Bob Sluts His Very Willing Trophy Wife

Bob Sluts His Very Willing Trophy Wife



Bob looked out through the front window of his home and watched his wife, Vicky, guide her luxury sports car up the long circular driveway and park it just past the front door.

When the Jag stopped she got out and he watched her preposterously well built body undulate around the rear of the vehicle and start towards the front door, swaying provocatively on her 5 inch, stiletto heeled boots. It was a prick hardening sight to see.

She was dressed in an absolutely skin-tight orange jumpsuit that was one size too small for her outlandish stack of feminine curves.

Her fleshy crotch pressed hard against the severely stretched material, erotically calling attention to her world class, puffy-lipped money-maker.

The pubic mound length front zipper was pulled down to the bottom of her jiggling, torpedo shaped tits, putting on display a maximum of mouth watering cleavage.

The whole dazzling outfit showed off her amazing curves in an almost vulgar way, a look derived from the prick teasing dress code that Vicky always adhered to, and one that they both enjoyed to the hilt.

Bob’s feeling was that if you have a trophy wife who looks like a porn star, she should dress accordingly and flaunt her superb, voluptuous figure in every way possible.

The spectacular orange decorated body was topped by a gorgeous, sensuous face. That stunning visage, haloed by long, thick black hair, always had an “I’m doable” expression on it, that went perfectly with her risqué costumes.

He never tired of the mind-boggling attire she wore, and the ogling attention it attracted. His luscious wife always looked like she was going somewhere to get fucked, and her super plush, perfectly toned body looked like it could handle anything that was demanded of it.

Bob not only liked to fuck his succulent wife’s magnificent set of female assets, he equally enjoyed watching that outrageously stacked body get worked over, long and hard, and be totally violated and plundered by her user’s cock.

And, an hour from now, he was going to get to do both, fuck it, and watch it get lewdly ravished and debauched, to the absolute limit.

Life was good!

In her hand was a dress box. Tonight was the renewal, after an interruption of three months, of their regular bi-weekly sex orgy sessions with her ex-brother-in-law, Rich Edgar.

In order to further enliven this evening’s XXX-Rated, dirty sex proceedings, she had been out shopping for a tantalizing outfit to wear for the occasion. One that would both entice and inspire her husband and Rich to really give her a thorough and memorably nasty going over, one that would leave her orifices gaped and her body covered with their cum and her cuntal juices.

Bob opened the door for her, and asked, “Hi babe, did you find something just as sinful to wear tonight as the outfit that you are wearing right now?”

“Absolutely,” she responded, with a very suggestive smile, “you two guys are going to love it,” then she gave him a full, wet, boner producing French kiss to emphasize the point.

Bob tongued her wide, full lipped mouth with enthusiasm, getting a full taste of her hot, juicy oral cavity, knowing that, as soon as Rich had fucked it and then cummed in it, tonight, neither man would be willing to kiss her again for the rest of the evening.

When she finally pulled her head back, he said, “Fantastic, I can’t wait to see it on you. Now you had better hurry up and get ready. Rich called and said that he’s going to be here a half an hour early, and he wants a piece of you real bad, just as soon as he arrives,” her husband informed her, as he gave her perfect ass a sharp, stinging slap.

“Well, I had better get upstairs and prepare myself for the occasion,” she laughed, then kissed him sexily again before she ran up the stairs to primp herself in preparation for getting ravished and totally demolished by her two horny sex partners.


As she ascended the staircase her mouth was watering at the thought of getting to see, and use, and be used by ex-brother-in-law’s humungous cock.

His mind-warping tool was 12 inches long and as thick as her forearm. She was absolutely in love with the giant twat sticker and had been in love with it ever since the first time she had seen it, and then had it rudely shoved into her three orifices.

The huge sex channel ravager had given her a fucking, that first night, like she had never had before and it had continued to do so, without fail.

Ever since the prodigious boner had first entered her body, she had been totally infatuated with the jumbo sized slab of male meat, just like she was a teenager with a crush. She never stopped thinking about the stupendous fucking weapon, and spent hours each day dreaming about getting it back in her again.

This ever present lust she felt for the gigantic female violating device existed, in spite of the fact that it was attached to an ugly, ill-mannered, obnoxious, verbally abusive, physically dominating, sexually merciless, completely callous womanizer. Without his massive cock she would have found Rich to be totally repulsive and disgusting.

Reaching the master bedroom, she tossed the dress box on the bed, stripped off her clothes and got into her jetted bath tub and enjoyed the churning water while she closed her eyes as she thought about what had gone on during the last year that had led up to the consensual rape that she was going to willingly submit herself to tonight.


She had been introduced to Rich and his mesmerizing cock by her older, very beautiful sister, Sheila.

