Alice's True Adventures -Prologue-_(1)

Alice's True Adventures -Prologue-_(1)

Alice's True Adventures – Prologue -

NO actual sex in this chapter but there will be plenty in future chapters I remained a virgin until................

Everyone is 18 or over in this Adventure. I may not specify the exact age but they are all 18 and over.

I was talked into writing my story from the time I was eighteen from my daughter Barbara. I hope you enjoy the first Chapter of my Adventure.

My life all changed back in 1974 and at 41 I still keep in shape. In 1974 I was the oldest of twelve children. My eleven brothers were either white, black or in between races. My youngest blue eyes and blond as sweet as a button. I have darker skin than my parents and could pass as Italian.

Mom told me us kid's were of various races because her and our ancestors were from various races. Her black heritage from the slave days in the deep south. Some of my brothers took after dad who was pure dutch. His parents coming from the Netherlands, when he was six. His parents taught my dad Dutch and he could speak it fluently. We visited my grandparents at least once a week on Sundays. Most of the time just dad and I visited his parents. We never got to visit mom's parents because they had died before any of us were born, grandma from cancer and grandpa died a year later, mom told me from a broken heart. She said he was never the same after grandma died. At least I had my Uncles of various races to visit with my brothers. I could even pass for Italian.

Mom and Dad made sure all our school work was done then all of us worked out in the gym, ate properly and took care of our bodies. Dad always said a good body makes a good mind. My brothers over did it though and had firm muscular bodies from neck to calves. My self with my huge breasts I found it more difficult to work out but I did enjoy gymnastics and swimming.

On mom’s side of the family all her brothers, my Uncles were of various races including blue eyed blond and tanned nicely every spring, summer and early fall. My brothers ran around most of the warm months only in tiny bathing suits. You could see where the tan stopped when they bent over and you could see their tan lines from pure white to deep brown.

I have black and white uncles as well. In total on my my mothers side I have twenty two uncles and on dad's side there is only my dad.

My Mother is blond and blue eyes like dad. I do mean white, mom had little time to spend out doors tanning. Dad on the other hand working construction outside bare chested, jean shorts during the warm and hot season. I learned later the reason us kids are of mixed races. It was the same reason my uncles were of mixed races.

My eleven younger brothers slept upstairs next to my parents bedroom. Mom ended up sleeping in the basement the majority of nights.

I felt sorry for dad not having mom to sleep with most nights. If he was upset he never let on or maybe he preferred sleeping alone, having to get up early each morning, including Sundays for church.

My breasts started developing at an early age and by the age of eighteen my breasts were larger than the majority of adult women. As far as I knew, my mother’s breasts were the only breasts larger than mine.

Mom never bought me a bra and she didn’t wear one either. I developed so quickly my clothes were too small for me, especially my hips and breasts.

I'd shot up from five feet to five-six over the past year. My waist was still twenty two inches. I complained my skirts were tight to my hips. My breasts pushed against my blouses, revealing my huge breasts and nipples. I had shot up quickly, my skirts and dresses barely covering my panties. I had asked dad to buy me new clothes that would fit me, dad told me he wasn’t going to buy me new clothes. The reason he told me he wasn't buying me new clothes that I would grow out of them by the following year. I'd just have to wait another year before he bought me new clothes on my nineteenth birthday. I hated my huge breasts because the girls and boys made fun of me.

One day on my way home from school after exercising I was stopped by the most popular girl at school. I was ready to walk home from school. “Alice, have you got a minute?” One of the most popular girls at school yelled.

“What did you want, Marian?” I asked.

“I’m asking if you would like to come to my birthday party Saturday? My parents are going to be home staying up stairs most of the party. Dad told me not to be surprised one of them dropping by, making sure there wasn't any drinking or drugs at the party. It is just a party and no presents, so don’t bring anything but yourself.” Marian said.

