DEMON Part 4

DEMON Part 4

The repeated knocking woke me up. Was it Jayce again? I didn't need his bullshit this early in the morning. I threw the covers over and stepped out of bed, grabbed my glasses, and approached the door.

"Oh, it's you." I was relieved it wasn't Jayce asking for more money. It was Max, that sweetheart that I snatched two nights ago.

"Hey, Korra. Would it be better if I left?" He asked kindly.

"No, come in. I'll make you food or something." I waved him in. "You've been busy," I said, ignoring the little twinge of regret in my heart. I walked into the kitchen to see what food I could make.

"I've done what you've asked." He responded. "I have a question though. Why do I not feel bad about one night stands? I used to feel bad, now I just feel…"

"Indifferent. Comes with the powers." Speaking of powers, I think he's earned his second batch of powers. Maybe time manipulation? No, that's too early.

"Don't worry about feeding me, I can eat later." He interrupted the staring contest I had with the open refrigerator.

"That'll save me some time, " I shut the refrigerator. "You know what? I usually go for a morning run. Do you want to come with me?" I looked at what he was wearing.

"Sure, I'm down. Do you want me to leave while you change?"

"Not necessary," I said as I pulled my nightgown over my head, purposely showing my completely naked body to him. I mean, if I wanted to fuck him again, I need him to think it's him that's initiating it.

He blushed a bright red and stared at my body. "You sure you don't want me to leave? I'll be right outside, "

"You can, but I'm almost done," I said as I pulled the sports bra off the couch and stepped into some joggers. "Also, by now, I'm used to guys staring at my body, so whether it's naked or not doesn't matter to me. Done. See? Not that much of a problem."

"Ok then." His face dulled out, slowly turning to normal. "Let's go, I guess."

As we curved around Bassline, I started to understand what Korra was saying. As we were running, she was seriously turning heads. She was like a pornstar, without the surgeries. Guys would gawk at her from across the street, specifically at her boobs and ass. I mean, she's caught me multiple times, smiling and blushing every time I looked. It's almost like she ignores everyone else but me.

"So, how's your new condo?" She said just loud enough for me to hear her as we slowed to a walk.

"It's fine I guess. I mean, my new furniture and my money came through, now I'm just waiting for my clothes." I wiped a bead of sweat off my face.

"Can I stop by soon? I'd love to see it."

"Actually, yeah! I was just going to ask you if you can come to my housewarming party tonight."

"Yeah, I've got nothing planned." She adjusted her leggings. "When is it?"

"Starts at seven, I have catering and drinks too, so no need to bring any."

"Ok, I'll be there. Wanna call a ride? I'm done running, and I don't want to walk back." She reached into the seam of her joggers and pulled out her phone.

"Sure," I said. I could definitely last the run back, and I'm most definitely sure that Korra could too, but I'm guessing that she was just bored.

About ten minutes later, the ride was here, Max and I got into the backseat, him being on the left and me in the middle, shielding him from the driver.

"First of all, I've thought about it, " I said in an almost whisper, barely audible to him. "I think you've earned your second round of powers." I rubbed the mark on his arm, pulsing energy from my fingertips into the mark, forcing him to wince loud enough for the driver to hear.

"Are you ok back there?" The driver questioned.

"He just hurt his arm pretty badly. He'll be ok when we get home."

"Oh. Ok. I'll take a shortcut then."

"I'd appreciate that," I said, contemplating useful powers to give Max. After I figured out a good enough set, I prepared myself for the ritual.

"Are you ready for this? Are you sure you want this?" He nodded silently and rested his hand on mine.

"Ok, I would normally do this while you're asleep because you wouldn't feel it. Please bear with me. I'll make it quick." I whispered as I drew shapes in the air, only for it to form into a bright blue symbol. I grabbed the symbol and slammed it on top of the previous mark on his arm.

"AHH!!! FUCK!!!!" He yelled.

"Sorry! Sorry." I said, gently stroking his arm, trying to soothe and comfort him. The pain was only the beginning. "How close are we? He's losing his grip." I calmly asked the driver as Max started shaking and grunting.

"What do you mean, 'losing his grip'? He was just fine a second ago. But alright I guess I'll hurry-" The driver was interrupted by Max puking all over the passenger seat.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIM?!" The driver lost his shit.

"Don't worry. Charge me extra. But it will only get worse from here." I said calmly.

"Fuuuck." And the driver stepped on it. After about a minute and two red lights, we arrived at the gate. I got out of the right side of the car and looped around to help him out.

"Where are we?" He moaned almost sadly. Max's brain and body we're being forcibly rearranged and modified to fit his new powers, and he was taking the tool.

"We're at my place," I said in the sweetest voice I could muster.