Shelia was an extremely successful, 28 year old real estate agent who owned her own firm. She had been dating Rich, who was also a real estate agent, for a few weeks before Vicky had run into them at a restaurant.

Shelia had previously told Vicky that she was going out with a new boyfriend, but, when Vicky had laid her eyes on him that night, she had been shocked to find that her sister’s companion was extremely unattractive, and that was being kind.

He was very tall and fairly well built, but he was the absolute antithesis of handsome, and had acted, that evening, just as bad as he looked.

The next day she had arranged to have lunch with Sheila and, while they were waiting for their food, she had asked her, bluntly, what she could possibly see in a guy who was that ugly, crude and obnoxious.

Sheila had a simple and emphatic explanation. She told Vicky that Rich had the biggest cock she had ever seen, by far, and that, if Vicky were to have sex with him, she would immediately realize how completely different it was to be taken by a giant male sex organ.

Her sister advised her, in no uncertain terms, that she should reserve judgment about Rich’s looks until she had his dong inside of her. Until she had experienced a cock that size for herself, she would never understand how fantastic and satisfying sex was with a super sized tool, no matter how ugly and disgusting its owner was.

By the next day the intrigued, and always sexually aggressive Vicky, had decided to lower her physical looks standards down to the absolute bottom rung of the food chain, in order to be able to find out if what her sister was telling her about was true.

She had called Sheila and told her that she wanted to see for herself if what she had said about getting fucked by a giant penis was true, by having sex with Sheila’s new boyfriend, as soon as possible. Her sister immediately agreed to arrange for Rich to bang her.

A week later the two sisters were in Sheila’s condo, both their naked, bodies wrapped around each of Rich’s legs, shamelessly licking his huge sack of balls, and the thick shaft of his cock, and his anus, as they took turns sucking on the head of his meat like it was a giant lollypop.

A few minutes later she had his pussy wrecker abruptly introduced into her wet hot cuntal channel. By the time the boyfreind had shot his wad into her well stretched orifice, she had developed an unbelievable crush on his prick and didn’t want him to pull it out of her, ever.

She went home that night completely hooked on the ugly boyfriend’s immense prick and couldn’t wait to get it in her three receptacles again.

Over the next month the three of them had four more of these erotic, dirty sex sessions. In each of the randy trysts she had gotten the unbelievably large dong stuffed in her, all three ways and, in the process, he had managed to turn her into a near nympho-maniac.

In addition, while her sister had been taking her turns with the rigid battering ram, Rich had Vicky lick his balls and tongue rim his anus while he was fucking the panting Sheila’s front and back door passages. The two sisters had also put on girl-on-girl shows for him, letting him ass-to-mouth them to his lewd satisfaction.

During these wild sessions she had found Rich to be an arrogant, filthy minded jerk who knew exactly what an attraction his massive, dark-skinned dong was to all women.

He was fully aware of just how crazy women got over it, and happily exploited their clit driven wanton condition, ruthlessly, and with complete callousness. The man just knew how to make sex dirty.

Vicky had been no different from any of the other females he had conquested, and from that first day on had been immediately ready and willing to let him do anything he wanted to her, usually in a very demeaning way, just to get his long, fat joystick thrust forcefully inside of her hot, dick craving body.

These exhilaratingly sordid sex sessions had turned her cock crush into a deeply lustful love, and she had soon found herself hopelessly hooked on Rich’s club sized boner.

Then the fun abruptly stopped when Shelia had announced that she was going to marry Rich. Much to Vicky’s dismay she was suddenly cut off completely from the wondrous rutting device, as a result of the, unexpected, fast moving events.


About the same time that Sheila had started dating Rich, Vicky had met Bob, a successful businessman from a very wealthy family, a man who was 20 years her senior.

Two months after Shelia’s wedding, Vicky had married Bob.

Her new husband was handsome, suave and very much a ladies man. He was a skilled lover who knew how to push all of her buttons, exactly the right way.

Vicky had married Bob for the security and social standing he represented. She also loved him very much, but in a completely different way than she loved Rich’s baseball bat of a cock. That love made her drool and be willing to perform very nasty and perverted sex acts.

Not long after she and Bob’s wedding they had gone out to dinner with Sheila and Rich and they all had a great time. Even though they were polar opposites, the two husbands hit it off extremely well.

Two months later she and Bob had been at home watching a dirty movie in which a beautiful, stacked, blonde European porn star was getting fucked hard by two well hung young men who were having much fun putting the meat to her, hard, deep and non-stop.

The movies action was taking place in a men’s public toilet. In the closing scenes, the two actors had their big titted sex victim bent over at the waist. Her hands were gripping the sides of a filthy looking crapper, and her head was poised over the open bowl that was two-thirds filled with yellowish looking water.

