to circle me, closing it with each turn. The female, speaks first, “Look at him, Ares. What a wonderful find Darren got. I wish we had found him first. Oh well lets play with him since we have him now.”
Ares replies to her words as he passes only inches from me, “Addalena, you are indeed right. Lets have him crave us enough to leave Darren and become our toy.”
I see Addalena smile as she stops in front of me which puts Ares at my back. Ares quickly grabs my arms to force me against him with my arms raised as Addalena drops to her knees just inches from my cock. She leans forward to take the head of my cock in between her lushes lips and starts to suck deeply. I can't help but close my eyes to relax at the pure feeling of it. My mind seems to slip into the memory of my first time with Darren. I recall how he was shocked at see my cock, and he said in an excited tone, “I have never seen something as wonderful as this. You are going to get something very mind blowing, Lukus Mark! I plan to fuck you senseless since you were marked as mine from the beginning!”
Those words make me open my eyes to see that it is not my love's lips wrapped around my cock, but Addalena's lips. I realize my arms are free from Ares hold probably because I had relaxed. With this chance I push Addalena off my cock and elbow Ares in the stomach to get away. I move ten feet away from them to get a hold of myself as I hear clapping. My eyes catch Darren's and I see relief fill them as Cherista says, “Congratulations on making it through round two, Lukus! There is one test left before you and my son will be one. The test of love which will prove that you truly love him. I will give you a dagger, and you will stab him in the heart than pull it out to lick the blood off!”
My eyes go wide with disbelief as I reply, “You want me to kill Darren just to win some stupid test?! Screw you! I can't do it! I can face the tigerman and the twins, but there is no way in hell I can just stab him! Forget it!! I would wither never be accepted by this clan than end his life!”
Laughter fills the room as I see Darren fall from his chair laughing. He turns to his mother and says, “I told you he wasn't going to do it! You are going to have to pay up, mom! I want the silver Porsche if you do not pass him for that answer!”
I watch her eyes grow wide as she replies, “Not my favorite car, you don't! You may be my second son, but you won't talk me out of the Porsche!” She lets out an angry puff of breath before saying, “Fine! Fine! Lukus has passed the last test. Now get your damn mind off my car!!”
My breath slowly escapes from between my lips as Darren comes running towards me. He pulls me into a tight hug and he whispers into my ear, “Now it is time for us to make love in front of my mom. Don't get cold feet now because you get to stick it to me first. I can't wait to have you deep inside me.”
As he pulls away a wicked grin spreads across his face and we turn to face his mother. Cherista speaks, “Well! Well! Well! It see,s you passed all the test, Lukus Mark. Even though my own son has black mailed me in a way, I will allow you to be apart of this family. You are half way there, and only two things left to do. The ceremony of lovers and the battle of mating. Now, Lukus, take my son as yours in front off the top ten family members!”
With that said, I watch as nine people of ever race enter in the room. All of them beautiful beyond belief and not a day over thirty. My body freezes up at the sight of all the people which makes me wonder how the hell am I suppose to take him with all these eyes on us. Then my eyes lock onto my beautiful Darren lounge naked on a couch that is probably the same one the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra laid on to be painted. That wicked grin is still on his lovely face as he motions me forward with his index finger. My feet carry me forward as wicked thoughts filling my head with each step. I stop I front of him as I take in ever curve of his beautiful body, but Darren draws my attention to those sparkling emerald eyes, “Will you play out those wicked thoughts that I see wondering behind your eyes? I want you to take me, and make me yours forever. Now come fulfill those wild daydreams of yours?”
My hands gives my mind no second chance to rethink this before removing the remains of my shirt. I say to Darren as my cock waves freely in the air, “Oh how I have waited for this chance for awhile.”
I kneel at the end of the couch where his feet where resting. My hands gently grab his left foot as his eyes lock with mine, and I rub my face against that warm fair flesh between them. I rub my face the top of his foot before I glade my tongue over the veins that creep along under his shimmer skin. He shivers at the touch of my tongue until I stop at his ankle. I notice that the hairs on his legs are soft and transparent as touch the tip of my nose which makes me rub my cheek against it. He says breathlessly to me, “Why do you tease me so? I want you so badly right now!”