“You're asking me? I thought you and your friends didn't like me.” I questioned. “Besides I know mom won't let me go if there's boys at your party.”

“Don't worry, it’s an all-girl party so your parents won't have to worry about boys. Your mom can call my mom if she doesn't believe you.” Marian answered.

“You still haven't told me the reason you're inviting me. I know you and your friends don't like me.” I said placing my hands on my hips.

I am going to be nineteen and want to start acting like a grown up and be accepting of people. I'm willing to be your friend, if you are willing trying to be my friend. You know what I do the rest of the girls will do the same as me, reaching out to you in friendship.” Marian smiled. “Mom's stocking the fridge with pop and lemonade. They're putting out potato chips to munch on and serving pizza before the party breaks up. Please say you'll come Alice.”

“Thank you, yes, Marian I’d like to come to your birthday party. Can I give you my answer tomorrow.” I asked. “I have to ask both of my parents permission.”

“Sure thing Alice, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Marian answered heading home.

I headed home thinking on the way how lucky I was being invited by Maria to her birthday party. I just had to worry about dad and mom letting me go to the party. They were both extra protective of me more than my brothers.

My mother was very busy helping a bunch of young muscular white and black college age guys in their early to mid twenties with their homework. She often spent the entire night in the basement assisting them with their homework. No one including dad was allowed in the basement when mom was helping the young muscular men with their schoolwork. I guess mom figured girl's mother would help them with their school work. The young men were from all over the country going to college here.

Mom went into the city after football, soccer and basketball practice to help clean the men locker rooms, taking at least a couple of days to clean them. Mom also cleaned the visiting teams locker room before football, soccer, baseball, wrestling basketball and hockey locker rooms.

Mom's payment was a free ticket to the city games playing against such teams as the Chicago Bulls, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Islanders, Boston Celtics, to name just a few of the teams played at (The Palace of Auborn Hill, Ford Field, Comerica Park, Joe Louis Arena, Mustang Wrestling Club and Training Center, Detroit Gulf Club and Swimming, as well as other places sports are played including Detroit suburbs.

You name it my mother got a ticket for various sports events. Once in a while dad took mom to cities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

I got home from school and went to dad’s office and knocked on his office door.

“Who is it? It better be important because I'm working on some important office papers before I work heading to the gym.” Dad said.

“It’s Alice, Dad. I have to ask you and mom and I'd prefer to ask you both the same time. She's usually preparing supper this time of the day.” I said worried about disturbing him.

“All right Alice go get your mom and come right back. Hurry up and get your mom. I'll be in my office with the door open when you get back.” Dad said leaning over his desk looking through some papers.

“Okay dad, be back soon.” I said.

“Mom.” I called walking in the kitchen. “Can I talk to you with dad in his office?” I asked.

“What's it about.” Mom asked stirring something on the stove.

“I'd rather ask you and dad together and that way I don't have to explain twice.” I said.

“Fine, I'll turn the burner off until I get back. Let's go Alice and get this over with.” Mom said sounding annoyed.

Mom followed me back to dad's office and we both walked in. As soon as mom sat down in one of dad's easy chairs I spoke up. “One of the girls at school, Maria has invited me to her birthday party Saturday evening. Can I go mom? Please mom, it's the very first party I've been invited to.” I pleaded.

“I don't know honey, you told me the girls pick on you. Are you sure you want to go?” Mom asked. “What do you think, Glen?”

“I'm concerned if there will be boys, alcohol and drugs.” Dad answered.

“Maria told me since she's turning nineteen she's made her mind up to turn over a new leaf and accept everyone for who they are and her friends have all agreed. Maria's parents said they'd have surprise checks to make sure no alcohol, drugs or boys were sneaked in. It's an all girl party mom, dad.” I said.

“I don't know I only have their word for it. I trust you Alice, but what about Maria?” Mom asked.

“Maria gave me her phone number so you could phone her mother.” I answered handing mom the phone number Maria had given to me.