While one of them was giving it to her up her pussy and ass, the other one had grabbed a fistful of her hair and was shoving her face down into the murky toilet water.

During the closing scenes Bob had leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I would love to watch you getting fucked like that, babe.”

“Would you now, darling,” she responded, startled by this unexpected revelation from her very distinguished looking husband.

“Absolutely,” he had responded, “it would be a blast. Your body is much, much better than hers is and you always look like you need a thoroughly nasty fucking, and I would like to see you getting it. In fact, every time I see you I think about some guy mounting you and fucking the hell out of you.”

“Are you really sure you would want to see me get driven crazy and used like that,” she had asked, with growing excitement?

“I couldn’t think of anything better than that would be, sweetheart. Would you be willing to let me watch some guy fuck you,” he asked?

“I would be willing to do anything that you wanted me to do,” she responded, as she pressed her hot body against his, and started stroking his crotch.

“Even let some dork use your head like a toilet plunger,” he asked, closely watching her face.

“If that is what you wanted me to do, I’d do it in a heartbeat,” she purred sexily.

Pressing herself against him, she asked, “So do you have someone in mind to put me under and let them rut me and make me climax, and shoot their cum into me.?”

“Well that’s the problem, honey, and I haven’t been able to come up with a good answer to that, so far,” he said, furrowing his brow.

At the end of the movie, both of them had been completely turned on by the discussion. They had turned off the DVD player and started discussing what alternatives they had to finding someone to fuck her right in front of him.

Bob explained that, whomever it was done with, the sex sessions would have to be kept an ironclad secret that no one would ever find out about.

That requirement made the task even more difficult to achieve but Vicky, of course, knew that she had a perfectly viable solution to their dilemma --- her sister and her enormously well hung brother-in-law.

Doing a wife swap with Sheila and Rich would completely fulfill the secrecy requirement and would also enable Vicky to satisfy Bob’s desire to see her get fucked, almost instantly.

Of course, fortunately, it also meant that Vicky would be pleasing her husband’s voyeurism, using the thing that she most passionately loved in life, Rich’s monster orifice ravager.

Having the best of all possible answers she said to her husband, “How about seeing if my sister and her husband would like to join us in a wife swap orgy.”

“My god, I hadn’t thought about them. They would be a perfect solution. We could keep it all right in the family,” Bob laughed excitedly.

Both of them were so turned on by the probable solution that she had come up with, that they got on the floor and had the best sex they had ever had, as she uninhibitedly got down and very dirty for him.

As she had serviced her very pleased husband that night, she thought about this unexpected windfall, and what it meant. Knowing what an asshole Rick was, she knew that, once things got started, Rich would do everything he could to totally debouche her in front of her husband, and make sure that Bob saw more things done to her than he had ever dreamed were possible.

But she had no concern about the lewd ways Rich would treat and use her. As things got raunchier and she got sluttier, she knew that Bob would soon get so totally hooked on watching every crude, raunchy thing that was done, that he would never willingly give it up.

Suddenly her life was completely back on the right track

The next day she called Sheila and arranged to have lunch with her. After they had downed a couple of glasses of wine, she had told her sister about what she and Bob had in mind.

Sheila warmed up to the idea, instantly. She liked Bob and liked the idea of having sex with Vicky again. And, of course, they both knew that, given this second opportunity to use Vicky’s body, Rich would jump at the idea and happily be his gross, pig like, bottom feeding self.

They agreed that Vicky should tell Bob that Sheila was on board and that he should go and talk to Rich about the wife swap, four on four, daisy chain orgy idea.

After they left the restaurant, she had called Bob from her car and told him that Sheila was on board. He had immediately called Rich and arranged to meet him for a drink that evening.

That night Bob and Rich had quickly agreed to the wife swap arrangement. When Bob had gotten home that night he confirmed to Vicky that it was a done deal and that Rich loved the idea and was anxious to put the meat to her.

He had also told her that during the discussion with Rich, one on one, he had learned, for the first time, what a truly rotten, lowlife creep her brother-in-law really was. As a result of the meeting he had deemed Rich to be at the very bottom rung of society, in every respect.

But he assured her that, to him, Rich’s gross looks and even worse conduct were going to double his pleasure. He wanted, more that anything, to see her let an ugly jerk like Rich use her, in every way possible

The next morning Rich had called her. “Hello you gorgeous, hot clitted cunt. I am glad to see that you finally figured out a way to get my cock back in your orifices again, and I just wanted to tell you that I as surprised that it took you so long.”

“I have really missed getting to rut that gorgeous body of yours, and I am looking forward to nailing your hot ass again, but good, right in front of your husband.”


A few days later the four of them had spent the weekend together on a king sized bed in a San Francisco motel, with everyone having an unrestrained, fornicating blast.