A wicked smile crosses my face as I run my tongue over his slightly tan left knee, and mumbles something under his breath. God he tastes so fucking good! He tastes of vanilla and caramel though he looks like he should taste of pure spring water. My hands push his legs apart to get to the main prize, yet I glace over that shimmering body. That chest of his has just a little trail of hair that leads from his navel to a little translucent tough just above that lovely masterpiece. I trail my finger gently over the tip of his cock down to base and then running it up the trail of fine hair to his navel. Without giving him a warning, I stick my tongue above his navel and glade it up to the wonderful curve of his neck. My teeth graze his neck gently up to his jawline which makes me stop to whisper in his ear, “Have I teased you enough or should I continue?”
He hisses breathlessly back at me, “If you continue teasing, I will take you by force, and you will not get this chance again!”
I smile wickedly at him before stealing a kiss from those lush lips of his. Darren's eyes lock with mine as hungry fills them, yet that makes me want to tease more. Without warning, I quickly slide into his bare lap making our bodies become one. He lets out groan when I rock forward a little to wrap my legs around him. My hard cock presses against his abdomen while his cock is pressing against my ass line. He pulls me close to whisper in my ear, “I want you so badly right now, Lukus! Force me inside that tight ass of yours! Claim me as yours!”
I guide his hands down to my ass, and he lifts me up just enough to slide his eight inch stiff in. My hole squeezes him tightly as I force him all the way in. We both groan from the pleasure before I slowly raise up to slide his cock half way out. Again I force him in as deep as it will go with him holding another pleasure groan in. I start to rock back and forward not letting him catch his breath as I gain speed. My cock rubs against his chest as I continue to ride him harder. He pulls me to a stop before kissing my deeply with a fiery of passion. I feel his tongue slide between my lips as I grab a hold of those perfect shoulders of his. My hips seem to start moving on their own begging Darren's cock to explore deeper inside. We groan into each others mouth as he guides me on this journey of passion. Darren pulls his mouth away just enough to whisper in my ear, “You will have to make sure not to cum because it has to be inside of my body. If it is not then this is will be meaningless, and we will be unbounded.”
I give him a confused look since I could feel myself getting close to my limit. He thrusts into me one last time before he explodes deep inside of me. I dig my nails into his shoulders as I force my body to stay calm from the wonderful feeling of being filled. My breath catches in my lungs as I lay my head on his shoulder to hiss in his ear, “Why must you torment me so?!”
Darren gives me a smirk before stealing a kiss from my lips. As he pulls away, he replies to my words, “Oh, but this is nothing compared to the torture you put me through on the daily bases. I will have to save my complains for another time because I believe you are eager to find release with that hot sticky white cream. So fill me as I have filled you, and claim me as yours forever!”
A little chuckle escapes my lips as I force myself off of Darren's cum covered cock. My eyes lock with his as I raise completely off of him. When I got onto my own feet, I scan him over to only find a perfect sculpted body with only one imperfection. That white thick ooze covering his masterpiece make him seem imperfect but perfect all at the same time. It makes me realize two things: one is that his real and two that he was all mine.
Darren rises gracefully to his feet beside me before putting one knee on the couch thingy and leaning over the back. His ass is so firm that I could probably bounce a quarter off of it. I run my hand over his left cheek before giving it a hard smack. Pain shots through my hand as if I had hit a brick wall, and all I could manage to say is, “Damn! Your ass must be made of marble or something because I feel like I broke my hand.”
I hear him chuckle at my comment before he says, “That may not be a good move to pull, my love, or you may really break your hand. Besides I workout too much for that to even be felt.”
Though my left hand is sore, I rub it over the cheek I had smacked. I press my body against his back, yet I do not enter him. He is in his true form for the first time waiting for me to fill him. All I can do is stare at his beautiful craved shoulders that only slightly curve to a smooth back with a little dip where the spine is. I pull him flat to my chest before I run my tongue along the side of his neck. Without giving him much warning, I bite his right ear lobe softly. Darren lets out a low groan as he says between clenched teeth, “Lukus! If you keep teasing, I will be forced to take you again! I thought you wanted to release inside of me? Instead, you want to tease me by explore my body. This leads me to believe that you want me to fill you again with my throbbing cock, or are you scared to act on those dark fantasies?”
I push him lightly as I spot that wicked grin of his, and in return I grab that throbbing cock. A loud breath escapes his lips as I say with a smirk, “Here let me help with that throbbing. I am sure after a quick massage it will be fine.”
