Honor of Duty

Honor of Duty

I felt the cold breeze brush across my face and my knees the burning in my calves as I picked up speed running down the side walk. Only about a mile and half away from my house I was just getting into my nightly run, happy that summer was back.

I hated winters because I spent more time in a gym, or working out during warmer hours of the day. Only bad things was I sort of felt chagrin for thinking it, nothing bad and fun would ever happen while out late at night running. I lived in Utah for god sakes!

I had been on early medical leave for almost a year now. I missed the action the rush of adrenaline that hits your system making you feel so alive when you're in danger and fighting for your life. I missed being on the teams, I was very good at taking out the bad element of this world. Not to mention since I was no longer in the seals my health had dropped it was important that I kept it up, it made me feel good.

I was nearing the hospital so I was getting close from two miles away from my house I checked my watch so far I was making great time.

My calves were burning, my breath was starting to get ragged, my chest heaving as I ran. I passed the hospital I always thought that it should be lit better around the area. I mean it was a hospital and it felt more like I was in a horror movie with the lights coming from it and the ambulance parked outside.

I had passed the hospital and was getting down to the little park just north of it, while not a big park it offered plenty of running grass, trees, a few toys for kids to play on and crawl all over. I thought about running through the park or wondered if I should stay on my path down the street and through the neighborhood.

All of the sudden I turned I picked up speed the pain coming into my body is what brought me back out of my reverie to realize what had made me change my course I had heard a female scream.
I angled down the hill looking for the source of the blood curdling scream you normally only hear in a horror movie. As I came to a row of trees and a more wooded part of the park I started to hear rough male voices three of them.

Saying some of the most vulgar things I have ever heard. They were apparently lost in whatever they were doing, it didn't take long to put two and two together and get four. These pieces of shit were either getting ready too, or were already raping some female that had been in the park. Or they had brought her here to be raped?

I am a guy and for an instant dirty thoughts crept into my head like most men I had thought of it, but I had never and never would act upon it. I had come close a time or two, remembering a time I had taken a lovely girl for a night out, getting back to her place between her legs about ready to fuck the shit out of her and hearing the word NO!

I had wanted been so close to teaching the prick teasing girl a lesson, her reasons were her reason so I got dressed and left with the worse case of blue balls in my life.

Another scream full of terror came upon me in the night.


This broke me back out of my thoughts with another full set of sobs rocking along with the words of…
“Please don't, oh god please don't do this too me!”

I slowed down trying to get my breathing under control and started to angle towards a thicker bunch of trees. Finally reaching the trees I closed my eyes and then reopened them as slowly as I could to get the most from my night vision.

As I focused there they were mostly three huge shapes, with two very famine legs sticking out from them. The one on the ground presumably between her legs had short cropped hair, his shorts pulled down. I could see his bright white ass sticking into the air hence tango one got the nick name thumper.

The guys on his left had a long beard with short hair, his t-shirt pulled up I gave tango 2 the nick of rover as his tongue was hanging out drooling.

The 3rd guy I looked at there was nothing remarkable about him young as the other 2, short hair and jeans shorts and a t-shirt he was the one holding her down. Tango 3 was the sentry he was the one I would take care of 1st.

When I was in the teams it was my job to handle entry and sentries I was short, stocky, and quite as hell something I had always been even without training. I did a roll walk around the trees I pulled out the only weapon I had on me a knife out of my tennis shoe. As I took as little as time as I could I circled the group getting behind the sentry slowly flipping the blade open so no sound was made.

I started to leopard crawl up behind him. This way thumper would not see me over his back. Rover was so lost in the action his eyes glazed over I didn't think he could see a damn thing going on. I was almost there, I took the knife with my left hand cupped it point down and put my right at the butt of the knife so I could get a powerful drive with my full weight in driving the knife down.

I was right behind the sentry I got up on my knees and brought the knife down in one swift motion right into the back of the neck, like I had taken out so many sentries when I was out in the field. The knife drove in the seconds seemed to slow, the knife severed the spinal column and the sentry dropped to the ground dead and without a sound.

Out of my peripheral vision rover had finally noticed something was wrong and I seen his leg flying towards my face. I brought my body around to the right catching his leg and started to lift up keeping the momentum he had going, he started to fall backward loosing his balance and to the ground.

I then came up over his leg and came down with my knee across his leg using my body weight to drive down breaking his leg with an audible snap that broke the sound of the quite night. Then I felt a burning in my side, looking around to see thumper had gotten in the game and had my knife he had cut me across my ribs.