“Okay I'll phone but she'll have to talk to your dad and me.” Mom said, picking up the receiver and started dialing the number.

“It's fine with me mom.” I answered.

“Hello Mrs. Mac Gregory, I'm Mrs. Thompson, Alice's mother.” Mom said over the phone.

Mrs. Mac Gregory must have been explaining some thing to mom because mom didn't say anything for a couple of minutes.

“Yes that's why I'm calling.” Mom said speaking into the phone. “That was the main reason I was calling. “Did you know your daughter and her friends have been bullying Alice in school?” Mom asked.

Once more mom was silent holding the phone.

“I was concerned if there would be boys at the party as well as Alcohol and Drugs.”

Silence for another minute.

“My husband would like to talk to your husband Mrs. Mac Gregory. Is he available?” Mom asked.

“Thanks.” Mom said. “Here Glen, Mr. Mac Gregory was expecting you to call.” Mom handed dad the receiver.

“Hello Hank.” Dad said. “I'm calling about Maria's birthday party.”

A few minutes passed. Dad listening to what ever Hank was saying.

“That's what I was worried about, glad to hear about the surprise visits down stairs to check no Alcohol, Drugs, uninvited guests or boys. Thank you Hank. Will I see you Sunday at Church?” Dad asked.

Take care Hank see you Sunday. Do you want to talk to Lee, dear?” Dad asked.

“No. I asked Mrs. Mac Gregory what I had to ask her. Thank Mr. Mac Gregory for allowing Maria to be invited to her birthday party. Dinner will be ready in half an hour Glen.” Mom said heading out dad's office.

“Don't hang up dad, ask Mr. Mac Gregory if I can talk to Maria about details.” I asked.

“Is Maria around?” Dad asked. “Alice would like to talk to her.”

“Okay Hank see you Sunday at church. She was beside the phone with her parents. She wanted to talk to you Alice.” Dad said handing me the phone. “Your friends parents are alright people Alice.”

I talked to Maria getting details what I should wear and bring. Maria told me it's informal and to wear something comfortable like a summer dress.

The week crawled by and finally it was Saturday. Mom let me wear one of her conservative summer dress that covered my breasts and went past my knees in length. I had never been in Maria's neighborhood and dad had gone out for an evening meeting so I had to find my way to Maria's.

A half hour later I knocked at Maria's back door. It was a real fun party, we sang happy birthday to Maria, played games and records. It was later than I planned on leaving the party. The other girls had rides home, but I didn't so I had to walk.

I crossed the road walking along the well lit street. I walked a couple of blocks where the sidewalk was dimly lite. I was about to cross the street when I heard someone shouting. “Hello there, I see you're all alone and it's not a safe neighborhood.” I turned seeing a black man, either in his late teens or early twenties walking toward me. He was bare chested, wearing tight jean shorts and sandals.

“You are right it is kind of scary.” The black muscular tall guy had caught up to me and standing beside me. “Are you offering to walk me home?” I asked.

“Yes I am. Where do you live? By the way my name is Evan. I live six blacks east and north of here. Do you live along the way. Don't worry if you don't I'll still walk you home.” Evan said taking my hands and looking into my eyes. “You're very beautiful.”

“Thank you Evan. I live eight blocks east and a block south. It's the other side of the white slums. Will that take you out of your way?” I asked.

“Only by a block. I don't mind.” Evan said. I had neglected to ask why he was out so late, I was thankful I wouldn't have to walk home alone.

Evan and I walked in silence until reaching my house. “I live here. Thanks for walking me home.” I said politely.

“I'll walk you to the front door and make sure you're inside and safe before heading home.” Evan walked me to the front door waiting until I unlocked the front door ready to walk inside. “It's dark where is everyone? Will you be okay?” He asked.

“Yes I'll be fine. Dad is probably in his office or upstairs sleeping. He goes to bed early Saturdays, he gets up early for church in the morning. Mom is probably in the basement helping college guys with their homework. I'll be fine.”

