The Ravager - Part 1

The Ravager - Part 1

The novel wasn't capturing her attention as much as she'd hoped. Distracted, she flipped through the pages. Gayle Thomas checked the time on her watch, an expensive little golden gift from her husband. One of his many gestures to soothe the pain of his long business absences. Once again, Jeremy had left her and their daughter Amy alone for an extended time. The watch read 11:43. Amy was still out. Movie with some of his friends, he'd told her. She wished she didn't worry so much. Amy was a good boy and already eighteen. What could he possibly get up to that she'd need to concern herself with?

Her eye glanced to the fireplace. Above it, the row of picture frames inhabited by snapshots taken over the last eighteen-plus years stood like a row of silver sentinels. Where did those times go? She wondered. Her husband home less frequently. And Amy, her daughter, now on the cusp of starting a life of his own. Would these lonesome moments become the norm?

She got up, putting her novel away. She might as well got to bed considering the time. Amy was sure to be quiet if she came in late, if she didn't decide to spend the night with her friends. She headed to the bathroom upstairs and, once in, began to change to her nightgown. She dropped her skirt and removed her blouse, then slipped into her blue satin nightie. She applied her face creams and brushed her hair, then reached into the drawer to grab her contraceptive pills.

Except, she found nothing. Where the box usually was, was now occupied with lipstick and a roll of cotton swabs.

“The hell?” she said aloud, looking around in the drawer.

Nothing. Had she misplaced them? That was unlike her, but not completely out of the realm of possibilities. She was 42, still on the pill each night and devoid of regular sex with her husband. She'd look around, but one night without it wasn't going to get her pregnant.

Gayle headed out into the hallway. She pondered if she could have left her pack in the bedroom. Then she wondered whether Jeremy may have taken them on his trip, mistaking them for a box of Advil? Silly man, she thought. With a shrug, she headed to her bedroom.

Then she heard a noise.

Gayle turned. Instinctively, she spoke.


No reply, which relieved her at first. Then she changed her stance, realizing that if it had been Amy she would've called out to her. Was someone else in her house?

Gently, Gayle grabbed a sweater and snuck downstairs, peering around the corner at the front door. Still closed and locked. No sign of any other break-in. She sighed with relief. Silly me, she thought. Getting all worked up over nothing. She turned around to head back up the stairs.

Then an arm came from behind her and went around her neck.


With a jerk of ferocious strength, Gayle was pulled onto the ground. Disoriented, she tried to get back up, but to no avail. One strong hand grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back, while the other grabbed her by her short black hair, tugging at it hard enough to shoot a searing pain across her scalp.

“Aaah!” she shrieked. “Wh—who are--?”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” the man growled in a deep coarse voice.

“Please don't hurt me!” Gayle yelped. “Please, I...I don't have any money,” she gasped.

The man laughed. “One: that's a lie,” he said. “And two: I ain't here for money.”

Gayle wondered for a brief moment what he meant by that. She got her answer when the man let her hair go, only to place his now unoccupied hand onto her right breast and squeeze it roughly.

“!” she shrieked.

The man laughed again. His fervor of molesting her breast only increased, moving his hand roughly as he searched for her nipple. Not finding it through the fabric of her sweater, he roughly began to pull it from her body. In the struggle, Gayle managed to break free from his grip and tried to flee, crawling on her hands and knees. She was too slow, as the intruder grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her back to him.

“Aah! No, please! Stop! Stop it,” she yelped, as the man rolled her onto her back. “Please, my son could come home any minute. You''ll be in so much trouble. Please leave, and I won't tell anyone...”

“Tell anyone what?” the man growled. It was at that moment that Gayle noticed his face was covered in a black ski-mask. In fact, everything on him was black. Gayle tried to look for anything that she could note to the cops, finding nothing. Then, she froze, realizing that she had no guarantee that this man would even let her live to talk to the cops. She began to sob, tears blurring her vision.

“I'd stop that if I were you. There's no point. No-one is coming to help you. Play along, and this will be over quickly. I won't hurt you unless you make me.”

And with that, he took hold of her nightgown by her cleavage. With one swift motion, he ripped the fabric from her body, exposing her large 34-F size breasts for him to see. Gayle yelped, shaking her head to say no. The intruder ignored her cries, as he took hold of her panties and ripped those from her body as well. Gayle laid there on the cold tiled floor, wheezing and muttering with fear, as the intruder loomed over her with lust in his eyes.

“Please...I'm married. Don't do this to me,” Gayle cried, gasping for air.

Then, the intruder placed his hand on her face. Gently, he stroked her cheek, nearly petting her like how one would calm a scared dog. Gayle stilled sobbed and breathed erratically, but within a few minutes of his sudden gentle behavior she began to calm down.

“How about this,” he said, raising his index finger. “One-time offer. You will suck my cock, and if you do a good job, I'll leave. How's about that?”

Gayle's eyes shot open, shocked by the idea. She wasn't used to fellatio. Even her husband she'd only go down on every once in a while. To do that to a total stranger? But she'd be safe.