I launched myself up and at him; brushing aside the knife with my left arm and feeling it slide down my wrist and cutting my flesh. We hit the ground me on top of him driving some of the air from his lungs in a powerful breath. He rolled with it and I went over him, but before he could really get fully up I pivoted up back towards him grabbed his neck twisting it and then coming up quickly with my weight behind me snapping his neck never as easy as twisting it is in the movies.

Then as I spun around I felt a punch on my right shoulder blade but it brushed off. In the night I caught the gleam of the knife on the ground, I swung my arm down and picked it up and rolled.

Coming back up to face rover a smile spread across my face and my teeth were glinting in the moonlight.
Fear came into his eyes as it should I was lost in the moment I dashed forward swiping the knife across his neck severing the jugular, then spinning around driving the knife back into his side up under the rib cage. I withdrew it as he fell to the ground blood gushing I wiped it on his clothes then folded it and put it back into my shoe.

Time came back too me, what had seemed like minutes had happened in just such a short time!
I walked over to the girl laying on the ground the moon striking her battered face she was gorgeous. She was pulling those boring pastel covered scrub pants back up and getting ready to sit up.

She was a mess but all the more beautiful for it, her dark brunette hair mussed up. Her scrub top ripped and revealing a shapely breast clad in a white lace bra. She looked up at me with fear in her eyes, I dropped down close to her and whispered its all right I killed the men no one will hurt you least of all me. She looked around to see the men in heaps all around her, sobs again racking her petite frame.

Her breath came out in a horse whisper, noticing the bruise marks at her throat. She croaked out my house over there pointing off too her left, please take me home.

I had thought about calling the police but didn't have any phone on me. So I scooted closer put my left arm under her legs and my right under her neck. I was for a second worried about her freaking about men touching her but she didn't. So I lifted us both of the ground as she grabbed my neck tight and pushed her head into the gap in my neck.

I walked in the direction she had indicated knowing my house was to far away and she had not asked to go to the hospital where I probably should have taken her. I walked with her through the trees, as we came out houses started to come into shape a few minutes later.

I asked her were she lived she whispered the address in my ear as she could hardly talk. We got close to her house I walked around the gate and opened it as best I could with my right hand trying not to drop her. Walked up her porch and opened the door. As I walked in I could see a couch of too my left I carried her over there and set her down.

She had fallen asleep, how I don't know I didn't think it had taken me that long to get her here. I too was feeling so tired blood had covering my arm and my shirt was soaked in it. I walked her house a bit found a light flipped it up and found the open kitchen. There I found what I was looking for a wash cloth, I removed my sodden shirt and tossed it into the trash can I cleaned my wound on my side and arm. They were not deep and both had pretty much clotted up.

I washed up a bit more getting the mens sweat from my body, tossing the wash cloth in the bin along with the shirt and shutting back off the light. I had thought about calling the police but I was so sleepy, I needed to get back home I was not in my right mind either I guess. As I walked to the door I opened it to walk out when I heard her ask me please not to leave her.

I had not realized she had woken up, I walked back over to the couch in the darkness her voice was so torn.

“Please stay with me she croaked I don't want to be alone tonight!”

I went to sit down beside her; she reached up and pulled me down so I lay down behind her. She pushed herself back into my arms and wrapped them around her and said.

“I feel safe in your arms hold me, protect me!”

With that I think she fell back to sleep, I was so tired from coming down from the adrenaline and fell fast asleep. I awoke to the soft sound of snoring, feeling the warm of the lithe body pressed into me and the sun coming through the blinds. The seen from the night before came crashing back into my head and my arm and ribs hurt bad my blood was coming from both the arm and the wound in my side mostly my arm because she was gripping it.

I let out an audible slight grunt of pain as she turned around waking up and almost falling from the couch. She stood up looked at me for a second then jumped into action springing out the room saying your hurt stay there all be right back. She came back into the room caring a bag she had put on a new t-shirt as her old one had been torn and probably covered in my blood through the night.

She got out supply's and began to take care of me being so gentle, I had never had that from a doc before it was usually slap on the bandage or whatever and get you out of the way for the next meat. She cleaned the wounds and then looked up to me as she was finishing up looked up into my eyes. So last night was not a nightmare, I had so hopped it was.

“How are you?”

“Are you ok?”

I asked I brushed with my free hand her cheeks. I had not gotten a good look at her last night to say she was simply gorgeous was an understatement!

This lady before me was an angel, soft white skin, light blue eyes, dark hair spilling down her back in waves, petite frame with a bust that was big for her frame and the most impish lips with the bottom big and rounded pushing out from the top.

Her face was bruised I was sad to see so was her throat, other then that she was ok. She was almost finished with what she was doing the wounds were feeling much better she must have put a numbing agent or something on them.