"Fuck that." It was almost like he was shitfaced drunk and took cocaine at the same time. As soon as I took off his seatbelt and lifted him out of the seat, I heard a strange but familiar voice. Dragging him around to face this voice, I was both decimated with anger and imbued with fear.

"There you are, prisoner." I looked up to see a face I hoped to never see again. The lift we had been in coincidentally pulled away, almost like it was in line for a theatre play.

"No! I don't need you here Orion! Not now! Not ever!" He was the murderer of my mother.

"Oh, please. Don't act like the child you are. Hear me out and let that adult half of you out."

"Fuck you!" I materialized my sword in my free hand.

"I am not trying to fight you." He lifted his arm and waved. That instant I was flung into the air. I slammed into a pillar with great force, enough for heavy internal bleeding. As gravity took hold, pulling me to the floor, I saw Max hurtling towards me. As soon as I touched the floor, I pushed against the floor and soared towards him, catching him in the air. Only thinking of keeping his fragile body as unharmed as possible, I landed on my feet, only to crumple to my knees, spitting out an unhealthy amount of blood.

"In fact, you're so weak, that if we were to fight, you would lose in a heartbeat. You're so weak, you have to result in using lowly humans to carry out your bidding."

"Fuck off, Orion." I spat more blood in his shoes.

"Lucky for you, I'll honor your request. We'll have this chat tomorrow. Don't worry. I'll find you." And he left in a torrent of feathers.

"No, you won't," I said as I started the healing ritual, righting my spine, mending my kidneys, reforming my lungs, and replacing the damaged tissues in my brain. Then, as I was about to heal him, he opened his eyes.

"Ughh. Where am I?" It felt like I had slept for eight hours. Except that it was still daylight. Broad, burning daylight. I squinted at the glaring light.

"Good. You're awake. Don't overwork yourself, you have… a mega-hangover." Korra spoke. As I looked at her, I was in utter shock. Her clothes were torn, there was blood all over her, but there were no cuts.

"Korra-" I started.

"I'm fine. We have to go. Now." Her voice turned angry. "Someone snitched my location. It… This.." She gestured around, "isn't safe anymore. I need to grab my stuff. Stay here." She gently let me on the floor, and as she moved me, I was so heightened to movement, that it felt like I had the most violent case of vertigo in the world. "You couldn't move anyways." She ran into the mansion. The mansion that was bustling with women not two days ago. How so much has changed in the past two days. I began to get lost in thought of how I could use my new powers, which powers, however, I have no idea.

"I'm back," Korra said from the exact opposite side she left from. I obviously jumped. I tried rolling over and was greeted with vomit as I finished.

"Ahem. You look different." I cleared my throat. And she did. She wore a knight's armor, except it was made out of black and red crystals. She also had a small satchel that steadily pulsed a gentle red light.

"Not the main focus. Where is your apartment?"

"5126 Harold Road. Why?"

"Shit. Too far for short-range. And you are not in a condition for a long-range."


"We can't teleport there. Hm. We'll have Vesp pick us up."

"Who's Vesp-" I began as I was interrupted by a whistle that was too high to hear, but loud enough to feel. In response to the whistle was a roar. A deepthroated, bassy, scary roar. And then in a cloud of smoke, a creature the size of a horse appeared. It was almost like a mix between a dragon and a fox. "This is a Coaxe. My personal familiar. Hey buddy! How's it going?" The coaxe pranced on her like a puppy who hasn't seen its owner in weeks. "She has been with me for a few years now. Is it ok if we ride you girl?" Vesp responded with a squeal of delight.

"No, I can't." I was not riding on that. No way.

"What? We don't have time to deal with your pussy ass."

"What?!" I've never heard her talk like that!

"Upsy daisy!" She lifted me up like a bag of Cheetos. She wasn't that strong either. I laid on the back end of Vesp. "Here's the location Vesp." Korra's blue eyes turned a glowing red, and Vesp's eyes quickly matched. Vesp purred in agreement as Korra hopped in front of me. "Ready to go?"

"Not really, could we take a rain-" I didn't get to finish that sentence as we launched a good thirty feet into the air. Then as soon as we were at the top of Vesp's leap, we bulleted off at rocket speed. Everything was a blur for about twenty seconds. Trees were like bullets racing past, and a two-hour drive was done. I couldn't handle that, even if I wasn't "mega-hungover". I puked for the third time today. I'm surprised I have eaten enough food to supply this amount of vomit.

"Which floor?" She acted like bulleting across a county was a regular occurrence.

"Top. West end." Who had the energy to last creating cohesive sentences?

"Lucky bastard," She said as I passed out again.

"Are you going to be awake for your own party?" I was awakened with Korra on my cock. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Not in the slightest," I said, yawning and enjoying the feeling given to me, "but I need to save my orgasm for later, I don't want to use it yet."