“Last chance. Going once--,” he said.


“Twice,” he said, grasping onto the erection that remained hidden in his pants.

“ALL RIGHT!” Gayle snapped.

The intruder chuckled, sitting on his knees as he held Gayle between his legs. He began to unbutton his pants, while Gayle tried to raised herself from the floor. She'd expected she'd have to be on her knees while he stood to receive his blowjob. She was started when the man pushed her back down.

“Nu-uh,” he said. “Stay right there.”

She was confused but did as told. She just hoped to get it over with, whatever this freak had planned for her. He mover up, placing his lower legs onto her shoulders. He distributed his weight so not to crush her, yet still making sure she was pinned down on the floor. Then, he revealed his cock to Gayle's horror...and curious astonishment.

His dick had to be around seven to eight inches at first guess. The head glistened with pre-cum, that he then decided to wipe onto Gayle's face. She winced, fighting back her revulsion at the violation. Yet his cock drew her. It was ram-rod hard, and its distinct odor began to stir some desire within her. She tried to fight the want for him, feigning her disgust at his cock. With a squinted face, she tilted her head up towards his dick.

“Here we go. Now, open up,” the man hissed.

Gayle began to purse her lips, trembling as she slowly opened her mouth. Immediately he pressed the head of his cock onto her lips. She felt the taste of his pre-cum ooze into her mouth and onto her tongue. Bitter, she winced at the taste. He placed his hand on her head and pressed himself further against her face. Gayle resisted as much as she could, trying to stretch out the time and prolong him entering her mouth as long as she could.

The intruder caught on, and with his hand he took her ear and twisted it. The pain caused Gayle to gasp, granting him his window of opportunity.

With great force and not a care for her condition, he rammed his cock deep into Gayle's mouth, sliding it across her tongue and nearing her esophagus.

Gayle's eyes darted open with shock. For a moment, she felt like she couldn't breathe. Instinctively, she gagged, as her hands flailed in vain, with her arms still pinned under his lower legs.

He held his cock in place, staying perfectly still while Gayle whimpered and gagged on his thick dick. Then, slowly, he retreated himself from her throat and out of her mouth.

Gayle gasped, coughing up thick globs of phlegm. She felt gross and wanted to break free and do anything to wash the taste of her mouth.

But no quarter was given, as the intruder slid his cock right back into her mouth. In fact, he began to lean himself forward to get a better angle, literally fucking the mouth of the poor woman under his control.

“Ah, cocksucker. Fucking amazing cocksucker,” he grunted as he slid his cock into her throat, his pace increasing.

Gayle closed her eyes, trying to clear her mind from the violation of her mouth. She tried to imagine her husband and, when that failed to take her mind away, she thought of her family. But whatever image she tried to concoct, nothing could draw the attention away from the cock that was fucking her mouth. When he grasped onto her face as he thrust himself with increased roughness, she felt like he was literally face-fucking her.

And yes, despite her shame and disgust, she felt herself getting wetter by the second. The arousal, brought on by the loss of control and the audacity of the act, made her nether-regions practically spark. Part of her wished she could touch herself, but that was out of the question. For a brief moment, she wondered what this cock would feel like were he to insert it inside her pussy. Shameful, dirty thought that she tried to put out of her head. Oh, she hoped he would finish soon so he would leave, and she could push this new desire out of her mind.

His pace increased. His grunts became heavier as he built up to a violent climax. Gayle felt herself shiver with anticipation, lustfully moving her head along with his cock.

“Aah, fuucccckkk!!!” the man grunted, letting go for one final thrust into Gayle's throat, then unleashing his load.

Thick globs of his cum shot into Gayle, which she was forced to swallow by the agitation of her gag-reflex. A lone tear rolled down her cheek, while the man retreated his dick past her lips. The taste was foul, while the scent of sex lingered under Gayle's nose. She quietly sobbed, gasping for air and her eyes closed. It was over.

The man laid beside her for a bit, removing his grasp on her. Gayle did not move either as she struggled to reclaim her composure. It was a good fifteen minutes before the man rolled over, placing his masked face near hers.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Guess what?”

Out of instinct, Gayle replied. “What?”

“I lied,” he said, chuckling darkly.

“W-wha--?” Gayle muttered, barely able to react before the intruder jumped up, hoisted her into his arms and across her shoulders, as he made his way to the stairs.

Gayle shrieked, hitting his back with her fists. The shame of being carried like a piece of meat, naked as the day she was born, was almost too much. She stopped trying to throw herself from his shoulders when he made it halfway up, afraid to tumble down the steps and break her neck. She still cursed him and pleaded to be let go. The man ignored her pleas. Instead, he took inventory of the upper floor. The second room he checked seemed to suit his needs, and he burst in and threw Gayle onto the bed that was there. She instantly recognized it as her daughter Amy's bed.

“No, not here! Please--!” she begged.

