Business Part 1

Business Part 1

Jeb grunted as he carefully set the last of the unconscious girls onto the floor. Stepping back, he paused to admire their nude forms, before calling his mother, Amy in to clean them up. She bustled in, all round and grandmotherly, and exclaimed,
“Oh Jeb you’ve outdone yourself! Randal will be so pleased, I bet he keeps that silvery-blonde for himself. she added cheekily, and he chuckled. Behind her trailed a tiny waif of a girl with deeply tanned skin, a blonde mane and shockingly purple eyes.
“Hello Violet dear. he leaned in to kiss her, and she blushed sweetly.
“Now Violet, I’m going to take these two, you can deal with those right? Amy called over her shoulder, Violet nodded emphatically and sat next to one of the girls sleeping forms. Jeb sat back in a chair and watched his mother and daughter sponge bathe the girls, starting at their feet and working their way up.
Violet was not his daughter by blood, but through an adoption of sorts. She had originally been meant for Randal to break in, train and then be sold for a hefty profit. Jeb had had great luck while hunting that night, coming back with fifteen girls! And it wasn’t like you could just pick any girl off the street. They had to be petite, thin beautiful creatures, with no tattoos or piercing, they had to be no older than fifteen and no younger then thirteen. Virgins were greatly preferred but not always necessary, and these days that kind of thing was hard to come by.
When he had shared the good news with Randal, he’d been delighted, and gave Jeb permission to take whichever one he wanted for the night as a reward. Jeb had carefully made his selection, picking Violet for her gorgeous purple eyes, and carried her off to his room.
Violet had been surprisingly docile, allowing him to suck greedily at her tiny pink nipples, staying very still and gazing up at him with those miraculous eyes as he slid his finger up her tiny cunt hole, never even flinching when he broke her hymen. He had began to fall in love with her that night, when he slid his cock into the tightest little pink asshole he’d ever felt with a grunt a sigh, and heard her sigh in return. She had been so incredibly sweet about the whole thing, he hadn’t needed to tie her up that night, rather she had lied in his arms and slept soundly.
When he awoke the next morning, panic hit him when he realized Violet was gone. In a seconds time he had pictured her escaping to the police, the entire operation, his life, everything gone down the fucking drain.
“STUPID STUPID STUPID! he raged at himself as he swiftly fled through the hall, pulling his pants up. Upon entering the kitchen, he had froze. There, sitting at the table free of restraints and looking quite content, was Violet giggling with his mother over a stack of blueberry pancakes. Amy adored her immediately and from that day on Violet had become a part of the family.
Tonight he had captured four girls, probably the four most exquisite in all of his career, he thought proudly. Randal had been very clear on his order for this time: Two pale blondes with the same height and weight, body type, as identical as possible. They both had bright green eyes that had sparkled with fear when Jeb approached, pouty down-turned mouths and a spray of freckles across the bridge of the nose.
In contrast, the other two, who were the same height and weight as well, instead had dark creamy complexions, waving brown curls and exotic blue eyes that tilted up at the ends. He suspected that one of the girls might be closer to twelve than thirteen, but in this case Randal would surely make an exception.
Despite their different looks, all four girls were very petite, five foot tops, with tiny rounded breasts and pink hairless pussies. They would fetch a pretty penny on the market. Although he hadn’t checked, he was sure at least three were virgins, not that it mattered so much. Virgins were more profitable than a well-trained sex slave, but Randal wasn’t about to give up the greatest perk of his chosen career.
When Violet and Amy had scrubbed every surface of the girls bodies, Jeb selected four matching schoolgirl outfits, complete with cotton panties and knee-high socks for them to be dressed in.
“There! Amy cried, always so excitable, as she stepped back to survey her work. The wall was lined with the slumped forms of four unconcious angels in white button-up shirts, red plaid skirts, knee highs and mary jane shoes. Any mans dream-Jeb felt his cock thicken and strain against his jeans, when he heard a heavy knock at the door.
“Perfect timing, Violet will you go let Randal in? She nodded, and ran to get the door.
“There’s my angel! he heard the low voice roar, and Violet’s delighted squeal as Randal came charging down the hall, Violet perched upon his shoulders.
“Jeb what do you think your doing? he demanded in mock anger, Letting one of the most beautiful girls we have just run around! She could escape! Violet was giggling madly now, hiding her sweet smile in the top of his head, and he patted her leg endearingly.
Then he turned his attention to today’s catch, and whistled approvingly. “You did a very good job tonight. I’ll make sure to add an extra zero to your check this week. Gorgeous in fact. He set Violet down, and leaned in to get a better look, reaching out his hand to occasionally stroke a satiny thigh, or wind his fingers around a stray curl.
“Eye colors?”
“The blondes have green like you asked, brunettes have bright blue.”
“Excellent. Ages? as he talked, he busily pulled back the girls lips, inspecting their teeth all over like a dog.
“One blonde is for sure fifteen, I found her learning permit on her, the other two are fourteen, but that one….”
Randal’s head shot up to glare at Jeb, and he felt that uneasy finger of fear slide down his back.
“What about this one? his voice was no longer light, but deadly serious as his hand slid up the inside of the girl’s thigh.
“She might be younger…Might be twelve or so.”
“You know I don’t approve of this Jeb. I am very specific about what age groups I need.”
“I know, I’m sorry. I thought you would make an exception, being that she’s gorgeous and almost identical to the other one he trailed off, beginning to worry. People who pissed Randal off didn’t live much longer afterwards.
“Ah well, you were right. They are exquisite, and identical. You did your job the best you could, and I thank you friend. Randal stood once again, and extended his hand to shake.
“Of course you did steal the crown jewel of the collection-One day I’m gonna come steal her back! he added, voice once again light and friendly as he leered Violet’s way. She grinned back, and fluttered her lashes flirtatiously.
“Well, I’ll pack them up for you. Jeb replied, relieved and began moving the girls. After Jeb assured him that the girls wouldn’t awake until he made it safely home, he wrote him a check, and drove off, calling one last thanks over his shoulder. Once the truck had disapeard from his vision, Jeb turned to Violet, who had been waiting calmly behind him. She knew him so well.
Silently she followed him to his room, and slid her clothes off with ease. She climbed onto the bed, settling onto her hands and knees, legs spread wide, backed arching her rounded ass into the air invitingly. Though she had eventually learned to enjoy the probing and caresses of his tongue, she still cringed when he plunged into her anus, her face contorting in pain though she tried to hide it. This was one of the reasons he enjoyed it so much.
Unbuckling his pants, he pulled out his now aching hard-on, and quickly spit into his hand several times before coating his cock with it. With one hand he grasped her hips, spreading her ass wide, and with the other he directed his cock to that still tiny little rosebud of a hole. Without hesitation he forced the large mushroom head into that tight ring of muscles, his hands clenched down on her hips.
“Do you want it sweet Violet? he whispered huskily, pulling the tip out with a- pop!- and immediately driving it back in, enjoying her labored and painful breathing as she tried to hold back the sobs.
“Ooooh yes daddy. she breathed through her agony, and he slammed into her all the way, moaning his pleasure at her horrible pain.

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