“Are you ok I asked?”

“Did I make it in time?”

She again looked up at me and said thank god I know what would have happened if you had not shown up. All they had time to do was rough me up a bit and feel me up some I am sore but otherwise unhurt he was so close to raping me had you not shown up when you did.

A tear streaked down her face and she fell backward I caught her, and picked her up again and brought her up and into my arms. She snuggled in much as she had done the night before; she looked up into my eyes.

“Please if you don't mind just hold me for a bit I feel so safe in your arms.”

I was more then willing and happy to fulfill her request. We sit there in quietness for sometime, I could feel her warm body against mine, and her hot breath as it came out her mouth into my neck. I could not help it, it felt so wrong but so good I was getting exited.

I tried to shift a bit from her and her curves no women had a right to process ones as fine as these. But as I slid she fallowed and if possible getting closer. Her body molding into mine her legs, coming around mine she rose up and came down onto my lap. I could not help it my shaft feeling her firm ass cheeks as she slid down I came to full attention, the thin cotton of her scrubs and my soft basketball shorts doing nothing to hide my rock hard erection from her soft body.

She looked into my eyes and giggled she lifted up a bit then slid back down ever so slowly. She lifted her chin up and brought her lips ever so slowly towards mine, feeling her hot breath in my face. I came forward and our lips met, she traced ever so slowly with the tips of her fingers the nails sliding the plains in my naked chest. I felt as her tongue slide over my lips and I parted them as she pushed her tongue into my mouth and my tongue pushing back into hers doing a dance.

My arm came up to the slight bare part of her back feeling the soft , hot flesh under my finger tips. I slid my hands up and down a bit, up to the top of her shirt to the bottom of her still spoiled scrubs. We continued to kiss for many moments our breathing becoming labored; I started to feel her tits raise up and down into my naked chest the heat coming from her body warming up my soul.

I started to trail my kisses down her cheeks and to her neck being careful to brush a bit and watching her bruised neck so as not to hurt her, wishing those bastards were still alive so I could kill them all over again. Coming back up to her lips and bringing my hands around to those soft mounds pressed so hard into my chest I could feel the nipples jutting into my chest. I cupped the underside and rubbed it through the fabric eliciting a moan from her as she kissed me back fervently.

“God, take me to bed!”

I picked her up without further ado as I had last night and carried her into the hall way she directed me all the way back and on the left. I entered her room the most feminine part of the house. Laying her down on the bed she pulled me with her I got on top of her and she started to push up into me as we begin to kiss again. I rubbed my hands from the tops of her shoulders, down to the underside of her thighs and back up again slowly.

Shifting her weight she pushed at the side of me and I rolled to the side she followed me coming up to straddle my body. I could feel the heat from her loins she was on fire, she arched her back and put her hands on the underside of the lower part of her shirt and lifted it up and off her. Looking up at those warm breasts I had felt crushed into my chest I rose up and took one into my mouth.

Her hands grabbing the back of my head were pulling me into her, as she winded her fingers a bit into my hair. I sucked one and then the other laying kisses into the softest flesh I had ever felt and using my hands to play with the lower part of them that was sensitive. I kissed every piece of flesh I could with my mouth even between the soft mounds, bringing my tongue out and sliding it up between the white mounds. She slid her body down and started to kiss me as my hands explored her soft exposed flesh and firm tummy back to her rock hard ass.

I pulled her into me grinding me pelvic bone into hers she raised and lowed slowly never stopping the kiss. Finally she brought her soft hot tongue back across my cheek to my ear playing around with it back down to my neck. She followed the lines of my body all the way down to my shorts she started to take them off slowly as she kissed, licked and sucked all the way down my legs.

Coming back up and licking from the bottom of my sack, to the tip of my cock. She took the head in her mouth and let the spit slide down the shaft she wrapped her hand around the base and started with slow jerks. I forced my hips up, making love to her soft hot mouth. After a few minutes she started to quicken her pace on my hot rod. She looked up at me with those blue bedroom eyes then removed her hand to take the cock all the way back to her throat, I could feel her muscles as she swallowed and sucked leaving it there for a few seconds. She started to come back up my rod dragging across her tongue under the base of it and flicking the tip of it as she reached the head. She went back to it with her hand and mouth quicker, her hand flying in a blur.

I began to feel the familiar urges to cum and did not hold back. I told her baby I am gonna cum at that she let go with her hand, again taken it back all the way to her throat for a second and then brought it up so it was only halfway in her mouth. I could not hold it any longer and the first rope shot out to the back of her throat and she gagged a bit but slowed never stopping the suction.