Again, her ravager showed no mercy. He pulled his pants off and managed to remove his shirt without shifting his ski-mask, leaving his toned body as naked as hers. For a moment, Gayle felt mesmerized by his youth and build, not to mention his erect cock. But any guilty pleasure she gained from the sight quickly vanished as he, without a moment of hesitation, marched over, took her ankles into his hands, spread her legs apart, and mercilessly rammed his cock into her moist cunt.

Gayle gasped for air.

He was raping her.


Gayle's lips quivered, both from shock and the inability to find the words. By the time she finally spoke, the intruder already managed ten good deep thrusts into her pussy, practically hitting her cervix.

“Stop! Get out! Get of of my pussy!”

His hand flew, striking her on her right tit. She yelped. He struck her again, this time on her left. Having released one of her ankles from his grip, Gayle slid onto her side. He took the opportunity to slide her other leg onto his shoulder, fucking her sideways.

“Aaah!” Gayle moaned. “W-why are you--!”

“You want me to smack you again?” her violator growled.


“Thought so,” he laughed, thrusting balls deep into her moist cunt. His pace increased, jackhammering into her without any regard for her pain.

Gayle buried her face into Amy's sheets, quietly weeping. However, she also did it to hide her arousal. His violent penetration of her body had begun to stir something within her. As much as she tried to fight it, she could feel the sensation building up within her. She failed to stop her body from moving along, pushing her cunt onto his stiff cock as he plunged within in her, deeper and deeper.

Thus, all the greater her disappointment when he said what he said.

“Fuck me...I'm cumming,” he grunted.

Gayle hid her face, half-relieved he was about to finish, half-disappointed that she wasn't even close to orgasm. So much so, she hadn't expected his next words.

“Ready for it, bitch? Ready for my cum? Gonna pump it right in that cunt!”

“What! No! Nonono, please no! Not in there!” Gayle pleaded. “Please, anywhere but inside. I'll...I'll even swallow!”

“Not part of the program, slut,” he grunted. “Oh fuck, here it comes.”

“Noooooo!!!” Gayle gasped.

She could feel it deep within her. Thick shots of cum ejaculating right up inside her. She sobbed and shivered, ashamed that someone who wasn't her husband just came inside her pussy.

Her rapist leaned back, his cock still pulsating inside her as he caught his breath. He smacked her bare ass playfully a few times, then finally pulled out of her. Gayle shuddered as he stepped away, paying no mind to him as he began to rummage through Andrew's drawers. She put her hand on her crotch, trying to catch the cum as it leaked out of her. Slowly, she tried to scoop it out of her, but that only caused it to drip onto her son's sheets. A dark stain made the dark blue even darker. Despondent, she sat up.

“ fucking bastard. How could you? How could you do this to me,” she sobbed.

But when she looked up, all words failed her. Her eyes became as wide as saucers, as she watched him take one of Andrew's Sunday neckties, gripped both respective ends in his hands, and approached her with the tie tensed.

“What...what are you doing?” she whispered.

“Isn't it obvious? I can't leave witnesses, babe.”

“, please don't--?” Gayle muttered, as a tear rolled down her face.

“I'm sorry, really. Can't risk it. It's been fun,” he said, as he took the necktie and wrapped it around Gayle's neck and slowly began to tighten it.

Gayle's eyes bulged out as she gasped for air. Instinctively, she began to flail her arms. Her rapist, undeterred, threw himself backwards onto the bed, using his entire bodyweight to tighten his improvised garrote as much as he could.

The air blocked from entering her lungs, Gayle flew into a panic. She tried to scream, but the words came out as weak gargles. She tried to kick with her feet, but hit nothing but air. Her tongue darted out of her mouth as she desperately gasped, but the tie around her neck only tightened.

“C'mon, let it go,” her ravager grunted. “Just let it happen.”

Gayle's eyes practically popped out of her head, as her tongue swelled up and her face went from bright red to a dark purple. Her lips turned blue, while her struggle decreased in strength.

Her attacker, emboldened, placed one hand on her chest. Her heart rate was through the roof. A little more now.

“Aaargh, fucking die, you cunt,” he grunted, grinding his cock into her back with excitement.

The color began to fade from Gayle's face, as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She convulsed, as her heart beat furiously. Then, it slowed. And soon, with her last few gasps for air, it stopped. Her arms fell aside, as she stared off at nothing.

The rapist grabbed her neck, feeling for a pulse but finding none. He laid there for a bit, feeling her last spasms, before finally releasing his grip in her neck. Giddy and excited, he rolled her off of him and began to furiously stroke his cock. It didn't take long.

“Aaah, fuuuuck,” he groaned, as he shot a thick load of cum on Gayle's lifeless face. A glob of it got her eye, to which she naturally had no reaction.

The ravager stepped back, admiring his handiwork. He almost felt bad that is was over, but he'd finally done it. His first. He grabbed his own phone and took snapshots of his handiwork for later admiration. And he would have fled into the night to start planning the search for his next victim, had a voice not startled him by the door.

“M—mom?” Amy, Gayle's daughter muttered, staring with astonished eyes at her mother's naked, cum-stained corpse. Then her eyes fell on the ravager, whose cock instantly sprung erect once more.

It was a good night for him.

-End of Part 1-

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