“I'll walk you in anyway. I'm thirsty. Can you give me something cold to drink. Tap water will be fine if you let it run a little until it's cold.” Evan said while following me inside the dark hallway and turning the lite on.

“I guess it will be alright. Please wait here and I'll be right back. Do you like lemonade?” I asked. “That's all we have that's cold.”

“That's fine I'll wait here in the hallway.” Evan said.

I returned a few minutes later with two glasses of lemonade one for Evan and one for myself. We can sit in the living room to drink our lemonade.” I said walking to the couch and siting down.

“Oh sorry I'll turn the light on so it's not dark.” I added about to stand up.

“That's okay I don't mind the dark.” Evan said choosing to sit beside me on the couch instead of the easy chair.

“Maybe you should sit on the easy chair Evan.” I said not wanting to be rude but not wanting to sit beside a black muscular guy I barely knew.

“It's better to sit beside you so we don't wake your dad upstairs.” Evan whispered, handing me a couple of small white pill and a red pill. “You look
up-tight Alice. I have a couple of pills that will help you relax. He popped an oval blue pill in his mouth swallowing with the help of his lemonade.

Without thinking, I popped the two pills in my mouth, taking a drink of my lemonade and swallowed them. We talked about the weather and things like that for about ten minutes until I started feeling sleepy and something else deep inside me.

I felt Evan reach over but was in a haze he pressed against me. I wasn't positive what was happening until I heard dad shouting.

“What's going on Alice and who's this black boy?” What are you half undressed for? You disappoint me. You are nothing but trash to encourage a boy to undress you.”

I was still feeling woozy but more alert than I had been. I looked down at myself. My summer dress was open, both of my large breasts hanging loosely. My nipples where erect and the bottom of my dress was around my waist and didn't have my panties on. “What happened to me.” I slurred.

“Don't give me that junk Alice, you've undressed yourself in front of this young black man. What will your mother think of you. Your mother will never understand your behavior and either will your brothers.” Dad shouted. “Fix your clothes.”

I couldn't find my panties, I buttoned my summer dress, standing up letting my my dress fall until the bottom was below my knees. “I don't know what happened dad. Honestly!” I pleaded looking at dad.

“Likely story.” Dad yelled. “You're nothing like your sweet mother helping young men with their homework.”

“Yes, I would dad.” I pleaded.

“Help them alright but not with their homework slut. I want you out of here.” Dad started to say but was interrupted when mom walked in the room.

Mom was covered head to toe with thick white stuff dripping from her face down the front of her barely covered large breasts seeping into the cotton house coat. “What's going on?” She asked. “I could hear you all the way in the basement. I rushed outside and tripped in a mud puddle because I rushed to get here.”

Mom ran her fingers through her shoulder length muddy hair. I had never seen white mud before but I'd never been in the back yard either. All of us except the guys needing help with their homework and mom used the back door. Is there a fire or something?”

“Fire yes but not the kind your thinking of. I'll tell you what's the matter. Your daughter Alice was half nude when I came down stairs. I'm glad she fixed herself up before you got here dear.” Dad said. “She's nothing but a tramp taking her clothes off in front of this young black man, trying to lure him with her body. I don't blame the young man, I blame Alice. I want her out of the house and now.” Dad yelled.

“Please Glen, not our only daughter. I'm sure she didn't mean it and will never do it again.” Mom pleaded. “Will you Alice?”

“No I'll never do it again, please let me stay dad. I promise I'll never do it again.” I pleaded.

“I'm sorry you are out of here and now.” Dad said a little calmer.

“I have no where to go.” I pleaded. “How can you send me out at this time of the night daddy?”

“You should have thought of that when you invited the young man in the house.” Dad yelled.

“Don't worry Alice you can come to my place. My family will look after you. I promise Alice you can go home after your dad calms down.” Evan said smiling.