My right hand squeezes gently as it slides up and down repeatedly on his cock. He lets out a low moan as he grits his teeth before pulling my hand to a stop with a backwards lust filled glare. Without giving him a chance to react, I shove my seven inch cock deep into Darren's perfect round hole. He cries out with the voice of a god as I fill him deeply. As my cock is deep inside him, I barely can hold out the pleasure of how tight his hole is squeezing me. My hips slowly pull outwards to free him of most of my cock before slamming home again. He lets out a loud groan of pain mixed with pleasure. In and out I thrust, drawing breathless moans and groans from my wonderful Darren. I hiss breathlessly out between gritted teeth, “Why are you so tight?! I don't think I can last much longer, Darren! I am losing control!”
He says breathlessly, “Let go then, Lukus! Fill me with your hot cum to the brim! Let us be bound together for all eternally!”
I drive into him over and over again making the throbbing in my cock almost unbearable. My hips push in deeper and deeper as I ride him like a godly stallion he was. I push in deep, holding my cock in before my back bows as I release my huge load into that perfect ass. He collapses under me and I can not hold myself much longer. Few seconds pass by before I collapses on top of him, and we both breath heavily as we soak each other warm scent in. We are both brought back from our dream state with serial clapping hands. I turn to look at where the clapping is coming from, and my face turns bright red as I see Darren's mother rising to her feet. Cherista says with a huge smile, “Well! Well! My son in law will make a great lover for Darren after all. Unless Darren should fail to defeat his five siblings. If he should fail than Lukus will go to the winner of the battle. Do you agree to these terms of this battles, Second Prince Darren LaCross?”
He gives me a long glace before replying, “I, Darren LaCross, second prince of the Lemurian race, agree to surrender all rights of my bonded partner, Lukus Mark, to the winner should I fail in these battle to the death.”
My eyes grow wide with the horror of losing him. If I could not have him, what would my world come to? Would I be a slave to the winner of these battles, or would I take my own life to escape never seeing Darren again? My mind races with questions until I yell out without thinking, “No! Don't do this to me, Darren! I can't bare the thought of losing you! Please don't make me someone's else lover!”
He faces me and gently places his right hand under my chin. As we stare into each others eyes , he says in a calm voice, “Lukus, you worry too much. You should know that I love you more then you will ever know. I would whether die a horrible slow death by fire forever than lose you to another. So don't worry! I plan to win against my siblings!”
One of his goofy smiles had spread across his face before he steals a kiss. I watch him walk away into a door the far right, yet still naked and perfect all at the same time. A sigh escapes from my lips as I take the empty sit next to my mother in law. She looks me over before letting out a laugh that causes me to frown. I ask confused by her laughter, “What is so funny? Your son could get seriously hurt from these battles, and you are laughing at god knows what! So tell me what is so funny about this?!”
Cherista laughs harder before gasping for breath to speak, “You are! Ha! Ha! Ha! You don't even realize you are still naked! Ha! Ha! Ha! I mean I don't mind the view, but I think it might distracted my son! If you want you can stay like that though!”
As her words sink in, my eyes slide down my body to see that I am indeed exposed to the world. Instead of turning fifty shades of gray, I turn fifty shades of red. I quickly got to my feet and grab the first pair of boxers laying on the floor. My hands quickly help me shove them on only to realize they were Darren's. I didn't say anything as I sit back down next to her again. She just continues to laugh at my embarrassment until tears roll from her eyes. As she wipes them away, she says to me, “Lukus, my wonderful son in law, that is the first time I have laughed so hard in a long time! Thank you!!”
I murmur, “You are welcome... I guess.”
She is still laughing when Darren enters again in battle dress of a roman gladiator. He gives me a quick smile before going to the middle of the floor to stand. Cherista stands beside me and begins to speak, “Welcome everyone! Today we gather here to see the battle of love be fought. The second prince of Lemurian race will battle five of his siblings for the right to be bounded to Lukus. Should he fail then the winner of the battles gets Lukus. Now lets bring in the first opponent!”
In walks a beautiful brunette woman with those same hazel eyes as my love. She has a tight fitting red dress on that hugs her ass and breast just perfectly. My eyes glide over her multiple times before I notice the scythe in her hand. Her eyes catch mine as she blows me a kiss before speaking to Darren, “Well! Well! Well, brother! Looks like you found a pretty little prize worth my time after all! I'm sure you couldn't have won that one on charm only, so tell me how you scored him?”
