Everything wrong with "Was it rape if you liked it?" (Yesh it's rape.)

Everything wrong with "Was it rape if you liked it?" (Yesh it's rape.)

Every thing wrong with “Was It Rape If You Liked It?” by TiedUpHeart
Fiction, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Drug, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Spanking, Teen, Virginity, Written by women, Young

Lise, a sophomore girl, got involved with Alex, who'd already graduated high school. Lise broke up with Alex. But who knows what can happen at a party?
1: Partying?
Chapter I - Lise
"Lise! Lisa! Elisabeth!!" Alex called after me as I passed. I continued to walk at a brisk pace, putting distance between myself and my ex-boyfriend.
2: Wtf, don't be a dick.
3: He calls her Lise, than Lisa.
"Please Lise... I just wanna talk... " He sounded weary, so I slowed, reluctantly. He caught up and walked beside me. He brushed against my arm, sending tingles up to my spine. We walked in silence for some time, side by side. I could feel his deep green eyes on my face, but I didn't dare look into them, for fear I might fall under their spell and take him back.
4: So it was just his eyes? That’s shallow.
No, for now, I walked with my eyes trained on the sidewalk in front of me.
Alex sighed and stepped in front of me, forcing me to stop. A car whooshed past, headlights illuminating his handsome face.
5: Why didn’t he do that when he caught up with her.
6 That car will have to be doing a 180 Facing them at the 90 degree to do that.
My heart jumped when I saw him, then he was enveloped in darkness again, just a black outline against the yellow glow of the streetlamp.
"Lise... Can we talk?" He asked taking one small step towards me, beginning to close that small space between us.
"No, Alexander, we can't," I attempted to step around him, but found myself in the vise of his arm. He pulled me close, and I could smell him, sweet and musky all around me.
7: Musk doesn’t smell all that good.
I felt weak, and in no way able to resist him. His scent fogged my mind, and rendered me numb.
8: Is he a wizard?
"Aw Lise, don't be like that..."
9: Be lke what?
He murmured, deep and soft, against my hair.
"That's not fair." I mumbled into his chest. I could feel the beating of his heart, slow and steady and strong. Unlike mine, which was fluttering at a hundred beats per minute. His chuckle was almost a purr.
10: Is he a cat?
He pulled me out of his embrace and held me at arms length by the shoulders. I tried my best to look strong and independent, but his presence was breaking down all the barriers I'd thrown up between us.
11: what barriers?
"What's not fair is how you've been avoiding me. Lise, I don't even know what I did wrong."
"I just needed... A break." I toTruth was, I coldn't remember why I'd broken up with him in the first place.
12: *couldn’t.
Hell, I couldn't remember my own name while looking into those bright bright eyes.
13: Is he a dealer?
Is that who I am? I thought incoherently. I was slipping away. Was he at the party?
14: Why is it “Was he at the party?"? I thought she was at the party.
I thought, drowsy. Was he the one who brought me my drink? That was my last unspoken, unanswered question before the black swarmed my vision, and I passed out in his arms.