During the two day, non-stop, penis servicing orgy each female’s mouth and tongue was put to work licking balls and anuses while the other one was getting fucked, all three ways.

Plus they 69’ed each other, usually with the men standing at each end of their body sandwich, fucking their pussy’s and anuses right above or right under their noses, giving both of them very close up views of what was being done to their sibling. It was a wild and completely gratifying experience for them all.

This wicked, orgasmic weekend was following up by regular bi-weekly fuck fests, as the couples alternated between homes, having salacious, filthy sex together in each others master beds.

Things couldn’t have been better for Bob. He had been getting to watch his plush bodied wife getting fucked beyond belief by an ugly, obnoxious jerk.

Plus he got to put his meat to the Vicky’s only slightly less voluptuous, super hot sister, or he was double teaming each woman, with Rich, while the other put her face right into the middle of the action.

As time went on, Bob’s pleasure increased dramatically as he watched his porn star looking wife gradually get treated rougher and rougher by Rich, both verbally and physically.

Vicky, of course, was happily getting the services of the magnificent cock she was so in love with, and was very willing to put up with all of Rich’s nasty abuse in order to be able to get his orifice stretcher in her, anyway he wanted too.


Then one evening, after five months of this sordid, sinful fun, Sheila didn’t show up with Rich for a session. Rich told them that she was ill.

Vicky and Bob thought nothing of it. That night she didn’t have to share the two cocks with her sister and, as a result, she got totally blitzed, as Rich, without his wife’s presence, really stepped up his assault on her body parts and was even more obnoxious, crude and demanding than ever.

He had treated her like she was a common whore and she had been totally plundered as she got double penetrated all night long. Bob couldn’t have been more pleased at the show that had been put on with her.

Vicky had called her sister the next morning, to check on her, and they had agreed to meet for lunch.

During the meal, Sheila confessed to Vicky that, right after she and Rich were married, she had stupidly made him a 50% partner in her real estate firm and, during the last few days, she had discovered that he was stealing from her.

She told Vicky that he had been taking some of her deals and closing them through his cousin’s real estate firm. At the closing he had been taking 75% of her commission income for himself, and had given his cousin’s firm 25% of the commission for processing the misappropriated transactions.

“You mean he’s actually stealing from you,” Vicky had gasped?

“Yes. He is a lying, cheating, no good bastard.and I am probably going to end up divorcing him and suing him,” Sheila had stated, emphatically. “And, in addition to that, I discovered that the SOB has been cheating on me with our secretary.”

At the end of the luncheon, Sheila had announced to Vicky that she wasn’t going to participate in the sex sessions anymore. But she gave Vicky her full blessing to continue the sessions without her, if she wanted too.

Vicky had gone home that day stunned at this radical turn of events. She was in a real quandary about what she should do. Rich was turning out to be even worse character than she and Bob had thought he was.

She was appalled at the thought that someone who was stealing money from her sister had been screwing her. Plus she was particularly angry to find out that the creep was also cheating on Sheila, and on her.

She and Bob had sat down that evening and fully discussed the situation. She had immediately asked him if he thought that they should stop having the sex parties with Rich, under the circumstances, even though she had Sheila’s approval to keep doing them without her.

Bob outwardly commiserated with her about the turn of events but, personally, he was not bothered by what Rich had done at all.

He loved watching his wife get screwed by Rich to much to let the fact that the asshole was turning out to be a common criminal, make any difference. In reality, in his mind, it actually made the fucking even hotter.

Besides, she was sitting there discussing all this, wearing a pair of white short-shorts and a shirt that was knotted up under her huge breasts, and wearing platform shoes. The only thing he could think about was the need to get someone else to help him fuck her, if things with Rich didn’t work out.

With strong encouragement from her husband to continue the sex sessions, as usual, her lust for Rich’s throat gagging cock won out. Criminal or not she wanted the lowlife weasel’s magic dong in her.

A week later the lying, chiseling creep was mounted between her thighs and was giving it to her harder and dirtier than ever, with Bob watching every move with rapt attention.

After Rich had creamed each one of her sexual cavities, that night, Bob had stuck his cock in the vacated cum receptacle and shot his own wad into it.

Three months later Sheila told Vicky that she had filed for a quickie divorce and was suing Rich for theft and fraud. Her lawyer had included Rich’s cousin’s real estate firm in the lawsuit, as well as both of its partners.

This time Vicky had told Bob that, for her sister’s sake, she had to stop having the sex sessions and to cut Rich off, completely. To continue the sessions, under these circumstances, would have been tantamount to her cheating on her sister.

Bob very reluctantly agreed with her and had called Rich and told him about the decision that she had made.