I watch Darren smile widely as he replies, “Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! My dear sister, Karo. You shouldn't try for something you will not win. How many Xs have you now from me?” She glares at him, but he continues, “This is going to be fun wiping the floor with you like always.”
She glaces at me before hissing at Darren, “You know how many damn Xs I have from you, bastard. This time I plan to give you one instead, so prepare to lose that beautiful lover!!”
I see movement out of the corner of my eye as Karo goes to attack Darren with the scythe. Cherista suddenly standing in between Karo and Darren with a staff blocking the attack. She speaks loud enough for everyone to hear, “Karo!! Darren!! Enough! Save it for the battle!” They both just nod as Cherista turns to say to everyone else, “The first opponent will be the Second princess of the Lemurian race, Karo LaCross. Now for the rules! No hair pulling, biting, face punching, decapitation, or cutting off limbs! However if a limb does get cut off there will be no fault to the one who does it. If one cuts off the head of the other opponent, that person shall have their head removed too. Now let the fight to the last breath begin!”
It slowly sinks in that these fights are to the death. My eyes grow wide as I see him just standing there grinning like an idiot. My mouth opens up to yell at him, “How the hell am I not suppose to worry now, you idiot! You are fighting to the death with your sister! Don't you see how weird and wrong that is! You could kill her for real!!”
He just turns that idiot grin on me before he says, “Oh I plan to win even if it means in your words 'killing her'. No one will stand in my way of you. Now sit down and watch as I win this. We can have victory sex after I kick all their ass!”
Before I can say anymore, Cherista screams, “Begins!” First Karo runs at Darren, and then they suddenly become blurs which left me worrying like a scared mother for her child. This battle went on for ten minutes before it came to a stand still. I spot Karo on her knees in front of Darren with serial cuts on her body. She says to Darren breathless, “Damnit! I trained so hard to kick your ass, and yet I still lost! Make this quick, so I can maybe at least save my dress.”
Without any warning he runs her through with an unseen sword that had not been there before. He smiles at me as some people carry Karo's dead body away. My mind starts to wonder if I could truly love him after all this is over. He had just killed his sister in front of me and is smiling about winning. Cherista interrupts my thoughts by standard clapping before saying, “Well done! A little shorter then I had hoped for, but you past the first fight. Shall we move onto the next one?”
Darren nods with a smile which fades when he looks at me. He quickly comes to my side, and I try to pull away. Without giving me a warning, he quickly grabs me to whisper into my ear, “Don't worry about her. Things are not what they appear to be, my love. Just watch until the end, and I will reveal all.”
He releases me to return to the center for the next battle. My mind did not ease from his words as his next opponent enter the room. This time it is a guy around the same age as me with fire engine red hair, yet still the same hazel eyes as all of the family. He is about an inch shorter than Darren however there is something different about him. This guy turns his gaze to me as a wicked smile appears on his face. I feel a shiver run down my spine as his eyes continue to lock onto mine. Cherista stands to speak, “The second opponent is the fourth prince of the Lemurian race, Connor LaCross. Let the battle begin!”
At first I think Connor is weaponless until I see claws on his fingers. I knew this would be over quickly before Connor could get a hit on Darren. Connor and Darren circle each other slowly at first then the speed increases to the point that all I see is two blurs moving round and round until they both come to a complete stop. Darren has two sets of claw marks across his chest and stomach. Connor on the other hand is in worse shape, but he is smiling as blood pours from his mouth. I then see Connor's eyes flicker to me with that wicked smile, and he says to Darren, “Oh Darren! Darren! Darren! You may have got me, but how will you survive the next three fights. I poisoned you, dear brother! And there is no cure for it!”
Without warning, Connor life fades from his eyes and his dead body lands in front of Darren's feet. The same people return to carry his body away just as they did Karo's. Darren laughs his dying words off as he comes over to me. I frown at him and say, “I don't think you should be laughing that off. You are poisoned, Idiot! What the hell am I suppose to do without you if you get killed!”
Darren smiles and pats me on the shoulder as he says, “You really worry too much, Lukus! I only have one opponent to worry about! Don't worry so much, or you will go bald!”
Before I can protest any farther, his next opponent appears. It is a female that has short jet black hair with the same hazel eyes as the rest. She is dressed in a fleeting tight red plaid skirt with some skimpy black tank top. Her eyes are smeared with black eyeshadow and her lips with black lipstick. Those cute little ears of hers are dotted with serial piercings. In her hands, she holds a battle axe as if it is light as a feather. Cherista stands to say, “I see that fight was just as quick as the last one. Oh well... The third opponent is the first princess of the Lemurian race, Alexandria LaCross. Now begin, so I can get on with my day.”