I stood up heading for the upstairs, staircase. “I'll go up and pack a few things for the night.” I said.

“No you'll go the way you are.” Dad shouted.

“You better.............” Mom stared saying.

A dozen black and white tall muscular young men entered the living room. They were all wearing tight, torn jeans ripped and that's all. They were bare chested.
“What's going on Mrs. Thompson?” The black young man in his early twenties muscle bound at least six foot-two or three ask. “We were just getting some good......”

“Geography lesson's.” A deeply tanned blue eyed blonde maybe an inch or more taller than the black young man and approximately the same age said quickly cutting off what the black young man was saying.

“It's alright boys, go back down stairs I'll join you directly, we'll pick up where we left off. I believe Hank and George were about to go over the next Geography lessons. Right guys?” Mom asked.

“That's right Mrs. Thompson.” Two hot young men one black the other with sandy colored hair spoke up. “We'll be ready for you when you come back down Mrs. Thompson.”

The dozen young men turned heading out of the living room toward the dinning room kitchen swinging doors. “I'll be right down boys, make sure you're ready for me Hank and George. I don't want to have to waste time waiting for you boys to prepare yourselves. You know I can be ready fast. Make sure you have your tools ready for action.”

“That's for sure.” Hank and George answered pressing their large hands over their bulging jeans. “Don't worry about our tools Mrs. Thompson mine is up and ready for action already. Hank turned following George, pushing through the kitchen swinging doors.

“Look at the good example your mother shows, even covered in mud she only thinks of helping the boys with their studies unlike you slut.” Dad said. “Get the hell out and now.” Dad shouted.

“Listen to your dad and he'll be in better mood by tomorrow when you call. I got to get down stairs and help the young men with their geography lessons.” Mom said standing up.

“One thing I wanted to ask you dear. What kind of tools do Hank and George need to study geography?” Dad asked.

“Oh that. Things to look at maps and measure distances and stuff like that.” Mom answered.

“Be careful Alice I'm sure this young man will take care of you. Won't you?” Mom asked. “I don't even know your name.”

“It's Evan Mrs. Thompson and I promise my brothers and brother in-laws will all help take care of your daughter.” Evan said, smiling at mom and swore he winked but it had to be my imagination.

“Thank you Evan.” I could have swore mom's eyes traveled up and down Evan's athletic six-two or three body focusing on the bulge traveling down his right leg. “I gather you don't go to school. I've never seen you before. Maybe you should think about heading back to school. I would gladly help you and your brothers and brother in-laws further your education that is if they'd be interested.” Mom said in one breath. You never can get enough education.”

“I'll ask my brothers and brother in-laws Mrs. Thompson for your kind offer.” Even said.

“See what a wonderful woman your mother is. In the middle of your whoring ways she offers Evan's family an education. You should be more like her. Now get out now.” Dad shouted.

I headed for the front door walking out side with Evan following close behind me. “I'm sorry you had to go through all that.” Evan said once out side. “You better have a few more pills to settle your nerves Alice.” Evan reached in his jacket pocket and pulling out a couple of plastic containers. He handed me a couple of small white and red pills. “You won't need anything to swallow them, they're small enough to swallow with saliva.”

“Thank you Evan.” I said swallowing the three pills with the aid of my saliva. Even took my hand and we were soon on our way to his house. It was a good half hour walk before reaching Evan's two story shack. It really did look like a shack. I took my shoes off at the back door the same as Evan following his through the kitchen and upstairs.

Evan opened the second door down the hallway turning on the light. “I have a special surprise guys.” Evan said leading me into the large room with four beds and only one of them was empty.

“Evan what's going on.” I asked feeling woozy and something else deep in my pussy I had never felt before.

What will happen next may surprise you or maybe not. I remember like it was yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the Prologue to Alice's True Adventures If you did I'll be working on Chapter 1.

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