After cutting Rich off, Vicky was soon having severe withdrawal pangs. Bob was having the same problem himself, especially since, if it had been left up to him, they would never have stopped the sex sessions with the ex-brother-in-law, in the first place.

Having experienced such good orgy sex, they were like drug addicts needing a fix, soon they began considering finding other couples to orgy with, or even taking her to LA and trolling her through swinger’s bars and letting guys hit on her until they found some viable candidates to fuck her.

As the days went into weeks, she and Bob even began having serious discussions about calling Rich and starting the sex sessions up again, and keeping them a secret from Sheila.

Vicky finally decided to seek advice from within the family. Sheila, Vicky and their mother, Yvonne, were very very tight and told each other nearly everything.

Her mother knew all about their wife swapping arrangements and, of course, she had been around Rich enough to know everything about him, from his homeliness to his obnoxious, crude behavior.

In fact, after Sheila had caught him stealing from her, Yvonne had told him off’, in no uncertain terms, in a very heated shouting match.
Vicky’s mother was 46 and looked like she was 26. She and Vicky actually looked like sisters, instead of being mother and daughter.

They were the same 5’5” in height, and were exactly the same weight. Their incredible bodies were a perfect match, almost like twins. The only real difference between the two of them was that Yvonne had a long, thick mane of golden blonde hair, versus Vicky’s coal black version.

Both Sheila and Vicky had inherited their beautiful, sensuous faces; luxurious hair; lush bodies, and their tight, fleshy lipped, maximum depth, hot clitted pussies, from their opulent, extremely tantalizing, over-sexed mother.

Yvonne’s first husband, the girl’s father, had died many years ago. He had left her a lot on money and she had raised the two girls on her own.

Her mother’s splendid female assets had attracted many men, over the years, and she had gone out with lots of them, but had waited until four years ago to get married again.

Her second husband was a very wealthy oil man named Mark Davis who set her up in the lap of luxury. His businesses kept him away a lot which provided her with a maximum of freedom.

The frustrated, but hopeful, Bob had agreed that she should talk to her mother about everything and see what her thoughts were on the matter, and seek her advice.

The mother and daughter had agreed to meet for lunch at a favorite swanky restaurant of theirs. They had each driven to the establishment in separate cars and both had arrived at the same time.

They had given each other a hug, tossed their car keys to the valet parking boy, then strutted in dressed like two erotic sexpots, and looking their absolute prick teasing best.

Her mother was wearing a one piece, form fitting gold dress that was very short, very tight and had a deeply scooped neckline that revealed much jiggling cleavage.

The eye popping, ultra-sexy dress was of a nearly metallic looking material that clung to her body like a second skin, cupping under her magnificent asscheeks in a male crotch stirring way. Her five inch, stiletto heeled shoes were of a perfectly matching color.

Vicky was wearing a short, extremely tight, mid-thigh length, shiny pastel purple skirt and a matching purple top that dove down to just above her nipples. She looked like she was the cover girl for an ass and tit magazine. Her ass cheeks were also tightly cupped in the most tantalizing, eye catching manner possible.

The two magnificently wrapped bodies had created an air of sexual tension in the restaurant as they walked to their seats. When they had sat down in the circular booth and crossed their legs you could hear everyone in the room exhale at once.

Both women were wearing garter belts and designer topped nylons so, for the tables directly across from their booth, the view up their short skirts was spectacular and very revealing.

After they had been brought a magnum of very chilled champagne, and had drank down the first glass of the delicious grape, Vicky got right to the point, “Mother, I am here to get and take your advice about my desire to renew having the sex sessions with Rich.”

“I want the bastard’s cock back in me so bad that I can’t stand it. Plus Bob has already made it perfectly clear that he’s all for me agreeing to return to the sex arrangement we had with Rich.”

“You know that I only elected to stop letting Rich screw me in deference to Sheila’s situation, in spite of the fact that she had told me that she didn’t have any problem with us continuing without her.

“In spite of what she said, I know that she would have been upset if I hadn’t cut Rich off.”

In frustration, she had continued, “But, mother, I am at a point where I realize that I made a terrible mistake by stopping the sex sessions and now I am strongly considering renewing them, but keeping it a secret from Sheila.”

She stared directly into Yvonne’s eyes and asked, “So, mother, I put the question to you, what should I do?”

“Do you want me to be blunt with you darling,” her mother asked her, in all seriousness? “Yes, of course I do,” she replied.

“Well, first, I found, from the very beginning, that Rich was a disgustingly, repulsive creep who completely turned me off.”

“Now I understand from both you and your sister that the extraordinary size of his cock overcomes all of his many crude shortcomings but, not having experienced it for myself, I can’t offer a constructive opinion on that.”