Alexandria says to Darren with a wicked black smile, “Hello, older brother. I figured I would tell you my plans of what I plan to do with your lover if I win. I am going to make him crawl on the floor like the bitch he is, and then I am going to sexually tease him until he begs me to fuck him over and over again. Then I am going to make him lick my pussy in public to make him feel humiliated. He will never be allowed to wear clothes, so that I wipe him like the dog he is. I will even show him off in front of you however I will kick him just to see you suffer. I hope you enjoy knowing that your lover will live a life of misery in my hands, and there will never be anything you can do about it.”
I can see fire blaze in Darren's eyes as he tights his grab on the sword. She starts to run at him with axe raised above her head. Without warning, Darren drops his sword and tackles her to the ground. She loses her battle axe as she is surprised by his attack. He starts to choke her with his hands tightly around her neck as he says, “I do not care if you are my fucking sister. I will not let you talk about my lover like that, you bitch!”
He raises her up just enough to snap her neck to finish her off. Darren quickly gets to his feet, and turns to face me with cold dark eyes. I feel fear rush through my body until he realizes he has scared me. He comes over to me as his eyes lighten from his own fear of losing me. I try not to jerk away as he pulls me into a hug and kisses my forehead. He whispers to me, “Sorry to scare you, my love. I will do whatever it takes to protect you from those who wish to do you harm!”
Darren slightly slumps against me, and I reply, “The poison is starting to take over isn't it? You aren't going to make it through two more fights are you? Tell me, damnit!”
He just smiles and straightens up to say, “You worry too much! I will be fine! Its not like I won't win this next two with ease. So stop worrying because I plan to win!”
I just frown as he goes back to the middle of the floor to face his next opponent. Cherista stands with a grim look on her face as she says, “You should not have broke your sister neck, Darren. Yes, she was being her normal bitchy self, but still. Whatever. What is done is done, now lets just move on to the next fight. The fourth opponent is the third prince of the Lemurian race, Sirius LaCross.”
A guy with bleach blonde hair with sunglasses covering his eyes, but he looks like a the stereotype biker. He lowers his sunglasses just a little bit to look me over before saying, “Hmm. He is too small for my taste. You can have him, Darren. Peace out!”
He just turns and walks out the door that he enters. Cherista lets out an angry hiss and throws her glass she is holding at Sirius. It only shatters against the door that closes behind him which makes me slightly laugh. She calms down enough to say, “That little bastard did it again to me! Why does he always do this to me?! I will punish him this time for that, but first Darren you have to win this last battle.”
Darren smiles at his mother as he says, “You should have figured Sirius was going to do that to you. He likes pissing you off, and it is funny how he know just how to push your buttons. Lets see my last opponent shall we.”
She glares at him as his last opponent enters. The guy looks like a model with the beautiful caramel colored hair as my Darren with those lovely hazel eyes. His body is muscled bound since he is only wearing leather pants to fight my love. In his hands, he holds a broad sword with a smiles on his face as he says, “Hello, little brother. I see you have a beautiful partner at last, and here I was hoping it would be a woman that would bare you a child at last. Oh well. I will make him mine, and he will never want for anything in my arms. He will be given everything he could ever want plus more. So let me win to make him happy.”
Darren leans against his sword and starts to laugh at his brother as he says, “Oh brother. I will not let that happen because I plan to kick your ass in this battle. He will only be mine to make happy. So why don't you just give up, brother.”
The guy replies, “That poison must have gone to your head, Darren. You are so pale right now. Hell you can barely stand up let alone kick my ass as you say. So just surrender because its over.”
Darren just laughs it off as Cherista stands to announce the last opponent, “The last opponent is the first prince of Lemurian race, Seth LaCross. Let this begin.”
Seth bows to Darren before turning that charming devil smile to me. He bows me a kiss and says, “We will be wonderful together, Lukus. I can't wait until I get a look under those boxers you are wearing.”