Chapter II - Alex
I'd loved Lise for a long time. She was easy to love - Everyone loved her. It was hard not to... She was outgoing, smart, funny, a great friend... She wasn't high maintenance either, with her face unmarked by makeup and her hair short and messy.
So watching her pass out cold was hard for me. It hurt me to see consciousness fade from that ethereal face. But it had to be done.
14: So he’s winter! No? THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS HE!?
I pressed her small, limp figure to me once more, reassured by the fact that she'd wake up soon, before throwing her over my shoulder and carrying her away.
15: That is not a chapter.
Chapter III - Lise
The only thing I felt for a while was warmth. I was sure I was no longer on the chilly streets.
When I sprang back to consciousness, my eyes popped open. I couldn't see a thing.
16: Maybe your eyes weren’t open.
From the silken feeling of the comforter resting lightly over my skin, I knew I was only wearing my underwear. Most alarming of all, I could tell with an experimental shift of movement, that my hands and legs were bound on the corners of a bed.
17: How do you not realize that?
I tugged at them, struggling with all my might, but they were strong and held me tight, spread eagle.
18: That's the purpose of chains!
19: Spread Eagle?
"Hey Lise," I froze. I'd heard that voice before, thousands of times it seemed.
"Alex? Where are you? Where am I?" I could only whisper in my terror.
21: How, and why?
A warm hand caressed my face in the darkness. I flinched away from it, and it disappeared.
"Here," Alex said reassuringly from somewhere above me. Only now I could hear the note of menace hidden beneath his low, quiet voice.
"Alex..." I whispered. "What are you doing." It wasn't really a question. I knew what was happening. His house was on the fields, far from where's I'd been walking.
22: Where is I had been walking.
Here in the secluded white mansion,
23: I thought you couldn’t see!
far from the city...No one would hear me scream...
I could feel his breath warm and sweet with the aroma of coffee near my face. "Oh Lise. You know I want you. I want you all the time, every second of every day, and I want all of you. I will have all of you."
24: Stalking.
He warned, and the warm blanket was yanked off me. Goose-bumps sprang up as the cold air met my warm skin. I shivered.
"Oh don't worry babe." He continued, presumably having seen this.
25: “this"?
I squeezed my eyes shut. "We'll be warming things up real soon." The weight on the bed shifted, and then there was his body was radiating heat over mine. His vast, bare chest was pressing down on me ever so slightly, his knees holding his weight on either side of my stomach. I felt his lips on mine, light and persuasive, but his strong hands holding my shoulders down so I could no longer struggle.
26: Was she struggling before?
I pressed my own lips tightly together. Then the lips were gone and I felt his hand sting across my face. My eyes flew open. I could vaguely see the sharp features of his face close to mine, but most of all I could see those vivid green eyes.
27: He sounds like Midget Hulk.
28: How can Alex move around?
"No, no, no..." Alex chastened, clearly amused. "You need to kiss me back, or this wont quite be as pleasant as I planned."
I could still feel where he'd slapped me. My cheek seared with pain. I looked at him defiantly, having already decided not to speak. I kept my lips pressed tight, feeling the backs of my eyes grow hot as the tears threatened to brim over.
29: Wuss.
I kept them open though, and looking straight into his.
30: Can she see or not!?!?
"Ahhhh" He sighed as he rolled off me. "I see we'll have to do this the hard way..."

Chapter IV - Alex
"Don't you love me?" I asked as I circled her near naked body.
31: Doesn’t she has underwear?
Her lips stayed tightly closed. I paused, and gazed at her pale, slightly freckled skin in the moonlight.
32: Does he have night vision?
She was mine. She knew that. I grabbed the small silver blade I kept on my nightstand and pressed it lightly to her throat. She stopped grappling with the ropes at once. I ran the flat of the blade down the middle of her chest, and pointed it down at her heart,
33: The heart is not in the middle of the chest.
making sure she could feel the cold steel tip, so close to ending her life.
"I love you." I leaned towards Lise's face. I saw the fear in her eyes, and the hatred.
"Don't you love me?" I repeated, whispering now, our breath mingling while she avoided my eyes.

Chapter V - Lise
"Of course I do," I said softly. Still hypnotized by those eyes, I went on to say "I never stopped loving you..."
34: Then why the fuck did you break up with him!?
He kissed me again, slowly and deeply. I could feel his love in the kiss, the misguided passion and lust, the hurt he'd felt when I'd left him. Now that there was that horrible word "rape" on the horizon, I could see why I'd left him. Not for some unexplicable reason,
35: *Inexplicable
but rather because of his obsession with power.
36: Then why dafuq did you say you loved him!?
Alex pulled away, abrubtly, and I felt my arms and legs pull free as he cut the ropes binding me to the bed. I stayed extremely still until he put the knife back on the nightstand.
37: That was stupid!
Chapter VI - Alex
Then she tried to run.
I was prepared. I grabbed her around the waist
38: Wouldn't he have to run to do that?
and pulled her back onto the bed. I pushed her arms down by her side and held them there while she kicked her feet and rocked wildly from side to side, desperate for escape.
"What do we have here?" I murmured to her as she fell limp to the bed with hopelessness and tears streamed down her face. "No need to cry,"
39: So much need!
I whispered as I kissed the salt from her cheeks.
40: Salt!?
She growled and thrashed, her effort renewed.
"Do I make you angry babe?" I asked, my body pinning her down under me.
I kissed her as she sobbed, her lips briny, and my hands explored her, uninvited.

Chapter VII - Lise
I exhausted my supply of tears. I gave up. I lie still as his hands roamed my body and he kissed my face, bit my ear, whispered his undying love for me.
But now he wanted a response. He broke away from me, and he hit my face again. "You can do better than that," He growled into my ear.
41: Better than what?
I kissed him once softly on the lips. Alex took this encouragement and held them there prying my mouth open so our breath became one. He no longer had to hold my limp body to the bed. His hands trailed down my arms then back up again, lingered on my chest. Down over my stomach, then onto my hips. I could feel him hard against me.