“But, since you are so totally hung up on Rich’s prick, I think that you have no choice but to renew the arrangement and let the ugly SOB plow you to your heart’s content. If I felt the way you do, that is exactly what I would do.”

“I do agree with you, though, that it should be kept a secret from your sister, but you shouldn’t feel any guilt about your decision to renew the arrangement. In reality, your getting fucked by that slime ball will not have any affect of your sister. Believe me she is going to be just fine.”

“Now, just to let you know that I am not speaking from ignorance, I have something to tell you that, up to now, I haven’t ever told either of you girls.”

“After I married Mark he introduced me to his close, long time personal friend, Senator Harding. The Senator made it obvious to me, when we met, that he had the hots for me.”

“One day Harding made a pass at me in his office. I didn’t resist his advances and, as a result, he ended up fucking me right on his desk, and then in his bathroom.”

“That was nearly four years ago and the Senator has been fucking me regularly ever since, and Mark doesn’t know a thing about it.”

“My secret sex life has made me happy and it hasn’t hurt Mark a bit. We still have dinner with Harding on a regular basis, and it hasn’t been a problem for either the Senator or I. So that is why my advice is to go for it and not waste any more time depriving yourself of the fun you want.”

Vicky responded with pleased astonishment, “Damn, mother, I never dreamed you were cheating on your husband. Knowing that makes my decision much easier. I think we should toast both of our secret sex activities.”

They filled their glasses, clinked them together, drank the fluid down. Then Vicky discarded her glass, put her hand behind her mother’s neck, pulled her face towards her and gave her a quick, wet, tonsil licking kiss.

When they pulled their lips apart, she said to her mother, “Lets go to the restroom.” They both got up and undulated to the back of the restaurant with arms around each other’s waists.

Once they were inside the woman’s room, they walked to the very back stall, went in together, closed the door and locked it, then threw themselves into each others arms and began, what turned out to be a forehead to knees mutual kiss and lick fest.

After a long, tit to tit, body exploration, Vicky had removed her mother’s panties and stuffed them in her mouth, bent her over the commode, got behind her, on her knees, and ate her crotch from clit to anus.

When she had her mother boiling hot and gasping for breath, they changed positions and Yvonne returned the favor.

Her mother had pulled Vicky’s panties off, sat her on the toilet seat, knelt between her spread thighs and mouthed her pussy, greedily and noisily while Vicky squirmed on the toilet seat.

After many minutes of tongue tiring orifice lapping, they got up and straightened their clothes, put a layer of fresh lipstick right over the cuntal juice that was covering their lips, then returned to their booth with sex clouded eyes and glistening mouths.

Stirred with passion, they drank some more champagne. After a long swallow Vicky said, “So, mother, since you are letting Senator Harding bang you, do you want to take a turn with Rich and find out for yourself exactly what it’s like to be taken by a giant penis, and see if it affects you the same way it has Sheila and I?”

“Well I am tempted, but I still can’t come to grips with letting that ugly, rotten, thieving bastard fuck me, big dicked or not. So you are going to have to keep asking me that question until you catch me hard up enough to be willing to let the despicable crook ball me.”

Vicky had then snuggled up to her hot mother and said, “I hope you are going to be hard up pretty soon, because you are really missing out on something special?”

“Well, sweetheart, if you keep eating and tonguing me the way you just did, you may convince me to do it sooner rather than later.”

They left the disappointed restaurant crowd, asses swinging in unison, got in their respective cars and drove away very hot and pleased with themselves.



She snapped out of her memory trance, jumped out of the tub, toweled off and went into the master bedroom.

She put on a black garter belt, then pulled on some black fishnet stockings, attaching the designer tops to the garter straps. When the nylons were securely in place, she slipped into a pair of flaming red, 5 inch, stiletto heeled shoes.

She then pulled on a pair of black, lacy, bikini panties, and then patted them smoothly into place with her hands, making sure that the fleshy crotch was snuggly covered.

She went over to the bed and opened the dress box and pulled out a flaming red dress. She stepped into it, pulled it up her body, slipped her arms through its spaghetti straps, then slid the back zipper up.

The tiny one piece dress came up to just above her nipples and the hem came to just below her crotch.. Exposed below the hem were her lush thighs, the tops of the fishnets and the black garter belt straps.

She grabbed a 6 inch wide black belt out of the box and strapped it tight around her waist, then went over and looked in her full length mirror. Very pleased at what she saw, she then turned from side to side to get a look at the profile of her body’s huge, jutting tits and her fully rounded ass.

She could see that she had chosen the perfect outfit for the fucking she was in for tonight. The black belt accented the outfit and her body, perfectly, and added just the right amount of cheap earthiness to the scene.

She went in the bathroom and brushed out her thick, luxurious black hair, then applied a full coat of brilliant red lipstick.