My face turns bright red, but he just turns back to face Darren. Darren glares at Seth and raises his sword up to arm level. He swings at Seth, but Seth blocks it. He spartan kicks Darren causing him to fall to the floor. Seth is on top of him in no time with a sword point at his throat. Darren manages to forcefully roll Seth off of him. He is now on top of Seth, and starts to punch Seth in the side. Seth rolls his hips up to wrap his feet around Darren's neck to remove him from a top of his chest. They both drop their swords to hand to hand combat. Seth quickly gets to his feet as does Darren, and they both start to circle waiting for the other to attack. Darren launches a kick towards Seth's ribs, but Seth grabs it to throw Darren off balance. He just flips and kicks Seth in the shoulder. Seth releases Darren's leg as he stumbles backwards a few inches. Darren rolls and picks up his shoulder, but Seth is faster. He has his own sword in hand which he swings at Darren. Darren barely blocks before throwing Seth's off just a few inches from him. Seth is surprised, but goes for another attack. Darren barely blocks again however Seth is just a bit quicker. He manages to stab Darren with his sword in the side, yet Seth does not see Darren's sword coming. Darren runs his sword through the back of Seth only to have it emerge out his back. They both fall to the floor coughing up blood as Seth pulls the blade out of his back. Blood starts to puddle around both their bodies, but I rush to Darren's side. Seth laughs and says through blood covered lips, “This is a tie though they will say you won this. I want a rematch.”
Seth closes his eyes and draws his last breath. The people return to claim Seth's body, but I am more worried about Darren. He gives me a bloody smile as I hold his head in my lap. I can't help, but start to feel tears start to roll down my cheeks. He coughs a little in between his laughs as he says, “I did it. I won all the battles for you, my love. I am just going to take a quick nap, and we can have that victory sex that I promised.”
He starts to close his eyes, and I shake him as I say, “No! You can fucking die on me! I love you, damnit! I won't forgive you if you leave me!”
It is too late though he takes one last breath before leaving me forever. I start to cry as I hold his died body to mine. What am I to do now? I lost the only person I have ever loved. The people try to take his body from me, yet I start to scream, “No! I won't let you take him! Fuck off!”
His mother says in a calm voice, “Lukus, let them take him to get him cleaned up. He will want to be clean for his wake.”
I glare at her through tear filled eyes and yell, “I don't care. I am not leaving him! So go away and let us be!”
She just motions everyone to leave us alone, but turns to me to say, “You are in for a surprise, my dear boy.”
Without another word she leaves me alone with Darren's body. I rub my cheek against his, and cry heavy tears of sorrow. Suddenly something is different, the cheek I am rubbing against is warmer and smaller at the same time. I open my eyes to see what looks like a fourteen year old boy in my arms. My arms dart around to see if they have taking my Darren somewhere from me to play some cruel joke me. The boy opens his eyes to reveal those lovely hazel eyes and smiles at me. I try to stop crying as the boy reaches up to wipe the tears off my cheek. He says, “I feel really special right now. I never knew you loved me this much. I told you that you worried too much, my love.”
I just stare at the boy, and say, “Who are you? I only love Darren, and you are too young to be Darren.”
The boy laughs and says, “You are silly, Lukus. I am Darren. We don't die unless our heads are cut off. We just shirk in age to help us heal however if our heads are cut off. We are not coming back from that. So are we going to have this victory sex or not.”
My face just turns red as I hold my mini Darren, but he sneaks a kiss on me. I remember the kiss all to well, this is indeed my Darren. He sits up and moves to wrap his legs around me. Our lips press tightly against one another that we fail to notice there is someone in the room, “Hey. Can you stop lip locking and listening for a minute?”
I jerk away to see Cherista standing there with her hands on her hips as she says, “Good. I am glad you have come to realize that your Darren is not die, but you have one problem. You two can't have sex until he is back to his normal age. It will take him longer to heal if he is getting filled with semen on the nightly bases.”
He laughs and replies, “Damn. She caught me. I was hoping to see what it was like to be the weaker one for awhile.”
I stare at him stunned by this fact, yet I kind of figured he would be up to know good. Cherista says, “Darren, you are just going to have to wait your thirteen days in order to have sex. You can wait, and Lukus can get his tattoo.”
He just continues to laugh as he steals another kiss before getting up. I just frown as his mother pulls me to a small room on the side. In this room this is just a bed and a table which I am motioned to lay on the bed. Without warning, she sticks me quickly with a needle. This is the end, I fear. My world is now dark, but I hold out for hope. I know I will see my beautiful Darren again, but I fear he will torment me with this current form.

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