"You know, you can just make your dick harder, and mass-produce cum." She said as she gently bounced on my semi-hard cock.

"Nevermind." I began to power bottom her, countering the gentle movement she made.

"You know, the rest of the party is out there, and it wouldn't be fair if the host ditched the party." She began to speed up, trying to get me to orgasm, at the cost of speeding hers. "Unnhh. Oh my God. Fuuuck." She reached down and quickly rubbed her clit. That's when I had a flashback to yesterday when I fucked Katt, the real estate agent. I tried to do the same thing now with Korra.

"Uh, no thanks." She stopped moving.


"I keep that locked up so I don't get pregnant." She looked down at me with a very gentle and mother like face of disagreement.

"Ahh. Ok. Cool. I'll keep that in mind."

"Glad you understand, but I still wanna…"

"Yeah. Ok." I flipped her around and went for missionary. I quickened my pace so I could get both me and her to orgasm, keeping one hand on her clit, one hand on her left breast, and her right breast in my mouth. I was licking, sucking and nibbling on her breast until she came. Her orgasm was super powerful, spasming like she was having a seizure, and her pussy was clenching so hard, I came much faster than I should have. I erupted into her, forcing her to spasm even more. I collapsed onto her, kissing her neck as we came down from our highs.

"I think we should get back to the party." She moaned as soon as she could.

"Yeah, your right," I said as I put on a shirt and some shorts from my closet.

"You go first. I'll stay back a little."

"Alright. See you in a bit." I opened the door after I finished changing.


It turns out, like every party, you invite a couple of people and forty show up.

"Sick party you've got, Max!"

"Thanks," I said to a person who I had no clue of their identity. I decided to hit the makeshift poker table, as someone somewhere brought a portable poker table.

"Deal me in!" I said as I sat down with my screwdriver, setting it down beside me as I dropped a wad of cash in front of the dealer. I glanced at the deck of cards, and it seemed like I could see a ghost image of the top card. It was an ace of spades. I pushed a thought of the dealer to deal to me first, so I could get that card. Thirty seconds later, each person's hand was dealt with their cards. Since I had previously looked at one card from the top of the deck, I thought I could look at each person's hand because their hand was two cards, but flared out so they could see both cards. In this scenario, I could probably see the cards in each person's hands. And maybe the community cards.

Ace and Jack, two and three, four and six, and a Queen and a two. I hand an ace and a three. The community pile had a Queen, an ace, a two, a three and another ace. As long as I played this right, I could win. Or I could play this cheap. That too. I've never heard of a rule that says you can't force everyone to go all in. In fact, it'll win me a good fifty thousand. After all, I am in a rich neighborhood.

"Any bets?" The dealer asked.

"I'm going all-in," I said.

"So much for the element of surprise. Me too." The guy next to me said.

"Might as well. All-in."

"Fuck it. All in."

"Do you just want to go straight to the reveal?" The dealer said.

"Sure. Why not?" I said smugly as I turned my cards over before the cards were revealed.

"Cocky, I see." The girl two spots ahead of me snickered. "Let us see if you're good enough." And the dealer revealed the cards, only to have me win with a full house.

"Aha! Mine! Thanks for playing!" I cashed my chips for the pot. "We'll play later!" I said getting up from the table.

I continued to walk around the party, making small talk, learning potential… indulgences.

"Max!" I heard a familiar voice behind me as I was chatting with one of my guests.

"Katt?!" I turned around to see the girl who showed me the apartment. "Excuse me. It's an old friend."

"Old friend?" She joked as I approached her.

"I would much rather talk to you than Amanda."

"Oh? What does she have that I don't?" She chuckled as we walked to one of the bedrooms.

"An actual fucking personality."

"Ouch. She sounds bland and hard to talk to."

"Tell me about it."

"I just want to say, thank you for Tuesday. It was not only amazing, but I got my wish." She put her hand on her lower abdomen. "I can feel it."

"I'm glad." I gave a slight but honest smile.

"Uhh…" She tried to break the silence. "Well, I guess-" she didn't have the chance to finish her sentence as a loud crack happened.

"Get down Katt!" I yelled as I recognized it as the sound of my own gun. The only one who would know where that gun is was Korra. Screams filled the apartment as another round was fired. "Dammit! Korra's in trouble!" I cursed.

"I'm going to go help!" Katt jumped up off the floor.

"No!" I held her down as she struggled against me. "I don't want to lose two people for the price of one!" I hissed in her ear. Her face showed a mix of shock, understanding and realization. She stopped struggling. "Just pretend like you're dead. I'll be back. I promise." I got up, exited the room, and walked towards the second story stairs towards the master bedroom. Towards my adversary. Unknowingly, towards my death.


Lacuna here. Sorry it's been so long. Had other life stuff to deal with

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