As she applied the cosmetic, she heard Rich come in the front door and now her husband and ex-brother-in-law were both downstairs, ready and waiting for her to descend into the living room and put on a sex show with them, and for them.

She went to the full length mirror for one last look as she girded herself to go downstairs and be the star of tonight’s virtual porn show.

At that moment, down in the living room, her anxious ex-brother-in-law said to her husband, “You better go upstairs and tell your slut wife that she needs to get her ass down here and start giving me some relief. I haven’t had one of her blow jobs in a long time, and I am hot to sink my tool past her tonsils and start watching her suck my cock.”

Bob jumped up and bounded up the stairs, went into their bedroom, where he found her in front of the mirror, and asked, “You about ready for action babe. Rich is hot to trot, and so am I.”

She turned and modeled her outfit for him, “Like my new purchase on me honey?”

“God damn, do I ever. Shit, you look like you’re even more ready to get fucked than ever. Man you are going to look sensational getting used and abused tonight. Rich is going to love the hell out of it,” he said, with an impressed and anxious smile.

He smacked her on the ass and said, “Damn, let’s trot you downstairs and get some cocks in you.”

When they got to the living room Rich was sitting in the middle of the couch with nothing on but his black shoes and socks. His ass was perched on the edge of the couch with his thighs spread wide and his 12 inch cock at full mast.

Her mouth watered as she looked at the magnificent prick, and she heard Rich say, “God damn, Bob, you wife looks just like a streetwalking bimbo. The bitch could get herself fucked for money, dressed like that.”

Hus eyes roved over her body before he told her sternly, “Assume the position, Cunt, and put on a cock swallowing show for me and your husband.”

She went over and knelt in front of his cock, got on her hands and knees, then crawled forward until her lips were touching the head of the massive dong.

Bob quickly sat in the stuffed chair that was sitting perpendicular to her body so he could see the oral action, from a perfect vantage point.

He watched her part her lips and open her mouth wide, then move forward taking three inches of the rigid dong into her mouth, letting it slide slowly across her wet tongue.

She then rocked her body back letting her lips slide back across the three inches of rock hard meat that slid out of her mouth, and then reversed her body’s direction and this time took in four inches of prick flesh on its inward trip.

On the following trip into her mouth the huge head banged up against her tonsils. Then the fun began and both men were fascinated as she gradually began working the monster dong down her throat.

Neither man ever tired of this deep throat, cock sucking action that she performed so well. Vicky was the only woman Rich had ever known who could get it in balls deep with her nose buried in his thick black pubic hair and her lips fully stretched around the base of the long thick shaft, without gagging herself. In fact very few women could swallow it at all.

Being on her hands and knees, with her body horizontal to the floor gave her the perfect angle of attack to swallow his monster sword.

When the swollen meatpole was almost fully down her throat, the pressure of the shaft made her eyes and throat bulge. She looked like a wide-eyed mackerel that was in the process of trying to swallow a fish that was much bigger than it was.

As she worked hard to get it all down her throat, Rich said to Bob, “God damn, man, that is a sight to behold, ain’t it. That bitch flat out knows how to swallow cock,” and he reached down her back and gave her ass a hard smack of encouragement.

When she finally had it in to full depth, with black pubic hair sprouting out from around her stretched lips, she began rocking her body back and forth, fucking herself nastily with the immense mass of rock solid male meat.

After some time had passed, Rich said, “Bob, you get behind her and start squat fucking her pussy and anal passage a little, and get them warmed up and stretched out a little for me. I want to start fucking her in a couple of minutes.

Bob jumped up, stripped off his pants and briefs, and got behind her. He pulled her panties down to her knees and quickly slipped his cock into her already steaming hot cuntal channel.

After he had reamed it good, for a couple of minutes he switched to her anus and drove the cuntal juice dripping cock up her ass and started pounding it home. His violent thrusts caused her face to get mashed up against Rich’s pubic mound, even harder, as she gorged herself on Rich’s beefy sausage.

When her lower orifices had been warmed up, Rich put the heel of his hand on her forehead and pushed her away from him, his cock leaving her mouth with a loud suctioning noise.

Bob dismounted and the two of them dragged her to her feet, roughly, then Rich led her into the kitchen where they lifted her up and lay her on her side on the kitchen table.

Rich got behind her ass, slipped his hand under her top thigh and lifted it up, fully exposing her clamshell pussy. He then and eased the head of his dick into the wet, loosened cuntal slit, and began easing his stiff meat into her.

Her eyes were closed as she felt the enormous shaft widen her channel, as the head forced its way through the flowing cuntal juices, seeking maximum depth.

She groaned loudly as the huge tool plowed her. When it stopped half way in, Rich quickly pulled it back then rammed it forward driving the steely weapon in another two inches.