Chapter VIII - Alex
Finally a response, I thought with relief.
She was so small under me.
I kissed her hair, and a small moan escaped her lips.
42: Wuss!
She smelled like flowers.
Among the words I whispered to her were, "Don't think, just feel."
I reached over and grabbed the knife again, cutting away the little clothing she still wore.
I caressed her. Her skin was so soft.
43: What? No cuts?
Chapter IX- Lise
I closed my eyes. I could feel him all over me.
"Don't think, just feel."
Too exhausted to do much else, I complied.
His hands moved over me slowly. His kisses were warm, and I let my body run on instinct.
I kissed him back. I placed my hands on his chest, and instead of pushing him away like my brain screamed at me to do, moved them down over his stomach, down pushing the heel of my hand on his jeans.
44: English.
He moaned against my lips, and pressed one of his own hands over mine, the other still stroking my breast. The friction from his pants on my bare skin made some sick creature in the back of my mind rear its head. The sick part that liked what he was forcing me to do.
45: Because every couple likes 2nd base.
While pondering this, I heard a faint zip sound, and the whisper of fabric. It took me just moments to realilze it was happening.
46: *Realize.
Chapter X- Alex
I let one hand glide to the light fuzz at the fork of her legs. I was slightly disappointed at the lack of lubrication we'd have. I slid off her, my member still stiff with anticipation.

Chapter XI- Lise
If I'd thought that was all for the night, I was wrong.
As I was about to sit up, I received a jolt that ran straight down my legs and back up to my spine. I fell backwards again, and he kissed me with renewed passion between my legs. I tensed, no longer the emotionless body I was at the beginning of the night. He stopped before I could achieve the release I needed.
48: Wait, is his hand down there or not, and by release she means Death or cum?
I groaned, and I felt his lips next to my ear.
"More to come."
49: Chapter 6? This is half a paragraph!
Chapter XII- Alex
I slid my arms under her and pulled her onto my lap like a child. I kissed her lips before tearing myself away.
"You're enjoying this aren't you?" I asked dubiously. She merely stared back into my face with dead amber eyes.
50: Amber eyes? If I’m correct, Amber is a shade of orange and red, what kind of eye color is that?
I could see the light of passion though, that shimmered through them.
"Until you make up your mind..." I said devilishly, and flipped her forcibly onto her stomach.
51: So her legs and upper body are flopping around?
She shrieked in protest, which made me grow harder. I brought my hand down, hard, onto her butt. Her scream was stifled by the bed sheets. She began to struggle against the pain. I brought my hand down, again and again, relentlessly. Her bottom turned red, and my hand ceased. She started to cry once more as I threw her back on the bed, and climbed on top of her.
52: You waited too long for the sex part.
Chapter XIII- Lise
He had the knife close to my face once again, reminding me why I was going through with this.
53: I thought you liked it.
"Now, Lise, I asked if you were enjoying yourself?" Alex prompted.
My eyes on the knife, I nodded slowly. Quick as a flash, he sliced at my cheek. I felt a sting and then the warm liquid began to run down my face.

"No Lise!" He growled. "Show me you appreciate what I'm doing for you. What I'm doing for us." I fought to free my hands until the knife slashed at my other cheek too.
"The rougher you play it now, the rougher it'll get later" He snarled in my ear.
54: Play what?
62: He skips chapter 8, and 8 is my favorite number, 8 sins.
Chapter XIV- Alex
No more playing around. I held her down with one hand, using my legs to prevent her from kicking at me, and I used my other hand to guide myself to her entrance. I was so stiff it hurt. She gasped. I almost came right there.
63: Gasping can make you cum.
There was begging, mostly shocked protests from the girl below me. I positioned myself, and grabbed her shoulders. She shouted at me to stop, but I slammed myself into her anyway.

Chapter XV- Lise
It was pain like no other to lose your virginity.
It was pleasure like no other.

To know that there was emptiness that was now filled excited me, and horrified me.
64: Make up your fucking mind!
My arms wrapped round him, and my nails dug into his back.
All I know is I could hear him grunting and I could hear the moaning shriek that was my initial reaction, now melded into the word "Alex" hundreds of times over.
65: Those nails never hurt him?? Is he Juggernaut??
It seemed to last forever, and he simply pushed harder and faster even as my body reacted he remained unsatiable three times over.

Chapter XVI- Alex
It was silken and tight and warm. I could hear her moaning my name, and I fought to please her. I seemed to last forever before I finally exploded inside of her.
I collapsed on top of Lise, whispering her name and stroking her face and kissing her. We fell asleep with warmth running down our legs, naked in one another's arms. When I woke up, I watched her beauutiful, peaceful sleep.
66: *Beautiful
What Lise didn't know was that wasn't the end.
I tied her back down, and awaited for her to awake.
SENTENCE:.............. Bondage... with Lucifer.

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