Slowly it started to drain out a bit at the corners of her mouth I had not had sex in a few weeks and it had been saved up I don't think I had ever came so much as it came out spurt after spurt. Finally I was done and fell back into the bed she continued to suck for a few more seconds as she cleaned up around the base, coming up wiping the corners of her mouth with a tongue she swallowed a final time.
She fell down beside me with a grin and said I think my tummy is full.

I turned over a bit looking at her to see the sweat she had on her brow and starting to blossom on the bottom of her neck I kissed her and thanked her for that was the best blow I had ever had. I was getting exited again and I could smell her fragrant pussy juices floating on the currents of the air in the room.
I slid down her body leaving kisses and sucking at the supple flesh of her taught and soft body. I made my way between her legs and dragged my chin through the soft small patch of her hair she had just above her pussy. I kissed and sucked the outer lips and licked her from stem to stern, avoiding her clit for many minutes as I teased the rest of her pussy her juices flowing.

I started to tongue fuck her finally she started to buck her hips, I took a few fingers into her sopping wet hot hole, my tongue flicked to her clit. She was moaning and shaking as I pleasured her hoping I was giving her as much pleasure as she had given me. She tasted so damn good I could not get enough of her pussy and the juices flowing from it in torrents.

I sucked and started to play with her clit as I pushed my fingers in and out of her wet hole varying the pace and the rhythms and every so often just turned them to brush around her walls before I continued my assault. Finally I was rewarded she let out a pure, deep throaty moan her hips bucked up her back arched she came into my waiting mouth. Her juices were a plenty, I lapped at her cunt with my full tongue trying to capture all juices as they ran down my chin and all over my face her sent feeling my nostrils.

She finally fell to the bed the air bursting out of her lungs in a good burst and her hands sunk to my hair pulling it a bit. She was sensitive I could tell as my breath just touched her and she would shake I cleaned up carefully though savoring those juices , finally having enough she pulled my hair and I followed up her body.

She pushed her tongue into my mouth tasting herself a broad smile came upon those beautiful impish limps. She again rose and put herself over my body lining her up with my very erect pole, she came down slow until I was buried to the hilt into her narrow reigns. Our hair was mixing together in a wet mass. She started to grind her body after a few seconds forward slowly then jerked back faster, after a wile putting her hands on my abs raising her self up and dropping down in fast movements varying the pace.

We did this for a while before she got up and off me and switched back facing me on all fours a big grin on her face, you coming sailor? I got up and pushed myself forward as I did she laid her head on the bed and pushed back at me stroke for stroke.

The heat coming from inside her on my cock, was just feeling so good as did her inner most intimate muscles as the gripped my cock with every thrust she was just so god damn tight it felt so good. I could feel her juice coating my shaft and flowing down to my balls as with every slap across her pussy made and audible noise. By this time my hand had come around her waist and to her pubic mound I found her clit and started to rub slow circle patterns then fast for a few seconds the back to slow.

She stated to back into me at an incredible rate at that moment, the sound of slapping skin and aroma of sex hung in the air. She started to spasm and moan; I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as I felt her fluids wash over me in renewed vigor I was bathing in her. I was almost ready to cum but I didn't want to yet I focused ever ounce into not letting go yet and her body shook and jerked and when she was finally done I slid back out of her piping hot pussy.

She fell to the bed and I rolled her over and got between her legs, I looked into her eyes a wicked smile coming to my face. I lined myself up and before I could start to enter her, she rose up and my head penetrated her pussy.

I thrust forward into her she was so wet and tight I met no resistance as I sunk myself into her to the hilt time after time. I slid out of her almost all the way and then in strong hard thrust entered her again over and over striking up a rhythm, her face started to contort as she announced she was close to cumming again. I was close to and started to pound her like a mad man all thoughts whipped from my head my thrust became shorter and quicker.

I felt the boiling hot sperm flow from my balls up the shaft of my penis and I thrust myself deep into her as I wrapped my arm around her to lift her to me, I felt my first spurt break from my penis into her pussy. Her pussy almost felt alive it spasmed and clamped down as she entered her orgasm.

Her pussy was milking me so lovingly of all that I had to offer the climaxes seemed to last forever building one time after another I almost passed out. Finally it was over and I looked down bathed in our combined juices flooding out her pussy.

I looked into her eyes and we both smiled our faces covered in sweat that was dripping down our faces. I slowly shank and pulled out, and fell down beside her on the bed pulling her body to mine and felt it mold into mine. She turned her head to look into my eyes…
“I love you please don't ever let me go!”

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