The smiling, sleazy owner of the over-sized dong kept repeating the process until his entire shaft was buried in her womanhood. Both he and she let out a sigh of passion when his balls slapped against her ass cheeks, and the dong had fully taken her.

Bob, with a tit in one hand and the fingers of his other hand all stuffed into her mouth, also let out the same kind of sigh as he watched his wife’s spectacular body get skewered by the crude, and crooked real estate agent.

Rich then began fucking her good. After five minutes he pulled out of her steaming pussy and repeated the process with her anal channel. That still very tight opening took his tool in, a half an inch at a time, as he pounded it up her ass, mercilessly.

When her back door had been conquered, he began alternating ramming his boner into each lower orifice, alternating between them on each thrust.

Then he said to Bob, “Let’s roll her over on her back and finish this slut off. They pulled out of her, put her on her back, with her crotch hanging off of on edge of the table and her head hanging off of the other side.

Rich grabbed his shaft and placed the head of his dick against her anus, grabbed a hip in each hand and drove it in, hard.

Bob guided his pecker into her upside down, open mouth and shoved it in, up to his balls. He then grabbed a tit in each hand and used them as leverage as he began fucking her face and deep throating her.

Vicky was in sex heaven as the two men plundered her two cooperative and very pleased sexual openings. The two attackers could hear her muffled moans of passion as the two shafts had their way with her, completely. She soon rewarded them by having multiple climaxes.

She took a pounding for almost ten minutes before each of their guns emptied themselves into the channel they were using, flooding her with their hot, sticky jism, as her hot body bucked with another volcanic climax.

Rich had Bob bring him the biggest butt plug they had in the house and when he pulled his cock out of her anus he stuck the butt plug right in the vacated, gapping cavity, in order to keep all of his cum in her for later use.

For the next two hours Rich orchestrated the complete debauching of her -- with Bob’s help, or while Bob watched. In the process, they managed to turn her into a helplessly responding, pure fuck object.

Her body and clothing were soaked and slick because both men shared a fetish. They did not like to have sex with naked women. Basically, the only thing they ever completely removed from a woman, during all aspects of sex, was her panties.

They loved to take a woman dressed the way she came, and just make a total mess out of her and her clothing.

They would pull her tits out, when they wanted to use them, and her skirts were usually up around her waist, but they would fuck her and use her, keeping her clothes on the whole time.

As a last step in this night of pure raunch, Rich sat naked in the middle of the couch and had her backup over his thighs, in the reverse cowgirl position,

He then pulled the butt plug out of her ass and plugged the now vacated, gapping anal opening, with the head of his pecker.

He then had Bob pull up a chair right in front of her so he could watch the action.

He had her press her body down and slowly sink his massive dong up into cum well lubricated anal channel.

When the dong was all the way in, he had her put her feet up on the couch, on each side of his thighs. Assuming that position spread her thighs wide apart.

Rich then told her to use her feet and thighs to lift her body and start bouncing it up and down on his cock.

Bob watched her do what she was told and start running his dong in and out of her anal passage, totally fucking herself. Her mouth was open, her eyes were closed and she was groaning with pleasure as she squewered herself with the rigid pole of male meat.

After about three minutes Bob heard Rich tell her, “Get off of me and get down on your knees and get yourself a full taste of your ass, babe.”

Bob watched her dismount and kneel on the floor between the creep’s thighs, grab the base of the huge shaft in both hands, and go down on the, cum and cuntal juice coated dong, then began bobbing her head as she sucked on the nasty tool, with a passion.

Rich then had her remount him and then they went through the same process a half a dozen times before he finally bucked her off and let her pitch forward, face first onto the floor.

He quickly stood up, grabbed a fist full of her black hair, brought her to a kneeling position right in front of his cock, grabbed his dripping tool with the other hand, aimed it at her, gave it a couple of strokes, and then watched it explode in her face.

Rich was a one man bukake show. The volume of cum he shot off was in direct proportion to the size of his cock. Vicky was immediately covered with a mask of white, creamy jism, as the first massive cum shot splattered right between her eyes.

The second volley bounced off of her forehead and sent streams of the sticky goo up into her hair. The third drenched her nose and chin, and the fourth creamed her neck and the think spunk started flowing down onto her jutting boobs.

When he was through, she looked like a half a dozen guys had shot their loads into her face.

Bob, totally turned on by the hosing his wife had gotten, jumped up, jacked his cock a few times and sprayed his sperm onto her breasts.

Leaving her on her knees, looking like a cum sundae, as she licked her lips, Rich quickly dressed and hit the road.

Bob sat down on the chair in front of her and said, “Damn, honey, it is good to have Rich back. You have never looked more fucked in your life.”

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